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Twitch is the latest fad of today’s generation who are frenzied for games. The game-fame Twitch, is well-renowned live streaming platform for the game lovers. Apart from showcasing gaming content, it has begun to feature several other kinds of types as such as the talk shows, music as well as some amazing ranges of TV series. But, wait, to access all of this, the need of internet is there. And if you wish to enjoy the same over your PC without using any network then converting is the option, you should resort to. Confused as to how to do it and which software can prove to be helpful? Do not fret, as you’ll discover a kick-ass Twitch video downloader, capable of performing conversion of Twitch to MP4 effectively.

Part 1. How to Download Twitch to MP4

To enjoy the content from the gamer’s paradise, i.e., Twitch, allow Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate to be your companion. It is your one-stop solution that renders amazing streak of features in a high-paced speed. This converter has the provision for downloading files from a number of popular channels such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitch, Vimeo etc and gets them exported to the desired location in no time. This Twitch to MP4 converter fully supports compatibility with Windows/Mac systems. The exciting factor about this converter is that it can manage to record any type of audio.

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

  • Fully supports input from 1000+ popular website like Facebook, Twitch, Tumblr, Vimeo, and YouTube etc in a hassle-free manner.
  • Can handle conversions of 500+ audio and video formats such as WAV, MP4, AAC, OGG, 3 GP, AVI, VRO, VTS, video, audio, DVD and many others.
  • Imbibed to full take the embedded video metadata in an ultra-lightning speed.
  • The program provides useful video editing tool that can enhance videos easily.
  • Easily cracks DRM protection of the file.
  • Performs batch conversion of several kinds of files.

How to convert Switch to MP4 with Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

01 Open Aimersoft Twitch to MP4 Converter

The very first step is to download Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate on your Mac/PC. Install and run the program respectively. Now, when you open it and click on Download tab available in the navigation panel.

choose download option

02 Copy and paste Twitch Video URL

It’s time to visit the Twitch platform and get hold of the Twitch video you desire to convert to. Play the video once and you will notice the link in the address bar. Just copy the link now. After that, tap on +Paste URL button on Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate. The program will automatically detect the URL and reflect a pop up along with the downloadable formats. The default output format would be MP4 so there is no requirement of choosing the format here.

Copy and paste Twitch Video URL

03 Convert Twitch video to MP4

The process of downloading video will appear over the conversion board. Just, fetch the video from the Finished category and voila! Enjoy the Twitch video turned to MP4 this easily.

Convert Twitch video to MP4

Part 2. How to Transfer Downloaded Twitch Video to iPhone, iPad, Android Device

Now that you know the science of converting Twitch to MP4, just acquaint yourself as to how one can transfer the downloaded video to your respective iPhone/Android device!

Note: Perform the aforementioned steps to download the video, as we will directly take up the transfer process.

01 Go to Finished Tab

The video downloaded by you will appear over the Finished tab. Go there and right click on the desired file followed by selecting Add to Transfer List button.

Copy and paste Twitch Video URL

02 Connect the Device

In the interim, make use of a genuine USB cable and lightening cable according to your device. Get your iPhone/iPad or Android device connected to PC then.

Connect the Device

03 Transfer Twitch video to mobile device

Click Transfer tab on Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate. The list of the downloaded video will appear on interface. Just hit the Transfer All. Voila! Enjoy the files in your respective device.

Transfer Twitch video to mobile device

Part 3. Online Switch to MP4 Converter

Fetchfile is a web based application, designed to meet the basic requirement of converting files in a simple manner. This tool stretches compatibility with several kinds of formats like MP4, 3GPP, audio WebM etc. This application can easily process the links of YouTube even work as a good Twitch video downloader. It duly supports the input quality of wide ranges like 480p, HD, Full HD, Ultra HD as well. Fetchfile program can easily fetch the desired file format by copying and pasting the URL. Here is the concise guide to convert Twitch to MP4 easily.

How to Convert Twitch to MP4 Using Fetchfile

Step 1: Start by fetching the desired link from Twitch TV and copying it to the clipboard. Now visit the website of fetchfile and paste the link over the link field available. Just hit the “Download Video” button. Allow the program to process with the desired output.

Step 2: A couple of options will appear along with a platter of resolutions and “download video” respectively. Just, opt for the suitable one and that’s it!

convert Twitch to MP4 Using Fetchfile

If we give a closer look to online converters as compared to desktop, we find some of the limitations linked with the former. These can be:

  • Batch Conversion: The online converter cannot support batch conversion of multiple files at all unlike desktop converters.
  • Large Sized Files: When it comes to big files, choosing online converters cannot be a good option. They may lag in such functionality and give you a hard time in conversion.
  • Need of Internet: While working with an online converter, there should be a strong network connection in your area. If the internet you are using is not stable, you may not get the results as you desired.

In order to enjoy the classy videos of Twitch, converting it is the best option one can use. While there are several online converters like Fetchfile that promises to convert Twitch file to the universally acknowledged “MP4” file. But, they fail to support advanced features. So, to enjoy full control over the format, you must get Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate – an impeccable solution, capable of converting file, customizing it and do a lot more than you can imagine. Which option do you find the best, let us know in the comments section.

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