3 Useful Solutions to Create a New iTunes Library

Want to learn how to create a new itunes library? This post will show you 3 different solutions to create new itunes library so that you could use two itunes library at once.

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Want to learn how to create a new iTunes library? You’ve probably noticed, but there are ways of operating or using two iTunes libraries at once (even more.) It’s a bit of a complicated procedure, but it’s totally doable if you know what to do. We’re going to be covering both the Mac and Windows PC how-to processes down below, and we’ve even included a quick “how to rebuild iTunes library” tutorial at the very end. So, make sure to stick around to learn all that you need to know!

Part 1. Create a New iTunes Library on Mac Directly

The first thing that we’re going to be demonstrating, is how to create a new iTunes library on a Mac computer. This iTunes library will work just like a regular iTunes library would. The only difference is the fact that the contents aren’t the same and that they’ll be saved and back-up in a separate folder. Of course, you will be able to switch between libraries as well — which helps with separating one from another. Note: this is also a popular method of moving your iTunes library from one PC to another.

Step 1 — Options Key

To be able to create a New iTunes library, you’re going to have to launch iTunes in a very specific way. That means, that iTunes should be turned off before you start the process described below:

On your Mac computer, hold down the Options key on your keyboard and then launch the iTunes program.

After doing this, a message should pop-up on your screen (refer to the image below.) On that message, select the Create Library… option in order to start fresh with a new iTunes library!

Create a New iTunes Library-launch itunes

Step 2 — Save

Next, you’ll be given the option to name your new iTunes library — as well as choose where you want to save it to. For our sample, we simply named ours iTunes 1 and saved it on the default Music folder.

Create a New iTunes Library-choose what you want to save

Step 3 — Use the New Library!

That’s it! iTunes should now launch, and you’ll be able to use it as you would with any other library — import songs, purchase songs, etc.

Tip: If you want to switch back to your old library, shut off iTunes and re-launch it while pressing the Options key. While doing so, you can pick the “Choose Library…” option and select which iTunes library you want to access.

Create a New iTunes Library-use the new library

Part 2. Create a New iTunes Library on Windows Directly

Now, let’s do that same thing — except on a Windows PC this time! This will be very similar to the previous sample, but it’ll just look a little different because it is on the Windows OS. There’s also another conditional difference that might prevent you from being able to create a new iTunes library on Windows! So, make sure to follow the instructions exact (they are deceptively similar, but there is one important thing that they differ in.)

Step 1 — Shift Key

The main difference is in how you can access the create a new library option. Unlike with a Mac, you’ll need to…

Shut off iTunes, then hold down the Shift key whilst launching iTunes (it cannot be from a desktop short-cut — you’ll have to launch it directly from the Start menu.) Like before, however, once the message to “Choose iTunes Library” appear on your screen, you need to select the Create Library… option.

Create a New iTunes Library-hold down the shift key

Step 2 — Save New Library

Next, you’ll be prompted to pick a save location for your new iTunes library. Like before, we named ours iTunes 1 and kept it saved in the default Music location.

Create a New iTunes Library-save the new library

Step 3 — Use Your New Library

After saving your new iTunes library, you will now be able to use it like any new iTunes library.

Again, if you want to switch from one library to another. All you have to do is launch iTunes in the way described in Step 1 — with the only difference being that you click the ‘Choose Library’ option.

Create a New iTunes Library-use your new library

Part 3. How to Rebuild iTunes library with Recommended Software

For this last tutorial, we’re going to be rebuilding our iTunes library with our recommended software — called iMusic. This is a good option for those who already have their iTunes on their mobile device and want to rebuild it on their PC! For this sample, we’re going to be using an Android device, but you can do this basically from any device. The basic gist, as we’re going to be showing you, is to copy everything on your device to your iTunes library. Of course, that’s not all that you can do with this software. Other key features include:

iMusic - Super Easy to Rebuild iTunes Library and Restore iTunes Library

  • Build in iTunes library to Rebuild iTunes library with one click.
  • Transfer songs to and from your mobile device and iTunes library.
  • Use the extra tools in the Toolbox tab in order to burn music to a CD, transfer music to a USB, remove DRM, and more.
  • Use the iTunes library management tab in order to edit ID3 Tags and add/remove to your iTunes library.
  • Take advantage of the iTunes plug-in view in order to rebuild your library from scratch with the contents of your mobile device.
  • Download or Record music from many different sources.

Rebuilding iTunes library with iMusic

Step 1 — iTunes Plug-In

With iMusic, you have the option of running both iTunes and iMusic all at once. To do this, simply toggle the iTunes plug-in feature — shown in the image below.

Create a New iTunes Library-toggle the itunes plug in

Step 2 — Rebuild iTunes Library

After toggling on the iMusic plug-in feature, you should be able to see something like this (refer to the image below.) On there, you can select the Rebuild iTunes Library feature.

Create a New iTunes Library-rebuild itunes library

Step 3 — Start!

You’ll be prompted to connect a device. Once that’s done, iMusic will automatically scan so that it is able to find the differences between one library and another.

If you click the Start button, whatever isn’t already on your iTunes library will be transferred on their based on what you have on your Samsung/iOS device.

Create a New iTunes Library-begin to start

Conclusion: To conclude, there are many different solutions available out there for you to try when it comes to creating a New iTunes library. We were able to show you the Mac and Windows version of using iTunes, as well as a new a much easier method of rebuilding your iTunes library with a third-party software called iMusic! Try out iMusic for FREE yourself and see just how many different options and tools you can have access to with just one single program -- Downloads are available for both Mac and Windows!

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