How Can I Easily and Automatically Add Metadata in iTunes

In this article, we are going to introduce how to add metadata in iTunes with iMusic and how to use Tidymymusic to add metadata in iTunes.

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Do you want to add metadata in iTunes ?

Metadata for music includes the album name, artist, track name, as well as the album art and other pieces of information that makes it easy to identify a particular music file. You would know this for sure;if you have ever ripped songs from CDs to iTunes or added recorded songs to iTunes library chances are that you may have ended up with many files that have missing metadata or incorrect metadata, for example “Track 01” or “Unknown Artist” etc..

Since metadata matters a lot in keeping your iTunes library tidy, it becomes a necessity that you find the best tool that can fix all the songs in your collection;easily by adding the missing metadata to your music tracks. Also, this tool should be able to add metadata to iTunes directly. Does a tool even exist that can do this as easily as you would want to? Look no further, here are two great options that will help for sure, iMusic(Mac) (iMusicfor Windows) and TidyMyMusic for Mac(Wondershare TidyMyMusic). Both of them can automatically find all the information for songs in your iTunes Library and allow you to embed the information to the songs so as to be displayed on your portable devices. In a nutshell, they can let you easily add metadata in iTunes. Let’s check how to use them below.

Part 1. How to Add Metadata in iTunes Using iMusic

Let us take a look at one of the best methods of adding metadata to iTunes, its called iMusic, an amazing app that's been around for sometime and is a favourite choice among iTunes users. iMusic is a great program that not;only lets you download and record music but also helps you manage them, manage iTunes and much more. Here's a quick look at some of its amazing features.

iMusic - Best Music Manager to Add Metadata in iTunes Automatically

  • Lets you update your iTunes Library through organizing your music.
  • You can tag the files, add or update album cover and artwork, easily remove duplicates, missing and even incomplete;tracks.
  • You can even download music from all the popular websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Spotify etc.
  • You can also record music from any online resource.
  • Makes it super easy to transfer music between all kinds of devices, including, Mac, PC, and multiple iOS and Android devices.
  • Want to backup your iTunes Library? iMusiclets you do that easily.
  • Restore your iTunes Library whenever you need.

With all the above features, iMusic is one of the most preferred iTunes alternative today. Now, let us take a look at how to use iMusic to add metadata to iTunes.

Step 1. Launch iMusic

Launch the app iMusic, the steps are the same in case of iMusicfor Windows as well. If you haven't downloaded the software yet, simply click here to download and install iMusic ;on your hine.

Add Metadata in iTunes Using iMusic

Step 2. Access your iTunes Library within iMusic

Now, what you want to do is to access your iTunes Library within iMusic. For that, click the option named 'LIBRARY' from the top bar. You will see all your music tracks from your iTunes Library listed on the next screen with;the small Music icon highlighted as shown in the image below (look at the extreme left hand of the screenshot, below the iMusiclogo).

Add Metadata in iTunes Using iMusic

Step 3. Select the tracks you want to fix the metadata

Next, we will scan for all the missing metadata in our iTunes tracks. You can either do it manually selecting a few songs at a time by clicking on the checkbox towards the left of the tracks, or you can simply select them all by marking the checkbox in the list header (refer to the image below).

Step 4. Scan for the missing metadata

Now, click on the 'Clean Up' icon from the right hand side of the app interface, as shown in the screenshot below.

Add Metadata in iTunes Using iMusic

As soon as you do that, iMusicwill scan the music for missing metadata and show the results to you, just like in the screenshot below.

Add Metadata in iTunes Using iMusic

Step 5. Fix the missing metadata

For the final step, you may choose between the options of 'Fix music tags' and 'Fix music covers' and fix them all. To fix the tags on your;iTunes music, simply click on the button 'Fix' as shown in the image given above.

And, for the artwork or album covers, switch to the option of 'Fix music covers' from the left hand side and then click on the option 'Get Covers'.

Add Metadata in iTunes Using iMusic

Note: Fixing music tags would fix the missing track name, artist name, album name and more. Fixing music covers on the other hand will fix any of the missing album art or artwork.

Part 2. How to Use TidyMyMusic to Add Metadata in iTunes

Step 1. Launch TidyMyMusic to automatically import your iTunes library

Before you actually add metadata to iTunes, you must first;download from Wondershare official website and then install TidyMyMusic on your . When you open it, it will automatically scan your iTunes library to import all the music to the tray under the tab LIBRARY on the left hand side, as shown in the image below. TidyMyMusic for will do the scanning every time you re-open it.

Use TidyMyMusic to Add Metadata in iTunes

Step 2. Find metadata for all the songs in iTunes

Now, if you have a large collection of songs to add metadata in iTunes,;you might want to find the metadata for all songs at one go. This can be done easily on TidyMyMusic for ;just go to the bottom section of the app interface and hit the button that says 'Scan'.;Now,;TidyMyMusic ;will start the scan of all your music in your iTunes Library;to find the missing metadata.

Use TidyMyMusic to Add Metadata in iTunes

Step 3. Add metadata to all the iTunes music

The third and the final step is to simply add the missing metadata to iTunes. To do that, just go ahead hit the button that says 'Fix Missing', TidyMyMusic for will automatically add the metadata;For some reason, if you want to see whether the information for a particular song has been found by the app or not, you just have to click on that particular song. You would then be able to see the information found by TidyMyMusic for on the right hand side of the app interface. If you want to change something in it, just press the Edit icon on the top and then fill in the information as you need. Once done,;click on the button 'Apply' to finish adding the new metadata for that song.

Use TidyMyMusic to Add Metadata in iTunes

Note that the metadata are embedded to the music files, so you can transfer and display them on your portable devices like iPod or iPhone. Can’t wait to have a try? Just download TidyMyMusic for here to give it a go and you will never be let down.

There you have it, these are the best ways of adding metadata in iTunes. Now that you know how to get metadata for songs, what are you waiting for, go right ahead and fix all your songs in the iTunes Library.

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