SoundCloud to iTunes: How to Transfer Music from Soundcloud to iTunes

Have you ever add SoundCloud music to itunes library? This post will show you the easiest way to transfer music from soundcloud to itunes .

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Have you ever wanted to add SoundCloud songs to your iTunes library? Believe it or not, this is actually completely possible. In fact, we’re going to be showing you how to transfer music from SoundCloud to iTunes below. For this, we’re going to be using a program called iMusic, which will allow you to not only download but also record SoundCloud songs and automatically transfer it to your iTunes library! We’ve even included a quick tutorial on how you can use this same program in order to transfer SoundCloud songs to your Android device! So, make sure to read till the very end to learn all that you need to learn.

Part 1. Basic Knowledge about SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an up and coming music/podcast streaming website where artists can upload their songs for people to listen to an enjoy! It’s grown in popularity in recent years, and lots of artists use it as a way of publishing original content for their fans to listen to and enjoy — usually FREE of charge. Of course, the creators do still get paid for their content (through pre-roll ads), but as for the listeners, you won’t have to deal with pesky monthly subscriptions all so you can have access to their content! What else can you do from SoundCloud?

  • Download FREE content (no charge)
  • Listen and Stream your favorite artists and pay them back by listening to pre-roll ads.
  • Discover new artists through the featured artists' page.
  • Upload your own content for the world to enjoy and get paid through ads.
  • Part 2. How to Transfer Music from SoundCloud to iTunes by iMusic

    As mentioned, we’re going to be first teaching you how to transfer music from SoundCloud to iTunes using a program called iMusic. As we mentioned, after downloading/recording your song with iMusic, it immediately gets transferred to your iTunes library. You won’t have to transfer it manually or even convert it just so that you can use the iTunes direct transfer method. All you literally have to do is use iMusic’s built in “Get Music” feature — which we’ll be demonstrating after this list of iMusic’s key characteristics.

    iMusic -Transfer Music from Soundcloud to iTunes Easily

    • Manual/Automatic transfer of iTunes library to iOS/Android devices
    • Automatic Transfer from SoundCloud to iTunes — after downloading songs/videos using iMusic’s “Get Music” feature, your media will instantly be transferred to iTunes
    • Extra tools and features that you can use in order to download non-DRM protected version of songs, backup and restore iTunes library, rebuild iTunes library, burn CDs, move iTunes playlists to USB.
    • Allows you to download from thousands from different websites (just paste and download.)
    • Allows you to record songs from different websites (just click record, play the song, and wait for the song to finish recording!)
    • Manage Music: Fix ID3 automatically , rebuild iTunes library with one click.

    How to Get SoundCloud Music by iMusic

    Step 1 — Get Music

    The features that you can use for downloading SoundCloud music for your iTunes library is all under the Get Music tab — which is the first tab on iMusic [1.] Under this tab, there is the:

    • Discover: The Discover feature allows you to browse through thousands of different websites in order to find songs to download.
    • Download: The Download feature allows you to download from thousands of different websites (you can use the browse feature OR paste a link and download)
    • Record: The Record feature allows you to download the audio output of your computer.

    SoundCloud to iTunes-go to get music interface

    Step 2 — Download

    Select the Download tab in order to get the download menu. As you can see, there is an area where you can just paste the link and download. However, what we did was select the “SoundCloud” icon at the bottom of the screen.

    SoundCloud to iTunes-select download tab

    Step 3 — Browse and Select

    By clicking the “SoundCloud” icon, you’ll be able to access SoundCloud straight from iMusic. Here, you can browse [1] for the song that you want to download, and then select it [2] so that you can download it with iMusic by pasting url.

    SoundCloud to iTunes -browse and select songs

    Step 4 — Download

    In order to download with iMusic’s “Get Music” feature, click the Download icon [1] at the top left-hand corner of the screen. You can view the progress of your download by then pressing the other Download icon [2] at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

    Tip:When the download finishes, it will automatically be moved to your iTunes library! Of course, you can also download multiple songs/videos all at once.

    SoundCloud to iTunes-check download process

    Part 3. How to Transfer music from Soundcloud to Android Phone

    Okay, now that we’ve gotten our SoundCloud music downloaded, we’re going to now be transferring it to our Android device! For this, we’re not going to be using another program. No, we’re going to stay right on the iMusic window and use its’ DEVICE tab in order to automatically sync our iTunes library to our mobile phone! Now, some set-up is required for this to work. However, it’s pretty easy, and it’s a one-and-done thing (you only need to do it once.)

    Steps to Transfer Music from SoundCloud to Android Phone

    Step 1 — DEVICE

    As mentioned, we’re not going to be on the ‘Get Music’ tab for this particular tutorial. Instead, we’re on the DEVICE tab (shown in the image below.) This is where all of iMusic’s available options are for your Android and iOS devices.

    SoundCloud to iTunes-go to device tab

    Step 2 — Transfer iTunes Music to Device

    You won’t have to dive too far in, just so that you can transfer music from your iTunes library to your device. The option is right there — all you need to do is to click the Transfer iTunes Music to Device option.

    SoundCloud to iTunes-choose transfre music to device

    Step 3— Entire Library

    We’re almost done! This window should now have appeared on your screen — where you can select what you want to transfer to your Android phone. You can just transfer everything by clicking the “Entire Library” option [1], OR you can select something specifically “Recorded.”

    Either way, all you have to do next is click the Transfer button to finish up.

    SoundCloud to iTunes-click entire library

    Conclusion: iMusic is a third-party program that everything. It can download songs for you, record songs for you, and even transfer the media on your iTunes library to an Android device (which is impossible with the regular iTunes software) for you! Try it out for yourself, there’s a FREE trial available on the iMusic website, and test out all of its great features for your iTunes-related issues!

    Video Tutorial: iMusic- Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Easily

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