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  • Easily convert MP4 to H.264 or other 500+ formats, including MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, etc.
  • Batch MP4 to H.264 conversion process is supported.
  • Edit MP4 video like trimming, cropping, rotating, adding effects and more.
  • Download online video in high quality from YouTube, Netflix and other 1000+ sites.
  • Burn MP4 videos to DVD with templates.
  • Record video, convert image, burn CD, compress video, etc.
Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

How to Convert MP4 to H.264 Online or on Mac/Windows PC

Jun 25,2019 • Filed to: Convert MP4 • Proven solutions

MP4 is one of the most popularly used video container format that can be played by the majority of the players, devices, and apps. The MP4 format is compressed using different encoders. If you are looking for high-quality files H.264 is the best encoding option to use. Also known as Advanced Video Coding, H.264 encoder offers high-resolution videos including 4K UHD while maintaining compression standards. The format is also compatible with playing on a number of platforms and devices. So when you convert MP4 (with other encoders) to H.264, the file size is compressed and the quality offered is also high. Know about different types of MP4 to H.264 converter tools below.

Part 1. How to Convert MP4 to H.264 at 90X Faster Speed (Supports Batch Process)

Converting MP4 to H.264 or other formats is quick and hassle-free using Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate. The software works on your Windows and Mac system and supports over 500 formats for conversion. The process of file conversion is 90X faster and results in files without losing quality. Customization is made possible with a built-in editor that support features like trim, rotate, cut, crop, and others. Videos can be added from the computer or directly from devices. File transfer of converted files is also facilitated.

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

  • MP4 to H.264 conversion takes place at 90X faster speed in lossless quality.
  • Batch processing of converting MP4 to H.264 supported.
  • More than MP4, it supports MOV, MKV, VOB, WMV, AVI and other 500 formats.
  • Built-in editor support features like trim, crop, cut, effect, and others.
  • Over 1000 sites like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, and others supported for video download.
  • Video recording of computer activities and online sites supported.
  • Windows and Mac version of the software are available.
  • Video transfer, compression, and GIF making, image conversion, DVD burnning, etc.

Guide to convert MP4 to H.264 using Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

01 Import MP4 videos to Aimersoft MP4 to H.264 converter

Launch the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate program, browse and add MP4 videos on PC by clicking on the +Add Files button. Drag and drop function also works here. Multiple files can be added from computer or devices directly

add mp4

02 Choose target format and H.264 as the encoder

The files added will be available with their details and a thumbnail image. On the top-right corner, open drop-down options at Convert all files to: tab. From the Video list, choose the desired format and the resolution.

Next, click on the edit icon and a new Settings window will open. Under the Video section, choose H.264 as the Encoder and click on the Create button to confirm the same.

If you do not want to choose the encoder manually, you can also select them from the supported output file resolution with H.264 encoder.

choose h264

03 Convert MP4 to H.264

Hitting on the Convert All button will convert your added MP4 files to the desired format using the selected encoder. The converted files on your PC save at location selected on the Output tab. That's it! You can get the video with H.264 encoder in a few seconds!

MP4 to H.264

Free download Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate on your Mac or Windows PC. Try to convert MP4 to H.264 by yourself. It's very simple as you can see above.

Part 2. MP4 to H.264 Converter Online

Online converters can be used to process your MP4 files conversion to H.264 in decent quality. Below are 2 MP4 to H.264 converter online.

1. Convert.Files

This online program is free to use and need no download or installation. An array of formats is supported for conversion including MP4 to H.264. Local and online files can be added to the interface for the conversion in decent quality. The tool allows converting only one file at a time. After the process, the converted file needs to download to your PC.


  • Simple interface
  • No software download or installation needed


  • Only one file at a time can be converted
  • The converted file needs to be downloaded
  • Slow conversion process


2. Bear File Converter

Using this online tool your MP4 videos can be converted using H.264 encoder in a hassle-free manner. The files can be added from your PC or through a link in case of online videos. The maximum supported file size is 50MB. The program allows you to keep the file parameters same as the original file or change them as needed. The converted file needs to be downloaded after the process.


  • Free software with a simple process
  • Allows to edit file parameters like frame size, video size, and others


  • Maximum file size that can be uploaded to the interface is 50MB
  • No batch processing support
  • Internet dependence

Bear File Converter

Part 3. Convert MP4 to H.264 with FFmpeg

The ffmpeg multimedia framework allows the user to perform an array of functions like encoding, decoding, editing, streaming, and others through its command-line based processing. This is a free software project that supports an array of formats and works on different platforms including Mac, Windows, Solaris, and others. So if you are comfortable working with line commands of ffmpeg, MP4 videos can be converted to H.264 quickly and easily.

Guide to convert MP4 to H.264 using FFmpeg

Open the command prompt on your system and type the following FFmpeg command for the conversion.

ffmpeg -i infile.mp4 -an -vcodec libx264 -crf 23 outfile.h264

Considering the ease, quick conversion, and quality results, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is considered as the best conversion tool. Install the program on your Windows and Mac and convert MP4 to H.264. You can free download it below.

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