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How to Download Music by iMusic

Want to learn how to download music from Youtube or Spotify ? Following us to learn more about Downloading Music by iMusic !

Part 1: Download Music from iMusic Built-in Music Library

iMusic has integrated a music library, letting you download songs and playlists from the software directly. It is pretty simple to download songs and playlists with iMusic.

Step 1: Launch iMusic Software

Download, install and launch iMusic on your computer. After then, click the “GET MUSIC” menu then “DISCOVER” on the top of the software. You can download music from the built-in library in 2 easy ways.

How to Download Music

Step 2: Search Music Songs and Download

You can find thousands of songs and the hottest playlists from iMusic built-in music library by genres, artists, playlists and top list.

a:To download a single song, search it in the search blank then copy the URL below the video, turn to the DOWNLOAD tab. Paste the URL in the blank to start the downloading process.

b: To download a playlist, first copy the URL of the playlists. After then, check the wanted songs in the playlist in the pop-up window, choose the format, either “MP3” or “MP4”. Click “Download”.

How to Download Music

Step 3: Check Downloaded Songs

You can check for the downloaded songs in iTunes Library by clicking the download icon in “ITUNES LIBRARY” management window.

How to Download Music

Part 2: Download Music from YouTube/Spotify/Music Sites

Step 1: Run iMusic to DOWNLOAD Tab

Click “DOWNLOAD” in the “GET MUSIC” window. After then you can see a URL paste box as well as access to several popular music sites.

Download Music from YouTube/Spotify/Music Sites

Step 2: Copy URL and then Paste in the Blank

Open YouTube or any music streaming site, for example Spotify. Copy the URL of the song on the site. Then paste the URL of the song to the URL paste box in iMusic, check the needed music format and click “Download”.

Download Music from YouTube/Spotify/Music Sites

Another option for downloading is to navigate to the music site from those indicated below the URL blank, then search the music you want to download. Select the music format and quality, click “Download” to begin the download process as mentioned before.

Download Music from YouTube/Spotify/Music Sites

Step 3: Find Downloaded Songs in LIBRARY

Once completed the download process, the downloaded songs will be automatically added to your iTunes Library automatically. Click "LIBRARY", then download icon on the left side to check out the songs.

Download Music from YouTube/Spotify/Music Sites

Note: The above mentioned steps can be used to download YouTube music to MP3 format. All the downloaded songs are saved in iTunes Library directly. You need to click “LIBRARY” menu in iMusic, then the download icon on the left side of the pop-up window to check them. Whenever you need to transfer these songs to iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phones, even to computer, just check them and click the export option to send them to the device or computer.