How to Buy Music on iTunes Easily and Safely

Want to learn how to buy music on itunes? This post will show you the way to buy songs on iTunes and easily manage iTunes music by iMusic.

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Want to learn how to buy music on iTunes? Apple makes this process fairly straightforward — and we’ll be covering the gist of it down below. We’ll even introduce you to a third-party program called iMusic that you can use in other to manage your newly purchased music (be it for syncing your Apple Music to your device, editing its available ID3 Tags, etc.) So, make sure to continue reading until the very end to learn what you can do with iTunes purchased music!

Part 1. How to Buy Songs on iTunes

As mentioned, we’re going to first teach you how to buy songs on iTunes — specifically on a Windows PC (although there is a method of buying songs on iTunes on a Mac computer and your mobile device.) We’re not going to go in depth about the payment process, but we will be teaching you how to access the Apple Music store on your PC and buy either an individual song or an entire album! Before the tutorial, we also have a list of common issues that people run into — as well as the solutions to these issues.

  • Payment Details: We don’t discuss this on our tutorial below, but the payment details are usually already attached to your account. If it isn’t, you might have to go through an entire authentication process for your VISA, the number connected to your VISA, etc.
  • Account: A common issue people might have been over their account. If you don’t have payment details properly set up, then your payment will not go through.
  • Failed Purchase: There are times when you buy something, and it disappears from your library. If that is the case, Apple has the option of getting your purchase back after reporting it (but this only applies for purchases in the past 90 days – anything before that will not be available for a ‘reporting’ on your Purchased history.)
  • Misplaced Purchase: If you purchase something and cannot find it, look at the “recently added items.” This happens a lot with audiobooks – there’s a sorting issue with the recent iTunes updates that automatically transfer them onto the Podcast library, rather than the actual Audiobook library.
  • Failed Download: Another common issue, is that people purchase something from the Music store — and then the download fails. If that happens to you, make sure to resume download by clicking the download progress in the download tab.
  • Step by Step Guide to Buy Sonsg on iTunes

    Step 1 — Store

    In order to purchase music from Apple, you will need to go to the Store tab (shown below.) Here, you can browse for songs and albums that you might want to buy for your device.

    How to Buy Music on iTunes -set up the preference-Go to the store

    Step 2 — Buy & Buy

    When you select an album, you should see something like this (shown in the image below.) You’ll get the choice of downloading either a full album [1] or downloading an individual audio file [2.]

    • If you’re signed in to your iTunes account (and if you have the payment details properly filled out), then you should be able to process the purchase quickly!
    • Just wait for the purchase to finish downloading, and the music will be transferred to your iTunes library.

    How to Buy Music on iTunes -set up the preference-begin the buy process

    Part 2. Recommended Tool to Manage Your Buying Music on iTunes

    For this second part, we’re going to be showing you how you can manage your purchased (and non-purchased) iTunes music with a program called iMusic. iMusic is an all-in-one downloader, converter, transfer tool, etc. The best part is that it allows you to manage purchased iTunes music (which is not something many programs will allow.) We’ll take you around the interface in the tutorial below — as well as teach you how you can use it to edit ID3 tags, but first! Let’s quickly go over its main features.

    iMusic - All-in-one Music Transfer and Manage tool Your Deserve to Own

    • Easy to Navigate interface for simplifying iTunes management.
    • Download and Record Music/Video in MP3 or MP4.
    • Manage your iTunes libraries ID3 Tags.
    • Download music from over 3000 music sites, including download YouTube to MP3.
    • Sync music between your iTunes library and your Android and iOS phone.
    • Extra iTunes management for burning CDs, removing DRM, etc.

    Steps to Manage Your Buying Music on iTunes by iMusic

    Step 1 — GetMusic|iTunesLibrary|Devices|Toolbox

    There are four main pages offered by iMusic — each with different management tools and options. The one that we’ll be focusing on is the ITUNES LIBRARY page, but the main features and characteristics of all the four different pages are as follows:

        Get Music: Music Downloader and Recorder feature (allows you to discover, download, and record music from 3000+ compatible websites.)
        iTunes Library: iTunes management feature (more details are shown below.)
        Devices: Android and iOS feature for transferring music and other types of media to your cell phone.
        Toolbox: This last feature has a bunch of random iTunes management tools that will allow you to remove DRM, burn music onto a CD, back up (and restore) your iTunes library, and so much more

    How to Buy Music on iTunes -set up the preference-go to the itunes library page

    Step 2 — Edit Music Info

    As mentioned, we’re going to be showing you how to edit your song’s ID3 tags. To do this, right-click a song, and select the Edit Music Info option.

    How to Buy Music on iTunes -set up the preference-edit music info

    Step 3 — ID3 Tags

    When you’ve selected the ‘Edit Music Info’ option, a left-hand sidebar will appear (shown below.) There, you can edit your song’s ID3 Tags.

        Add an Album Picture.
        Edit the Song’s Name.
        Edit the Song’s Artist Name.
        Edit the Song’s Album Name.
        Choose the Song’s Genre.

      How to Buy Music on iTunes -set up the preference-begin to edit the id3 info

      Step 4 — Save!

      When you’re done editing your ID3 tags, you can save the changes by clicking the Save button (shown below.) Just remember that all the changes will be applied on your iTunes library too.

      How to Buy Music on iTunes -set up the preference-click the save

      Conclusion: That concludes our quick tutorial on how you can buy music on iTunes easily and safely! It really isn’t that difficult, and there are many solutions available that can help you manage all your purchases. Just like what we showed you with iMusic — which can be used pretty much for anything involving your iTunes library (be it transferring your media onto a device, editing ID3 tags, finding FREE content using the download and record feature, and so many other things!) Try it out! There’s a FREE trial available that you can use to tour all of its available options.

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