How to Fix iTunes Library Easily and Automatically

This article put the focus on hte common troubles to fix iTunes library and how to fix iTunes library with iMusic.

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Is your iTunes library in a mess? Do you want to fix your iTunes library easily?

With years of downloading, importing and exporting media files in your iTunes library, it comes the nightmare of cleaning and organizing hundreds of gigabytes that kind of data as well. The odious task of fixing your sprawling library becomes an uphill battle. One aspect that is common in music loving Apple device users is the bedraggled iTunes library and the hesitance to clean it. This happens because without appropriate paraphernalia, your endeavor to organize the iTunes library goes in vain.

Part 1. The Common Troubles to Fix iTunes Library

There are some common troubles when you fix iTunes library on Mac or fix iTunes library on Windows:

  • The metadata information of the audio files helps iTunes in cataloging it. Since there are multiple sources from which the tracks are imported to your library, the accuracy of the metadata becomes nebulous. Tweaking this massive mesh of untangled metadata is the major trouble that is faced while fixing the library.
  • The duplicate tracks that occupy your device’s memory is another issue of of a huge iTunes library. Deleting these tracks manually can take hours.
  • In today’s scenario, you, like everyone else, would want to visually enhance the experience of listening to the music. This is accomplished by the attractive album cover arts. Many a times the cover arts are missing from your tracks/album. It is difficult to manually search for the appropriate covers and insert them in your tracks.
  • The ID3 tags of tracks are often missing, or the incorrect information is inserted in them. Tweaking these tags manually can be a challenging process due to the limitations of the human brain to remember the entire information of all tracks present in your iTunes library.

The most common approach to fix all the said issues is the manual orchestration of all the tracks in your iTunes library with the help of organizing options that are provided by iTunes itself. However, there are many disadvantages of this method:

  • This is a time-consuming and implacably exhausting process.
  • You are required to search the missing cover arts online manually if you want to add them to the albums or individual tracks.
  • Sometimes iTunes treats each track of a compilation as a separate album, and this scatters the track throughout the album view. Resolving this issue manually can be difficult and tedious.
  • You can lose out on important data from your library because sometimes during auto-synching, iTunes deletes the unrecognized files automatically.

Part 2. How to Fix iTunes Library

To be saved from the ruthlessly enervating process to fix iTunes library, you can use a third-party tool to fix iTunes library for you. One of the best software applications available till-date is iMusic that is an official music organizer developed by Aimersoft. You can easily fix iTunes library and the other data stored in your iDevice using this program. iMusic is an exquisite tool with a healthy set of features that can alleviate the pain of fixing your gigantic iTunes library. Besides organizing your library, the program has several other remarkable features which include transferring data between your Apple devices without having to save it on your laptop PC.

Although iMusic is a paid application, the admirable and impressive features it possesses make it worth the asking price. The software is available for the Mac OS X, and Windows users.

iMusic is the professional Apple device manager. As soon as you install and launch the application, it automatically syncs with iTunes that is pre-installed in your device. After synching with iTunes, iMusic displays the contents of your library in the primary window.

Here we will show you how to fix iTunes library from different aspects as followings.

iMusic - Fix iTunes Library with One Click

  • Fix Your Tag Information
  • Remove Duplicate Tracks from Your Library
  • Fix the Missing Album Covers
  • Fix All Music Tags At A Time
  • Fix Your Tag Information
  • Burn Music to CDs in One Click
  • Remove Music DRM Protection and Convert Downloaded M4P Music Files to MP3 Format.

Steps to Fix iTunes Library by iMusic Easily

Step 1: Launch iMusic.

Step 2: Click TOOLBOX from the top navigation of the interface to enter the toolbox page, then select the option of CLEAN UP ITUNES LIBRARY.

how to fix iTunes library-click toolbox

Step 3: Once done, a Scan window will pop up, select the Missing Tags option on the pop-up interface.

how to fix iTunes library-select missing tags

Step 4: Once the list of tracks with inaccurate tags appear in the popup window, click the Fix button from the top-right corner.

Note: When you do so, iMusic automatically fixes all the missing and incorrect tag information of the tracks in your library.

how to fix iTunes library-click fix button

Step 5: After finish fixing the missing tags for a while, click Save button once you are satisfied with the changes.

how to fix iTunes library-click save button

Fix iTunes Library - To Remove Duplicate Tracks from Your Library

In order to optimize your experience of listening to music, finding and removing duplicate tracks in iTunes is very important, and here you could easily search and remove the duplicate tracks by using iMusic as well. Assuming we have entered into the Scan window as we mentioned above.

how to fix iTunes library-enter into scan window

Step 1: Click the option of Duplicate Tracks, a window of Delete Duplicate Songs will pop up. And the duplicate songs will be found and the duplicate parts will be checked by default which make the unique one exist. But you can manually change the checked options by needs too.

how to fix iTunes library-click option of duplicate tracks

Step 2: Click the button Delete Duplicates. A new pop-up window will double-confirm with you if you want to delete the selected duplicate files, click OK if you are sure of this step.

how to fix iTunes library-select duplicate files

Step 3: Once you have confirmed it, All the checked duplicate tracks will be removed in a single go.

how to fix iTunes library-finish remove process

Fix iTunes Library - To Fix the Missing Album Covers

Just like the above steps, you could use iMusic to search and fix all the missing album covers in iTunes.

Step 1 :Click the Missing Covers option from the iMusic Scan Window.

how to fix iTunes library-click missing covers

Step 2 :Once the list of all the tracks without a cover art is displayed, click Get Covers at the top-right corner on the window.

how to fix iTunes library-click get covers

Step 3: Click the Save button when done to save the changes. Then the album covers would be updated in iTunes.

how to fix iTunes library-click save button

Fix iTunes Library - To Fix All Tags At A Time

If you want to fix the music tags and covers, delete duplicate tracks as well as remove missing tracks at one time, then you could choose to click Scan button. Then all the tracks which should be fixed will be listed by type.

how to fix iTunes library-click scan button

Then click Fix button after scanning, and the tracks would be fixed very soon.

how to fix iTunes library-click fix button

You could see the results showing on the following interface.

how to fix iTunes library-finish the process

Video Tutorial: How to Fix Whole iTunes Library with iMusic

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