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Convert MTS

Convert MTS
Convert MTS/M2TS to Different Format
  • Convert MTS/M2TS (AVCHD) to all standard format like AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MP4, 3GP, M4V, MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and more
  • Transform MTS files to play on mobile devices like iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPod touch 5, Samsung S4, PS3, Xbox One and so forth
  • Customize MTS video file size, visual effects, audio quality, etc.
  • Take screenshots to save your favorite images
  • Batch conversion process supported


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what is mts

What is MTS

MTS is the most common file format used for HD video clips. It supports the 1080i x 720p resolution yet its file size is not that huge. MTS is the extension that is commonly used in AVCHD videos. AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition and these are the files that were normally burned onto Blu-ray discs for use on Blu-ray devices. AVCHD files are based on the MPEG-4 codec.

There are other variations and file extensions of MTS and these are M2TS and TS. Generally speaking, all of them are media containers that can hold audio, video, and data information. They support the H.262, H.264, and the SMPTE VC-1 video compressions. As for the audio format, they utilize Dolby Digital, DTS, or the Linear PCM.

The advantages of using this file are HD viewing experience, high fidelity sound, and advanced codec compression. The MTS file is highly compatible with almost all Blu-ray disc players, thus making it the format of choice for burning movies into a DVD.

how to play mts

How to play MTS files

MTS files are popularly used among branded HD players, camcorders, and similar devices. As an audio-video container for Blu-ray discs, MTS is the file format of choice for the many meticulous movie viewers and home video creators out there. However, not all media players support MTS file playback. And that is where most of the issues lie.

Since MTS files are the file extensions used by many high-end camcorders, viewing them on a PC is not actually as easy as copying the file from the device and transferring it on your hard drive. It is very likely that you would have to download an MTS video player to do the trick as the Windows Media Player is likely to have a hard time processing the file.

To play MTS files on your computer, the first step is to download a compatible player. For that part, you simply have to choose from these applications: VLC player, KMPlayer, MTS Player, and few dozen others that are offered for free. After installing your choice of a player, simply open the file though the program and it will automatically play on your computer screen.
It may actually be possible to view MTS files using Windows Media Player 11. However, if it case it doesn’t work for your PC, a codec upgrade may be necessary. Just the same, the codecs needed by your computer would have to be downloaded and installed on your computer accordingly.

However, for the rest of the viewers who are not interested in downloading an entirely new media player just to view MTS files, converting them into a more popular video format is a good alternative. Most media players can easily process MP4 files as it is considered as the standard video format. As such, it becomes the output of choice if and when you decide to convert MTS files.

why convert mts

Why you need to convert MTS files

MTS files are high quality video files, no doubt about it. However, it is not a very popular file format among today’s media players and video editing software. As much as you want to use the raw file produced by your high-end camcorder for viewing and editing these files on your computer, doing so is not entirely possible unless you have all the necessary software in place.

You can try copying and pasting an MTS video file from your camcorder and into your computer just to see if it your computer’s native media player will open it up. The chances are high that it will not. That then, is the main reason why converting these video files into a more standard format becomes necessary.

MTS to WMV For a Windows computer, only the latest Windows Media Player 11 can possibly play MTS files. But even that advanced software version can’t do so much without the necessary codecs in place.
MTS to QuickTime MOV The same issues may occur for Macintosh computers. Quicktime simply doesn’t support MTS playback. After converting MTS to QuickTime supported MOV format, watch MTS on Mac is not an issue anymore.
MTS to FLV If you would like to upload and share your MTS files that contains beautiful memory of your birthday party or graduation ceremony with your friends and family online, convert MTS to FLV -the widely supported web format.
MTS to Windows Movie Maker

Editing MTS files is yet another necessity to convert this format into a highly accepted one. While it is possible to find media players that lets you view MTS files, it is next to impossible to find the free software that lets you edit them with full ease.

MTS to Final Cut Pro

To open and edit MTS on Mac with Final Cut Pro, first you need to convert MTS to Final Cut Pro supported format.


MTS to MP4 You can play and watch MTS files without any hassles after converting MTS video to MP4 format, since MP4 is the most commonly used format and is compatible with many platforms and devices.
mts converter

Why choose Aimersoft MTS converter

To be able to fully use the MTS file output of your camcorder, it is best that you download a conversion software that can transform MTS files to MPEG, AVI, MOV, or MP4 so you can easily play them and edit them as you wish. To achieve this, Aimersoft MTS converter is the best solution.

With it, you can convert MTS/M2TS files to various video/audio formats without losing any video quality. Apart from Standard output, it also offers HD and 3D output. MTS video converter still provides many optimize presets for popular devices and the list include iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPod touch 5, PSP, Xbox, Wii, Zune, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsuang Galaxty, LG and more.

More functions like taking snapshots, editing MTS files, merging all videos into one, etc. are also supported by this MTS file converter. Just note that this MTS converter runs in Windows operating system (Windows 8 included). If your are using a Mac, just turn to the Mac version of MTS converter, which is well compatible with Mac OS X (Mountain Lion and Mavericks).

how to convert mts

How to convert and Edit MTS files

Converting MTS video format with Aimersoft MTS converter only need a few simple clicks. Run the video converter after you download and install it in your computer.

You can import files by directly dragging and dropping them into the mian window of this program. Another way to load files is to click the Add Files button.

After successfully import the files to be converted, now you need to choose an output fomat for the conversion. The output format option is located on the right of the window. Just choose as per needs.

When you finish disigating an outout format, clik the Download button to begin the conversion. Aimersoft MTS converter all do all the rest for you. The conversion will finish in a few minutes, which depends on the loaded file size.

Before starting the conversion, you can also touch up the MTS files with the built-in video editor. It allows you to trim the part you don’t like, crop the frame size, adjust the video play ration, change the artistic effects, add your personalized watermarks and more.

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