How to Import Music to iTunes with 7 Helpful Solutions

Looking for the way to import music to iTunes? This post will show you 7 awesome methods to import mp3 to itunes without no hassles.

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Want to learn how to import music to iTunes easily? We have a couple of solutions down below for everyone — Mac and Windows users alike. For this, we’re going to be introducing you to what are called third-party programs. Six of them, in fact. Starting with showing you how you can use the best of-of them in order to import songs to iTunes efficiently, and then followed by 5 other programs that you might also be interested in looking into.

Part 1. The Fastest Solution to Import MP3 to iTunes from PC (Mac)

First, we’re going to be showing you how to import MP3 files to your iTunes from a Mac PC with iMusic tool. For this, you will need to have the iMusic program installed (it is available for FREE trial for both Mac and Windows systems.) But why would you install this program in the first place? Well, the reason why you might choose to use this third-party software is to just never have to deal with iTunes’ content restrictions. With it, you can easily import and export songs from your iTunes library without having to stress about anything else. Other key features of this program include:

iMusic - Import MP3 to iTunes from Windows/Mac without Any Hassle

  • Transfer music from Mac/PC/iTunes to iPhoneXR/XS/8/8plus/Android phone easily.
  • iTunes Data Management — freely and easily edit song, album, artists, etc. tags.
  • Device Management tools for syncing iTunes music to a device (and vice versa).
  • Toolbox feature with tools for burning CDs, one-click USB transfer, DRM removal, etc.
  • Sleek and Intuitive interface that is easy to use and navigate .
  • Get Music feature for downloading and recording songs from other sources (3000+ websites are compatible).

Tutorial to Import MP3 to iTunes from Mac by iMusic

Step 1 — Add Option

Start by launching iMusic on your PC. After doing so, move onto the LIBRARY page (shown in the image below.) This is where iTunes library management occurs. Here, you can add, remove, edit, etc. your iTunes library.

For adding MP3 songs to iTunes, you’ll need to select the Add icon (pointed out in the image below.)

How to Import Music to iTunes

Step 2 — Browse

After selecting the ‘Add’ icon, a browse window should appear on your screen (shown in the image below.) Through here, you can browse for the MP3 files that you want to transfer to your iTunes library! Which you can do by selecting the said MP3 file and then clicking the “Open” button.

How to Import Music to iTunes

Step 3 — iTunes Link

The LIBRARY page on iMusic should look a bit like this after you’ve finished uploading the songs that you want to transfer to your iTunes library.

How to Import Music to iTunes

Now, if you were to close the iMusic window, you should be able to see that all the changes that you made on the iMusic LIBRARY page, is going to be duplicated on iTunes (as is shown in the image below.)

How to Import Music to iTunes

Video Tutorial: iMusic- Add songs from PC/Mac to iTunes Library

Part 2. How to import Songs to iTunes from PC (Mac) Directly

Now, if you want to transfer songs directly from your PC (without having to browse for it), you can do that with iMusic as well! For this, we’re going to be taking advantage of the available drag and drop feature on iMusic. It’s easy to use and infinitely simpler for those that have their MP3 files within reach — making it unnecessary for one to have to search for it.

Steps to Import Songs to iTunes from Mac Directly

Step 1 — LIBRARY

Again, we’re going to be starting on the LIBRARY page. You might have noticed, but there is a wide expanse of white on this screen. This is the area where the audio files go, and it’s also the area where you can drop files onto if you want to transfer it to your iTunes library.

How to Import Music to iTunes

Step 2 — Drag and Drop

To do this, drag and then drop the MP3 (or any other audio file) onto the white area.

That’s really all there is to it! Once done, your files should automatically begin transferring.

How to Import Music to iTunes

Part 3. Other 5 Awesome Solutions to import mp3 to iTunes

Now that we’ve shown you what our most recommended “MP3 to iTunes” transfer software is, let’s talk about other programs that you might be interested in using when it comes to importing songs to your iTunes library. A lot of these will be pretty similar to iMusic. As for their differences, those we will discuss as we individually asses the capabilities of each of the programs below.

1. Syncios


Price: $29.99

For the first program on our list, we have Syncios. Which, much like iMusic, is a device transfer software — for managing data between your iTunes library and your iOS and Android devices. You won’t be able to manage your iTunes library with Syncios in the same way that you can with iMusic, but it does offer some of the same features under it’s “Toolkit.”

How to Import Music to iTunes


  • Offers Device to iTunes sync feature.
  • Video Downloader built into the program.
  • Toolkit feature available for managing iTunes and Media Library.


  • Library management is considered a premium feature — paid version must be unlocked in order to import music to iTunes.
  • Premium feature costs a one-time payment of $29.99.
  • Has been known to be quite buggy and can even crash during certain transfers.

2. SuperSync


Price: $22.95

If what you’re looking for is just pure iTunes data management (without all the other features offered by both Syncios and iMusic), then you might be interested in SuperSync. Much like with the LIBRARY feature of iMusic, you can use this for the following: adding, removing, and even editing audio files for your iTunes library. Again, it’s not quite as features packed as the other two other programs that we introduced, but it is able to do what we had described up above.

How to Import Music to iTunes


  • Advanced iTunes management tools.
  • Built-in duplication detection system for keeping your iTunes library clean.
  • ID3 Tag manager for editing song titles, artist names, album titles, etc.


  • Only used for managing iTunes library.
  • Crowded interface, not as intuitive.
  • PAID program — $22.95 payment is required for use.

3. PowerTunes


Price: $19.95

Another program that you might be interested in if all you care for is the data management aspect, is PowerTunes. Much like the software that we introduced before it, it’s not as feature-rich as our most recommended program. However, it can be used in order to import, export, and even edit your iTunes library. In relation to this, you can also split up your iTunes library into smaller groups for easier management.

How to Import Music to iTunes


  • Library Management software.
  • Manages all your available iTunes libraries.
  • Add, Remove, or edit content in your libraries easily.


  • Does not offer any extra features — strictly iTunes management only.
  • PAID program — costs $19.95.
  • Limited OS compatibility.

4. MacUpdates


Price: $20.00

With MacUpdates, your freedom when it comes to data management is even more limited. However, it can still be used to manage your iTunes library — it’s just that its uses are a lot more specified than the other programs that we introduced before it. It’s also a strictly MAC-only program. So, you won’t be able to use this if you’re on a Windows PC.

How to Import Music to iTunes


  • iTunes library management.
  • Backup library and manage which to manage.
  • Compatible with newer Mac OSX devices.


  • Limited Data Management features.
  • Only data management tools available.
  • Cannot be used for a Windows PC.

5. MultiTunes


Price: $15.99

MultiTunes, much like the MacUpdates, is a bit limited when it comes to features, but, once again… If all you’re looking for is a tool to import music to iTunes, then this can work for you. It’s also the cheapest available option — although that in itself is about one of its only positive traits. It can also be used to sync between iTunes to a device — something that not many iTunes library management programs can be used for.

How to Import Music to iTunes


  • iTunes to Device sync available.
  • Manages multiple iTunes libraries at once.
  • Data management tool for iTunes.


  • Mac-only program (cannot be used for Windows)
  • Limited data management features.
  • PAID program — $15.99 payment is required for use.

Conclusion: And so, we finish our “How to Import Music to iTunes” breakdown. Hopefully, we were able to give you an idea of how you can take advantage of other programs (other than iTunes) in order to import your songs to your iTunes library. Of course, if you want our recommendation on the program that you should use, we’d point you towards the iMusic software. It is, after all, one of the most convenient options available.

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