How to Transfer Music to iTunes with 7 Different Methods

Want to learn how to transfer music to itunes without erasing the data? This article shows you 7 helpful methods to move music to itunes easily.

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Do you want to learn how to transfer music to iTunes? We have a couple of suggestions for you! Of course, we have the built-in iTunes transfer feature but we’re going to be introducing other solutions as well. Including 6 different third-party programs that will allow you to move music to iTunes without a problem! So, make sure that you continue reading until the very end to learn everything you need to know.

Part 1. How to Transfer Music to iTunes on Mac

As mentioned, we’re going to be starting things out by using the built-in drag and drop feature that iTunes provides in order to transfer music to our iTunes library! For this tutorial specifically, we’re going to be doing this on Mac (but the same practice applies on a Windows PC as well.) Now, a note about this method: It’s not going to work for certain files. iTunes is very picky about the content it accepts, and so this drag and drop method isn’t necessarily going to be a failsafe. However, it should work for your more basic applications.

Steps to Transfer Music to iTunes on Mac

Step 1 — iTunes

First, to make this as simple as possible, we’re going to prepare a folder with only our iTunes music — you can name this whatever you want. Just make sure that the following are true:

  • Make sure that the files are converted to an iTunes compatible format.
  • Make sure that you’re not trying to transfer DRM-protected audio files.
  • If any of the things mentioned above are not followed, your transfer will definitely fail.

    How to Transfer Music to iTunes-prepare a folder with itunes music

    Step 2 — Drag and Drop

    Now, in order to transfer your prepared folder to iTunes, all you literally have to do is drag and then drop the folder onto the iTunes window (as is shown below.) If the files that you’re transferring match iTunes requirements, then it should be successful.

    How to Transfer Music to iTunes-drag and drop the folder

    Part 2. How to Transfer Music to iTunes from YouTube

    For this next part, we’re going to be exploring other transfer options by trying out the iMusic software. We’re not going to be doing this traditionally, however. Because we’re going to be getting our music from YouTube, and then downloading it with iMusic. The great thing about this is, as soon as you download a song with iMusic, it will automatically be transferred to your iTunes library as well — making it unnecessary for you to manually move it.

    iMusic - Transfer Youtube Music to iTunes with Simple Clicks

    • Easy Download and Record feature for transferring songs from YouTube to your iTunes library.
    • iTunes library feature that directly connects to your own iTunes library.
    • Device feature for syncing iTunes music to iOS and Android devices.
    • Toolbox feature for removing DRM, burning CDs, backing up iTunes library, etc.
    • Powerful interface that is easy to navigate and use.

    Guide to Transfer Muisc to iTunes from Youtube by iMusic

    Step 1 — Get Music

    As mentioned, we’re going to download songs from YouTube directly with iMusic (which you can try out from here.) To do this, we’re going to be using the Get Music feature (circled in the image below.)

    • Under “Get Music,” there are three relevant tabs: Discover, Download, and Record.
    • We’re going to be using the Download tab, so select it to continue.

    How to Transfer Music to iTunes-get music

    Step 2 — Browse YouTube for Music

    You’ll need to either paste a URL of the YouTube song that you want to download or browse for it on the iMusic built-in browser. Either way, once the YouTube video plays, a download option will appear at the top left-hand corner of the screen. If not, then…

    • Click the download icon.
    • Then, select the download format for your download (choose MP3 for audio download.)
    • Finally, finish it up by clicking the Download button.

    How to Transfer Music to iTunes-browse youtube for music

    Step 3 — Download Progress

    After the download begins, you can view its progress by clicking the Download icon (shown in the image below.) This should only take a couple of seconds at best.

    How to Transfer Music to iTunes-check the download progress


    Once the download finishes, it will automatically be moved to your iTunes library (which you can check out and manage on iMusic’s ITUNES LIBRARY tab — shown in the image below.)

    How to Transfer Music to iTunes-move to itunes library

    Part 3. How to Transfer Music to iTunes with 5 Other Helpful Methods

    Now, to conclude this article, we’re going to be introducing a couple of other third-party programs that you can use in order to transfer music to iTunes. For this, we’ve included how much each program costs, how they work, what they look like, some pros and cons, and so much more. Basically, everything that you need to know in order to decide what you want to use without us showing you how it works.

    01of 05

    dr.fone - Transfer (Android)


    Price: $39.95 per year (up to $79.95 per year for business license)

    Platform: Mac and Windows

    The first program we have for you, is dr.fone. This is a media transfer app — much like iMusic, that will allow you to sync your iTunes music to your mobile device, computer, etc. It’s highly convenient and very intuitive. So, no one will struggle when it comes to using it. The only issue is the fact that it is a lot more expensive than other programs (as its premium version only exists as a yearly license — so you’ll have to buy it every year in order to use it.)

    How to Transfer Music to iTunes-dr.fone - Transfer (Android)


    • Transfer feature for moving media from your phone to your computer.
    • 1-Click iTunes clear library feature.
    • Backup and Restore feature for your iTunes library.


    • Limited uses only — it won’t allow you to use it unendingly.
    • Premium version is only offered as a yearly license .
    • Premium version costs $39.95 - $79.95 per year.
    02of 05

    Wondershare TunesGo


    Price:(Subscription-based) 49.95 per year

    Platform: Mac and Windows

    We have another transfer software with TunesGo, which offers a similar interface to what we see on iTransfer and dr.fone. From that alone, you can probably guess that they work pretty much the same way. You can use this to move songs from your phones to your iTunes library. It’s also a subscription-based program. So, you’ll need to re-purchase it every day in order to use it.

    How to Transfer Music to iTunes-Wondershare TunesGo


    • Use this to move music, videos, apps, contact information, etc.
    • Compatible with iOS and Android phones.
    • Can be used on Mac and Windows computers.


    • The amount of uses is limited .
    • The license must be repurchased every year.
    • Premium version costs $49.95 per year.
    03of 05

    iSkysoft iTransfer


    Price: (Subscription-based) 49.95 per year

    Platform:Mac and Windows

    For this next software, we have something that is very similar to the last. It’s called iTransfer, and just like TunesGo, it can only be purchased with a yearly license — which means that you will have to repurchase it every year in order to use it. Pricing aside, however, it can still be used in order to move music, videos, photos, apps, and even contact information from your iTunes library and your phone.

    How to Transfer Music to iTunes-iSkysoft iTransfer


    • Can transfer all sorts of media — songs, videos, photos, etc.
    • Transfer is available for both iOS and Android device.
    • Sync between iOS/Android device is automatic.


    • You are limited to a certain amount of uses with the FREE version.
    • The premium version can be purchased only as a yearly license.
    • The premium versions cost $49.95 per year.
    04of 05



    Price: $29.95

    Platform: Mac and Windows

    With Syncios we get something that looks a little different. It’s not as premium as other programs — at least in terms of appearance and features. However, it can do a lot of the main things that you can do with the last 2 programs. In fact, it even has the added download video options that will allow you to save videos for your phone or iTunes library. The only unfortunate part of this program is the fact that it is not as bug-free as the other programs and it might end up lagging our bugging-out constantly.

    How to Transfer Music to iTunes-Syncios


    • Extra video downloading feature for an easy phone to iTunes video transfer.
    • Backup and Restore your Mobile Device.
    • Toolkit with extra data management features.
    • Cons:

      • Certain features are limited or locked in the FREE version.
      • Premium version costs $29.95 for the full license.
      • Has been known to crash or bug-out.
      05of 05

      iSkysoft Toolbox


      Price: Starts from $79.95

      Platform: Mac and Windows

      For our last program, we have the second non-subscription-based program on this list. That means that you won’t have to repeatedly purchase it in order to use it over the years. It is expensive though. In fact, it’s a lot more expensive that Syncios — even though they offer pretty much the same features. Of course, you will be able to use this to transfer music to your iTunes library. At least, in terms of rebuilding your iTunes library using the contents of your iOS/Android device.

      How to Transfer Music to iTunes-iSkysoft Toolbox


        • Use this for transferring all sorts of media.
        • Automatic sync between iOS and Android.
        • Can be used on both Mac and Windows.


        • Some options cannot be used in the FREE version.
        • Not compatible with certain generations of mobile devices.
        • The cost of the premium version is $79.95.

        Conclusion: This concludes our “how to transfer music to iTunes” tutorial — with 7 different suggested solutions and programs that you can use in order to make it happen! It really isn’t as difficult as you might think at first, especially if you’re using a program like iMusic, which does most of the work for you. Make sure to try it out for yourself if you always want to have your music synced between your iTunes and mobile device!

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