How to Sync Music to iTunes from Different Device

Do you want to learn how to sync music to itunes from different device like iPhone or Android ?This guide will show you helpful ways to sync songs to iTunes for Free.

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Want to learn how to sync music to iTunes? We have all the different solutions broken down for you below, using iTunes and a third-party program called iMusic, which, unlike iTunes, can be used for both iOS and Android devices! That means that you can import all your music from your Samsung phone or iPhone to your iTunes library (and share your library between all your devices.) Continue reading until the very end to learn about four different uses for this convenient transfer software!

Part 1. How to Sync Music to iTunes from iPhone

For our first tutorial, we’re going to stick to the basics by teaching you how you can sync your iPhone library to your PC’s iTunes! Again, we’re going to be using iMusic for this sample (which you can download and try for FREE on here.) This software offers many tools that can be used in order to manage music (and other types of data) on all of your different devices. We’ve listed a couple of its main features down below that you can try out for yourself with the FREE trial.

iMusic - Sync Muisc from iPhone to iTunes with 1 Click

  • Sync Music from iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android/Mac/Windows to iTunes without data loss.
  • Copy Files to iOS/Android Devices. Put music, playlists, videos, audiobooks and more from Mac/PC to iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
  • Music/Video Downloader for 3000+ compatible websites.
  • iOS/Android library sync feature for moving media to your Library (and vice versa)
  • iTunes library manager for editing ID3 tags, exporting music, etc.
  • Other extra tools: CD burner, USB importer, DRM remover, and more.
  • Premium interface that is regularly updated and made to be highly intuitive.

Guide to Sync Music to iTunes from iPhone by iMusic

Step 1 — DEVICE

In order to sync music between your mobile device and your iTunes library, you will need to be on the DEVICE page (shown below.)

What you see on this page will depend on the device that you have connected to your PC. So, make sure to connect your iPhone to your computer in order to see the following options.

How to Sync Music to iTunes--go to device page

Step 2 — Select contents to Transfer

Next, you can choose what you want to transfer. If all you want to transfer is your music, then select the Music box (1.)

How to Sync Music to iTunes-- select contents to transfer

You can also transfer your playlists by clicking the Playlist box (2.)

Either way, all you have to do next to start the official transfer is to press the Copy to iTunes button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen(3.)

How to Sync Music to iTunes-- transfer playlist

Part 2. How to Sync Music to iTunes from Computer (Windows/Mac)

As a way of reference, we’re also going to be demonstrating the more traditional method of syncing music to your iTunes by using the iTunes software. Of course, unlike with iMusic, this method is going to be completely manual — some prep-work is required before you can sync Music to iTunes from your computer (be it on your Mac or Windows.) So, what are you going to need before you can sync music to iTunes from files on your PC?

  • iTunes Compatible Audio Files: 1 of the main things, is that you need to be transferring iTunes compatible audio files. If the file you are transferring is not compatible with iTunes, then it will not transfer correctly.
  • Non-DRM Music: Just like how you can’t directly export purchased Apple Music from iTunes, it’s also very difficult to import DRM-protected music onto it. So, make sure that your files are not protected, as it could lead to a failed transfer.
  • Place Files on Desktop: For Maximum convenience, it’s easy if you have all the files that you want to transfer on your desktop and in a single folder (if they’re spaced out all over your laptop, you’re going to have a very difficult time.

How to Sync Music to iTunes from Windows Computer

Step 1 — Prep. Music

As menti1d, you’re going to need to do a bit of prep-work in order to “sync” music to your iTunes library. For this, the best method is to have all the prepped music in a singular folder on your desktop.

You can make a new folder by right-clicking on your desktop and then selecting the New > New Folder… option.

How to Sync Music to iTunes-- have

Step 2 — Use Drag and Drop

Once you have all your music prepped in 1 single folder, all you need to do is drag and drop it onto the iTunes window. [Tip: You can also click the File tab and choose the Add Folder option to manually select your folder from your desktop.]

How to Sync Music to iTunes--drag and drop music

How to sync Music to iTunes from Mac Computer

Step 1 — Prep. Music

The Mac method of syncing music to iTunes is not all that different. You should still make a folder with all the music that you have prepared.

Make a new folder on Mac by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting New Folder from the drop-down menu.

How to Sync Music to iTunes--make a folder

Step 2 — Use Drag and Drop

Again, much like with iTunes, you can drag and drop your folder onto the iTunes window in order to import your music to iTunes. [OR you can click File > Add Folder and then browse and select the folder from your desktop.]

How to Sync Music to iTunes--drag and drop folder

Part 3. How to Sync Music to iTunes from iPod

For this last tutorial, we’re going to go back to using iMusic in order to sync music to iTunes from an iPod (which not many third-party programs support these days.) The actual process won’t be too different from what we’ve already shown you, but it’s still something you might want to know how to do in case you have an iPod filled with songs you want to transfer to your iTunes library.

Guide to Sync Muisc to iTunes from iPod by iMusic

Step 1 — Transfer Music to iTunes

Again. We’re going to be starting this tutorial on the DEVICE menu (shown below.) Here, your iPod should appear (that is, if it’s already connected to your PC. If it’s not, please make sure that it is connected so that you can proceed.)

Click the Transfer Music to iTunes option in order to begin syncing music to iTunes.

How to Sync Music to iTunes--go to device menu

Step 2 — Start

The first time that you do this, iMusic will prompt you with this message (shown below), informing you that it will scan the contents of both your iPod and iTunes library to ensure that there is no duplication.

Press the Start button in order to begin the scan.

How to Sync Music to iTunes--press start button

Step 3— Choose Contents to Sync

Once iMusic is finished scanning your iPod and iTunes library, you’ll be given the opportunity to select all the different things that can be copied to your iTunes library.

Select the Music option [1] in order to transfer all the songs on your iPod to your PC.

How to Sync Music to iTunes-- choose contents to sync

You can also select the Playlist option in order to sync your playlists between your iPod and iTunes library. Then, finalize the transfer by pressing the Copy to iTunes button.

How to Sync Music to iTunes-- sync playlist

Conclusion: And so, we conclude our “How to Sync Music to iTunes from Different Devices” tutorial! There are many available solutions out there, but if you want to experience maximum convenience, then we recommend using iMusic — which functions as a top-of-the-line transfer software (and so much more.) Try it out for yourself and see how intuitive the entire process is.

Video Tutorial: iMusic- Transfer Music from Android Phones to iTunes

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