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Standing for Video Topic Starter, Video_TS is a folder that is created at DVD burning. All the data information related to the disc is stored in this folder. A DVD player and your PC can read and access the files on Video_TS folder but if you want to play these files on your iPhone, iPad, media player, and other devices, conversion to a compatible format like MP4 is needed. Moreover, the conversion of the files on the Video_TS folder helps to share and edit them. To convert Video_TS to MP4, a professional conversion program is needed.

Part 1. Best Way to Convert Video_TS to MP4

Now when you know that Video_TS to mp4 conversion is the solution to access your folder files on an array of devices, the next task is to choose the best conversion tool that comes packed with all needed features. To help you with the task, we recommend Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate as the best conversion tool available. This feature-rich software works on your Windows and Mac devices and facilitates converting Video_TS files to MP4 and other popular formats. The process takes place in just a few simple steps and at a fast speed.

aimersoft video converter ultimate

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate - Convert Video_TS to MP4

  • Facilitates conversion between all popular formats including Video_TS to MP4 and other 500 formats.
  • Lossless quality conversion at fast speed.
  • Support batch processing to convert multiple files at a time.
  • Download video from online sharing sites with high quality.
  • Support video editing with an array of advanced features like trim, crop, adding special effects, and others
  • Burn video to DVD or burn music to CD.

Steps on how to convert Video_TS to MP4 using Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate Video_TS to MP4 Video Tutorial

01 Open Aimersoft converter and add Video_TS files

Launch Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate on your PC. Choose the Convert tab, and then hit on +Add Files button to browse and add Video_TS files on your PC.

Open Aimersoft converter and add Video_TS files

02 Choose MP4 as target format

The added files can be seen on the software interface with a thumbnail image and its details. On the top-right corner of the interface open drop-down menu at Convert all files to: tab. A new pop-up window will open. Choose the Video tab and then select MP4 as the desired target format. Also, select the needed resolution of the file.

Choose MP4 as target format

03 Convert Video_TS to MP4

Clicking on Convert All button will start converting your added files to the desired MP4 format. At the interface, the files can be checked from Converted tab, while at your PC, you can check the files at Output tab, location. The PC location can be changed as needed.

Convert Video_TS to MP4

In addition to the Video_TS folder, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate also facilitates converting an entire DVD to MP4 or any other desired format. The program ensures that your disc content is converted without compromising on its original quality and can be played on an array of devices and players. The conversion process using the software is simple and quick, where you can add the content directly from the disc to your software interface. Multiple files can be processed at a time and there is also option to customize and personalize the added videos using features like crop, trim, cut, adding subtitles, adding watermark, and others.

Moreover, the converted files can also be transferred to your iPhone, Android smartphone, and other devices using the software.

Install Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate on your PC and enjoy converting your Video_TS folder files or an entire disc into your desired format for playback, editing, sharing, and other purposes.

Part 2. Convert TS to MP4 Online

Standing for Transport Stream, TS is a video stream format that is used for storing videos, audio, and data related information on a disc. To play TS files on portable players, mobile phone, and other devices you need to convert it to a more accessible format like MP4. A number of TS to MP4 converter online are discussed below for your reference.

Earlier known as, this online tool allows converting up to 2 TS files to MP4 format at a time. Free to use, the program works from the browser window and need no installation or registration. You can download the processed files to your PC or can also save them directly to your Dropbox account. In addition to MP4, an array of video and audio formats is supported by the program for the conversion.

Online UniConverter

02of 03

Using this online program you can convert ts to mp4 in a hassle-free manner. The tool allows adding local as well as online files through a link. Variety of video formats and preset are available to be selected as output format. The converted files can be downloaded from the interface or they can be received on your mail as well.


03of 03

Using Convertio, your TS files on the computer, URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive can be easily converted to MP4 and other popular formats. Two files at a time can be processed and the converted videos can be downloaded to your PC. If you remotely want to access the converted files, there is an option to save them to Google Drive and Dropbox account. Simple interface, free use, and no software installation make the tool popular among the users.


Part 3. How to Convert TS to MP4 using FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a free software project that is capable of handling video, audio, and other multimedia files. This is a command line tool that facilitates converting TS to MP4 on an array of platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Guide to convert TS to MP4 using FFmpeg

Step 1: Download the FFmpeg program on your system and move the needed files to the FfmpegTool folder.

Step 2: On your PC, go to Run and enter cmd and a command line window will appear. Next, enter cd FFmpegTool that will allow you to enter the Ffmpeg folder.

Step 3: To access the content on the bin folder, enter cd bin. Next, write ffmpeg.exe

Step 4: Finally, to convert the TS files to MP4 format enter the command - ffmpeg -i yourvideoname.ts -c:v libx264 outputfilename.mp4

Convert TS to MP4 using FFmpeg

Part 4. How to Convert TS to MP4 using VLC

VLC is a popularly used open-source portable media player that in addition to video playback, support other functions as well including video conversion. With cross-platform support, the player is compatible with working on Windows, Linux, Mac, and other platforms.

Guide to convert ts to MP4 using VLC

Step 1: Launch VLC Media player app on your PC. Open Media > Convert/Save. A new Open Media window will open where click on the +Add button to load TS videos from your PC.

Step 2: Next, click on the Convert/Save button on the bottom-right corner that will open a new Convert window. Under the Settings section, enable the Convert option and select MP4 at the Profile tab.

Step 3: Choose PC location to save the converted file at the Destination tab. Finally, click on the Start button to proceed with the conversion process.

Convert TS to MP4 using clv

Part 5. Learn about Video_TS Format

When it comes to the relation between the Video_TS folder and DVD, it can be said that both are directly connected. A DVD contains two main folders- Audio_TS and Video_TS. In simplest terms, the former folder contains all the information related to the audio of the disc while the latter contains all the information related to video content and its playback. The Video_TS folder further contains three types of files – IFO, BUP, and VOB.

The IFO files have all the information related to the playback and control of the content like disc menu, chapters, subtitles, aspect ratio, and others.

The BUP file contains the backup of the IFO files and proves to be useful when IFO files cannot be read properly or become corrupted.

The VOB is important and also the main file of the disc that contains the actual data related to the video and audio. The folder contains multiple VOB files and these files can also be played directly by some VOB players.

Video_TS folder can thus be considered as the main part of any DVD.

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