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Convert MOV

Convert MOV
Batch Convert MOV to AVI, WMV, MP4, etc.
  • Convert MOV to a variety of video formats, like MP4, FLV, 3GP, etc.
  • Extract sound tracks from MOV and save as MP3, AAC, AC3, etc.
  • Transform MOV to play on various mobile devices like Windows Media Player, Android smartphones, Xbox 360, PSP and more
  • Edit MOV video files with ease in Windows-based computer
  • Merge, trim, crop, or rotate MOV files with a simple click


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what is mov

What is MOV

MOV is a multimedia format that is used for saving and creating video files. MOV was developed by Apple for their Macintosh systems. MOV is native to Mac’s QuickTime Movie Player. As a universally accepted multimedia file, it is widely available for online downloads these days too. MOV may contain video, audio, animation, graphics, virtual reality, 3D, and text information. This file format is easily manipulated with the right software installed.

The MOV file format is very similar to the MP4 and that is the reason why they are interchangeable in QuickTime. Although the latter has better support, MOV is as highly recognized and as highly playable as MP4. As a matter of fact, ISO has approved MOV to be the basis for the creation of the said MPEG-4 file format.

MOV is also the native media file format of not just of Macintosh computers but of all Apple devices as well. This means that it is the file format preferred by the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod. Users that are using Apple devices should then pick MOV files as their preferred file when downloading movies and videos from the internet.

how to play mov

How to play MOV files

MOV files is a very common file format, especially for Macintosh computers. MOV used to be exclusive to Apple devices but later on, almost all platforms are able to play MOV files. Here is a quick overview on how to play MOV files on different devices:

On Apple computers and devices:

The MOV file format is easily playable by QuickTime. So regardless what Apple device you are using, for as long as you have QuickTime installed on your system, playing MOV files is as simple as browsing to the file. MOV is native to all Macintosh computers and devices. QuickTime is mainly created to play such a file.

On Windows computers and other Windows-based devices:

Unfortunately, MOV is not playable by the lower versions of Windows Media Player. You will need version 11 or higher in order to play this video file format on a Windows-based machine. If you can’t possibly upgrade but still want to play MOV in Windows, your other option is to install QuickTime for Windows or a similar software. Download your choice of media player first so MOV files can be played. Other than QuickTime for Windows, the VLC Media Player can also be used. In any case that the MOV file can’t be played even by Windows Media Player 11 and higher, downloading the latest codecs is necessary.

On Android devices:

To play MOV files on an Android device, a compatible player has to be installed. Using just its native media players, Android devices won’t be able to play MOV files. A third-party software like the MoboPlayer and others has to be installed on the device to facilitate playback. If downloading such a player isn’t possible, the MOV file would have to be converted into MP4 instead.

For all other devices, the converting MOV into a format more recognizable by the system is recommended.

why convert mov

Why you need to convert MOV files

MOV files have to be converted for a lot of reasons. Because MOV files are native to Mac computers, Windows users would have to do one of these two things to process MOV files: first, download the necessary codecs or second, install a third-party media player. MOV files are easily playable by QuickTime. If you don’t have it installed in your computer, you will find it hard to play MOV files.

And it is a different story if the user would want to edit these files as well. While MOV can easily be manipulated by the Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, that software can be a little too expensive for a regular home computer user. There’s just a handful of video editing software that can handle MOV files, and not all of them are offered for free. Converting MOV to MP4 format allows users to do anything with the video they recorded – splice it, cut it, and put some special effects on it. There is more that you can do with your videos if it is edited by the software that you are comfortable using.

There are many devices, more particularly Apple devices, which video recording output is a MOV file. While it is easy to view and edit these files using the device that recorded them, it is still best to use a high speed computer to create a more desirable home movie out of them. There are simply a lot of options to explore when professional editing software is used to handle the videos. For a more seamless use of video files across all of the computers in a network, MOV files have to be converted to another file format that is easily understandable by each system or device.

MOV to MP4 MP4 is widely supported by different OS. And converting MOV to a more standard format like the MP4 is very simple to do, as the file structure of both files is the same.
MOV to WMV Windows users, on the other hand, prefer converting MOV files to WMV format so they can easily be edited by the Windows Movie Maker and similar software.
MOV to 3GP Most 3GP mobile phones don't support MOV videos while 3GP is a more compatible format to these prtable devices.
MOV to MP3 If you are fond of the background music of MOV files, you can extract the audio track from MOV and save as MP3 format.
MOV to YouTube

If you want to share MOV videos with your friends on YouTube, first you need to convert MOV to YouTube supported FLV or MP4 format.

MOV to Windows Movie Maker You can't load MOV to Windows Movie Maker. To open and edit MOV video files with Windows Movie Maker, convert MOV to AVI or WMV first.
MOV to iPhone Even MOV is supported by most Apple devices, however, there's still some problem when you try to open MOV with iPhone.
MOV to VOB Want to store MOV videos in DVD discs? Then you need to convert MOV to VOB first, which is the standard format of DVD.
mov converter

Why choose Aimersoft MOV converter

Aimersoft MOV converter is an all-in-one video converting tool that enjoys the ability to convert QuickTime MOV files to various popular formats in Windows (Windows 8). The supported format list includes AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3, YouTube FLV, 3GP, VOB and more. This video converter can also convert MOV to iPad 4, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry and more. It is featured by fast conversion speed and high output quality.

Apart from converting video format, it also allows you to touch up video with the built-in editor. You can trim the video into small segments, adjust the video frame size, append special artistic effects to the video, add watermarks and also load subtitles to the video for more understandable.

how to convert mov

How to convert MOV files

With a clean and simple interface, this MOV file converter is easy to handle. Just note that the supported system is Windows (Windows 8). For Mac users, please try the MOV converter for Mac OS X (Mountain Lion and Mavericks).

Step 1. Import MOV to the converter

Launch Aimersoft video converter and click the Add Files button to load the files that you want to convert. Another method to import files is the simple drag-and-drop operation. Batch conversion is supported so you can load multiple files at a time. If you want to join all the imported files, just tick "Merge all videos into one file" on the bottom.


Step 2. Specify an output format

Now you need to choose an output format. As shown on the right side of the window, there are various video/audio/devices formats available for your choice, including HD and 3D output. If you want to watch MOV on Android phones or some other tablets but not knowing which format to choose, then go to the devices output format option. There are a plenty of optimized presets. Just choose the one that suitable to your situation.

Step 3. One click to begin converting MOV

Before starting the conversion, you still have the option to edit the video files as you wish. When all settings are done, simply click the Convert button to activate the MOV conversion. You can get the converted files from the output folder. That’s all the steps you need to follow to convert MOV video files. It’s easy as ABC, right? Download to test it now.

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