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Convert MP4

Convert MP4
Convert MP4 Video Files with Ease
  • Convert MP4 to virtually any video format like MOV, WMV, etc.
  • Extract audio from MP4 files and save them as MP3, WAV, etc.
  • Touch up MP4 videos with versatile embeded video editor
  • Transform MP4 files to fit for different devices as you wish
  • Batch MP4 conversion with high output quality


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what is vob

What is MP4 format

MP4 is an abbreviation for MPEG-4. MP4 is basically a file format that is used for storing and playing quality videos. The media container is commonly used in digital video discs as channels of foreign subtitles to be dispersed alongside multimedia content. Most people relate MP4 file with both video content and audio standard file formats only. However, MP4 file can be an audio file without any video content.

The purpose of MPEG-4 technology development was to provide DVD quality pictures and audio in a considerable small file size. The codec can be used with Windows Media Player program to handle moving pictures sent via the web. Other web based players such as Zune and Real player can also play any MP4 file format if you have the latest version downloaded. You need to have the latest MP4 codec in your digital media player for you to enjoy MP4 file playback capabilities.

This media format is also used extensively throughout the world by companies that manufacture portable media players. It's also been thoroughly adapted on the World Wide Web as it allows web users to literally stream web content. All in all, the MP4 file format is here to stay. It is integral to the future of web based portable media players and videos. Its ever increasing popularity has seen it be a global multimedia standard.

how to play vob

How to effectively play MP4 files

MP4 can be defined as a multimedia container format that can be used to store information in form of videos, audio, subtitle data and stills among others. There are a number of options on how to play MP4 in Windows, these include double clicking on the file and allowing the PC to select the most suitable application to open the file with. MP4 files can be played with Windows Media Player, as well as the VLC media player (which is probably the most popular and easily available media player) that can be easily downloaded and installed.

To play the MP4 files on Mac, one can use QuickTime media player or iTunes, which are very efficient. While using Window-based computer, do not use the in-built media player to play MP4 files since Windows Media Player cannot recognize files in this format. In order to play MP4 files on iDevices, one has to convert them to supported format with specific specifications.

To play mp4 files on most of these devices, one can download the k9 codec pack which is almost like a universal player; Wondershare player also supports a wide range of video and audio formats. The reason why most devices won’t play some MP4 files is due to the fact that most of the devices advertised as "MP4 players" are not really devised to play MP4 but are MP3 players.

In addition, where a media player is not compatible with the MP4 files, it can lead to failure. This can be avoided by either installing another media player or converting the MP4 into a friendlier format to suit your player.

why convert vob

Why need to convert MP4 file format

While MP4 is a highly reliable file format, it is imperative to note that not all devices support it. For this reason, file conversion from MP4 to other acceptable formats may be necessitated. For instance, a device using Windows Operating System may require all multimedia formats be stored in AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format. Therefore, it would be necessary to convert the files from MP4 to AVI. Most Apple products use the MOV format to store their multimedia files. It is mainly applicable in the Macintosh and some of the most recent Windows platforms. If a user has some videos or audios in the MP4 format and wants to use them in Apple products, they will have to convert these files from MP4 to MOV.

Depending on the requirements of the user, it is appropriate to convert the MP4 files into the required file format. Conversion of such files from MP4 into the relevant formats may improve the quality of the files, as well as save the user some valuable storage space.

MP4 to 3GP Most mobile phones that do not run on the Android operating system require that video files be stored in the 3GP format. 3GP, commonly referred to as the Third Generation Partnership Project, allows users to transfer data such as video and audio via the cellular networks. A mobile device with this technology may find it hard to access the MP4 files. Therefore, its user will have to convert the files from MP4 to 3GP through specialized software customized for such operations.
MP4 to FLV Flash video (FLV) is a file format that is used to view internet videos. Most videos stored in video sites such as YouTube are in this format. For these videos to be viewed on a webpage, they have to be decoded from other formats and converted to the FLV format. There may occur a situation where a user wants to upload some of their own MP4 videos to a webpage. Webpages do not support the MP4 file format and may therefore need to be converted to FLV format. If the website does not have an automatic file conversion engine, they may have to do it themselves. In order to convert files from MP4 to FLV formats, specially customized software purchasable on the internet will have to be acquired.
MP4 to WMV Windows Media Video (WMV) is another video and audio file format, commonly used by devices that run on the Windows platform such as Windows mobile. It was developed by Microsoft Corporation for adoption by their wide range of products. WMV accommodates a wide variety of video content, hence its popularity among users. Another advantage of the WMV format is its ability to compress large multimedia files into smaller ones and still retain the original quality of the files. Since the WMV format is highly adoptable over many platforms, most multimedia files are stored in this format. For this reason, users with MP4 files may require to convert their files into the WMV format to increase their usability. Furthermore, they may also need to convert large volumes of MP4 files into WMV to save on storage.
vob converter

Why choose Aimersoft MP4 converter

When talking about MP4 converter, the converting speed and output quality stand in the breach especially. Among various video converting tools, Aimersoft MP4 converter is outstanding. With it, you can convert MP4 video files to various formats with super-fast speed and extremely high quality. The supported output formats include AVI, WMV, MOV, 3GP, FLV, M4V and more. Both HD and 3D file format are all in the output list. Besides, this MP4 converter also lets you extract audio from MP4 files and save them as MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AC3, FLAC, AIFF, M4R, M4B and more. What’s more, Aimersoft MP4 file converter also provides more than 150 optimized presets for different mobile devices, like iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPod touch 5, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface, Nokia, Sony and more. You can also adjust the parameters of the output to fit better for you needs.

Batch conversion is another highlight of the MP4 video converter. You can import all files you want to convert and click the Convert button to activate the MP4 conversion after choosing an output format. Aimersoft MP4 converter will do all the rest for you. Just remember that you can also edit the video as you wish before starting the conversion. The editing features include trimming, cropping, adjusting visual effects, adding watermarks and loading subtitles.

Aimersoft also offers MP4 converter for Mac, which is compatible with Mac OS X (Mountain Lion and Mavericks). Just choose as per needs.

how to convert vob

Simple steps to convert MP4 video

Converting MP4 video in Windows/Mac with Aimersoft MP4 converter is easy as pie. The conversion will be finish in a few simple clicks:

1. Download and install the right version of MP4 converter in your computer;

2. Load the MP4 files by clicking the Add Files button or simple drag-and-drop operation;

3. Choose an output format for the conversion;

4. One click to begin the conversion if all settings are done.

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