How to Transfer Playlists from iTunes to iPod[100% Work]

How do I move a playlist from iTunes to my iPod? The answer to the question is very simple. This article covers 2 simple ways to transfer iTunes playlists to iPod.

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"I've upgraded my iTunes to the latest version. However, it's weird that I can't figure out how to transfer playlists from my iTunes to my iPod. Is there any trick about this? Please help."

iTunes is one of the greatest tools for users to transfer songs from iTunes to iPod. However, it seems the new design of iTunes 11 make some users find it hard to sync playlists to iPod. And some new iPod users do not know how to transfer copy playlist from iTunes to iPod too. Actually, it's very simple to achieve your goal. In the following parts, 2 simple ways are introduced to you to transfer a playlist from iTunes to iPod.

Part 1. Transfer Playlist from iTunes to iPod without iTunes-[Easiest One]

iTunes is good in transferring playlists to iPod. However, it requires you to pair your iPod with only one computer. It means, you're required only to transfer playlists from the specific computer to your iPod. Otherwise, a warning will come up, telling you that it will erase your iPod. What a horrible thing. In this case – Transferring playlists from a different computer to iPod, you should try iMusic to copy itunes playlists to your iPod. It will never ever erase your iPod. Here are the steps.

iMusic - Most Excellent iTunes Alternative to Transfer Playlist from iTunes to iPod

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Steps to Transfer Playlists from iTunes to iPod

Step 1. Download and install iMusic

Click the Download button below to download iMusic. After then, install and run it on your computer. Connect your iPod with your computer through the USB cable. iMusic will detect your iPod and display it.

transfer playlists to iPod-playlist

Step 2. Transfer playlists from iTunes to iPod

In iMusic, click "iTunes Library" option on the top of the interface, and then select the icon of "Playlist". Click it to enter the control panel for playlists.

transfer playlists to iPod-playlist

Step 3. You will see the playlists on the left side. Select the playlist which you want to transfer to iPod. Then right click the music, and select "Add to" and you will see the option "ipod".

transfer playlists to iPod-add to ipod

There is another way to transfer playlists from iTunes to iPod. Just connect iPod to computer and open iMusic. Click the "Device" which on the top of iMusic. And then press "Transfer iTunes music to device".

transfer playlists to iPod-transfer itunes music to device

Then some items will appear, select the playlist which you want to transfer. After select the playlist, click the button of "Transfer".

transfer playlists to iPod-transfer itunes music to device


Every time iTunes syncs a playlist to your iPod, the old playlist will be removed. It's terrible, especially when you're wanting to keep the old one too. If you want to export itunes playlists to your iPod and keep the old playlists, iMusic can solve your problem.

Video Tutorial: iMusic- Sync Music from iTunes to iPhone/iPod/iPad

Why Choose iMusic-The Best iTunes Alternative

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Part 2. Sync Playlists to iPod with iTunes

As I've mentioned that iTunes is the default tool which is able to help you to move playlists from iTunes Library to iPod, so using iTunes to sync iTunes playlists to iPod could be the original method. Following the steps below, surely you'll achieve your goal hassle freely.

Step 1. Launch iTunes

Launch iTunes and make sure it's the latest version. If not, you're supposed to update it. You can download iTunes here. If the playlist you want to transfer from iTunes to iPod has already existed in iTunes, skip to Step 2. If not, read the following info.

Import playlists to iTunes: if the playlists you need to transfer to your iPod are not in iTunes Library, you should click iTunes File menu, select Library ; Import Playlist to import playlists to iTunes.

Create new playlists: if you want to create a new playlist, click the View menu and select Show Sidebar. Click + icon at the bottom of the sidebar to create a playlist. And then click the Music tab on the top sidebar. Check wanted songs and right click. Select Add to Playlist.

transfer playlists to iPod-use itunes

Step 2. Sync iTunes Playlists to iPod

Connect your iPod with your computer via your iPod USB cable. When connected successfully, you will see it is under DEVICES in the sidebar. If you don't see sidebar for iTunes, reveal it by clicking View; Show Sidebar.

Click on your iPod under DEVICES. On the right side of the Window, you'll see the Music tab. Click it. Check Sync Music; Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres. Select the playlist you need and click Apply. Finally you have finished adding playlist from itunes to ipod.

Note: If you want to get more detailed information, you could check here to unlock syncing your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using iTunes .

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