How to Rebuild iTunes Library

This article mainly tells the most common method to rebulid iTunes library and the best way to rebulid iTunes library.

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Does your iTunes library encounter problems ? Do you want to rebuild iTunes library ?

Every now and then, many of us probably face some rather odd anomalies in our iTunes library. Tracks don’t show up or if they do, multiple copies start disappearing in the library. To cater for these problems and many more, one may have to rebuild his/her library for which the most common method and the best solution available are as follows.

Part 1. The Most Common Method to Rebuild iTunes Library

This most common method to rebuild iTunes library is to use the iTunes itself feature and rebuild iTunes manually. But on my opinion, it's only fit to the technicists as the process is a little hassle for newbies. Now let's take a look at this method.

Step 1. Close iTunes when begin to rebuild iTunes library, locate the iTunes folder in your computer/laptop and then locate iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Library.xml.

Step 2. And to rebuild iTunes library you need to copy these files and store them in a different location, in a folder on your desktop for example. Delete the original ones.

Step 3. Now open iTunes, go to “File” select “Library” and then “Import Playlist”. Browse to locate the folder you just created on your desktop and select iTunes.xml and then select open.

Step 4. iTunes will start importing tracks and related information from this xml file and start to rebuild iTunes library .itl file.

Step 5. Sit back and relax as to rebuild iTunes library may take some time depending upon the number of tracks present in your library.

Step 6. Once the process to rebuild iTunes library complete, you’ll notice that all your previous view settings would no longer be applied. So, you’ll have to apply them once again.


The disadvantages of this process to rebuild iTunes library are pretty obvious. But let’s just state them in case you forget to notice:

  1. Rebuilding the iTunes library includes a lot of manual labor; locate folders, copy them to a separate location, delete previous ones and so on and so forth.
  2. This process to rebuild iTunes library takes up a lot of time.
  3. Something may go wrong; as with humans, there’s always a chance of error. You may delete the wrong file or may forget to delete the original file or something else that may result in corrupting your library rather than rebuilding it.
  4. Part 2. The Best Method to Rebuild iTunes Library

    Now we know what a great mess to rebuild iTunes library manually, but luckily we could rebuild the iTunes library using some easier methods alternative. So one may ask, does an alternative really exist? The answer to that simple question is iMusic.

    iMusic is a simple and fun iTunes manager that lets you rebuild iTunes library easily and manage all of your iTunes data across all of your devices (iPads, iPhones etc.) without having to go through iTunes every time. Moreover, it helps organize your iTunes library by scanning for missing album artwork, missing tags, duplicate songs and missing tracks etc. and fixing them automatically with just a single click. It can also be used to back up your data, manage your contacts and transfer music/photos from iTunes to Apple/Android Devices and vice versa. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MAC OS X, iOS8 as well as Android and Windows phones with android 2.1 and above, refer to the details here.

    iMusic - Rebuild iTunes Library Fast and Easily

    • Backup and recover the iTunes Library with simple clicks.
    • Clean up the dead or broken downloaded music tracks on your iTunes Library.
    • Transfer music between iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android to iTunes/Windows/Mac easily.
    • Record songs from spotify , Youtube and other over 3000 sites.
    • Burn music to CDs in one click.
    • Fix ID3 tags like artist name, song title, year and genre automatically.

    Steps to Rebuild iTunes Library Easily by iMusic

    Step 1. To download iMusic, go to, you can download the trial version with limited features or you can download the premium version for only $39.95.

    Step 2. After completing the download and installation, launch iMusic and click TOOLBOX, then select REBUILD ITUNES LIBRARY on the interface.

    How to rebuild iTunes library-select rebuild itunes library

    Step 3. Connect any of your Apple/Android device with your updated iTunes library. After initializing procedure and installing required drivers, a “Start” option will show up for iTunes rebuild library. Click “Start”, iMusic will automatically start scanning the media files in your device which are different from your laptop/computer before iTunes rebuild library.

    How to rebuild iTunes library-connect your mobile device to itunes

    Step 4. Click “Copy to iTunes” to start transferring audio files from your device to your laptop/computer to start iTunes rebuild library.

    How to rebuild iTunes library-click copy to itunes

    Step 5. After the copying process has completed, a summary of copied items will appear in the iMusic slider menu along with a notification informing you of successfully having completed copying procedure.

    How to rebuild iTunes library-finish the copyprocess

    Remember that your device needs to have iTunes installed already with your updated iTunes library for iMusic to detect and copy missing audio files.

    Bonus Tip:If you want to rebuild iTunes library with iTunes shown, you could switch iMusic to be iTunes Plug-in mode by clicking the switch button at the top-right corner shown as below.

    How to rebuild iTunes library-click switch to itunes button

    Then you can move forward to rebuild iTunes library with the same steps as above.

    How to rebuild iTunes library-rebuild itunes library

    Now, as you may have noticed, iMusic makes it much easier to rebuild iTunes library and that is only at the expense of a single click. You are not required to copy, delete or backup any files, there’s no possibility of human error and you don’t need to worry about your data getting corrupted. You get iTunes rebuild library in a very short time while you can go and complete you other tasks in the meantime.

    Video Tutorial: How to Rebuild iTunes Library with iMusic

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