Video to MP3: Top 5 Extension Chrome to Download Video to MP3 in 2019

Are you trying to download video to MP3 on Chrome? Here are the top 5 helpful video to MP3 extensions for Chrome.

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Is there a Video to MP3 Chrome Extension ?

YouTube has become undoubtedly one of the largest video sharing website around the globe. Some people download the music videos from the YouTube and convert them to MP3 for listening. Nowadays, you do not have to go through a hassle way to convert the YouTube Videos to the MP3. You can also use the Google Chrome extensions to download Video to MP3. Recently, Google has removed all the extensions from the Google Chrome Store and you will have to manually install the extensions. For this purpose, you will need to enable the developer mode in the Google Chrome. We have found 5 Google Video to MP3 chrome extension which are working perfectly now.

Part 1. Best 5 Video to MP3 Chrome Extension

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Full Rip

Full Rip is a third party chrome extensions developed by the “FullRip.Net”, another famous web service to convert YouTube videos to MP3. It will rip the MP3 files from the YouTube videos and you will be able to download those files on your computer. This tool will add two buttons just below the YouTube Video, one is to download MP3 and the other one is to download video. Lastly, it does not shed any light on the MP3 quality and you cannot simply change the bitrate of the MP3 file.

youtube mp3 downloader chrome-Full Rip


  • 1-Click download operation.
  • Fully functional extension.
  • Works to download audio or video files.


  • Very complicated method to install the extension.
  • Not suitable for every user.
  • Does not provide any information about audio quality.

Ratings: 3/5

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YouTube Center

YouTube Center is another Chrome extension for YouTube which was removed from the Google Chrome store and the developer have provided two different mirrors to install the chrome extension. The process to install the YouTube MP3 extension is pretty much similar to the Full Rip and you will have to enable the “Developer Mode” in the Google Chrome to complete the installation process. This extension has tons of feature and the detailed list can be checked on the official page of developer on Git Hub.

youtube mp3 downloader chrome-YouTube Center


  • Tons of features.
  • Works with latest versions of Google Chrome.
  • Easily download MP3 from the YouTube.


  • Installation process is very complicated.
  • Needs to activate Developer’s mode.
  • No option to change track information.
  • Ratings: 3/5.

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    YouTube MP3

    It is one of the most famous extension offered by the “”. This process of installation of this tweak is similar to other ones and a small download button will be added right next to the title of the video. It will automatically download the YouTube as MP3 track and you don’t need to convert the track. The best thing about this service is the efficiency and the speed, we can safely say that it was one of the fastest chrome extensions to download MP3 songs.

    youtube mp3 downloader chrome- YouTube MP3


    • Fast, efficient and reliable.
    • 1-click download method.


    • Audio quality is not up to the mark.
    • No option to download YouTube Playlists.


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    FLV to

    FLV to is one of the oldest web service which was used to download and convert videos to MP3 tracks. FLV to extension will simply add “Convert to MP3” button just below the video and by clicking on the button, you will be able to download the Video to MP3 track. It is the simplest and fastest method to download any YouTube video but does not work with the “Playlist” and required to enable developer mode for installation in Google Chrome.

    youtube mp3 downloader chrome- FLV to


    • Fast and simple.
    • 1-click conversion process.
    • Instantly download the MP3 tracks.


    • Needs to enable Developer Mode on Chrome.
    • No option to download Playlists from YouTube.


    The last but not the least Chrome extension for Video to MP3 is the Clipconverter which does not require to enable the “Developer mode”. All you will need to do is another extension from the Google Chrome and after that you will be able to download Mp3 track from the website. It is one of my most favorite extension as it provides tons of features and it is pretty quick. It will also install the “Download” button below the video but by clicking on the video, it will navigate to their website. Where you can select the options for the Output MP3 track.

    youtube mp3 downloader chrome-


    • Options to select the Output quality of MP3 track.
    • Doesn’t require enabling of the Developer’s Mode.
    • Options to download the high quality videos.


    • No 1-click option.
    • Web interface is not user-friendly.


    Disadvantages of Video to MP3 Chrome Extension:

    Google chrome extensions have certain disadvantages, ever since Google has removed them from the official Chrome store, it is becoming difficult to install them. Unlike Firefox, there are very few extensions available and some of them do not even have an active download link. Similarly, it is not feasible for every basic user to install the third party chrome extensions to download Video to MP3. Moreover, there is no option to select the output quality of the MP3 tracks and you cannot even download a complete Playlist using these extensions. We have found a perfect solution to fix such problems; iMusic for Windows and Mac OS X.

    Part 2. Best Video to MP3 Downloader Chrome

    iMusic is all-in-one solution to download, record, transfer and even manage music on Windows and Mac. You can download music to MP3 from more than 3000 different website including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. Apart from single tracks, you can also download a complete Playlist with only one click. Once you will play a video in your browser, a notification will pop-up asking you to download the video.

    One of the major problem is the missing artwork and track information with the YouTube downloaded tracks but this problem can also be fixed with iMusic. You will not have to do anything, iMusic will automatically add all information about the track. This YouTube MP3 Downloader can also manage the music library present on your computer. You can delete the duplicate tracks, transfer them to your Smartphone such as iPhone or Android or can make new Playlist in the iMusic.

    Click to know more about how to download music with iMusic

    iMusic - Best Video to MP3 Downloader Chrome You Deserve to Own

    • Discover & Download: iMusic has a built-in music library which covers almost all music genres, artists and moods.
    • Download Music from 3000+ sites: iMusic is powerful enough to let you download your favorite music tracks from almost all music sharing websites on the internet.
    • Record Songs: This smart tool also packs the recording feature which is useful at many occasions.
    • Transfer Music: You can easily transfer music files, playlists, iTunes U and Podcasts between the Apple devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iTunes Library.
    • Fix, Backup & Rebuild iTunes Library: Keep your iTunes Library clean and up-to-date with iMusic as it can fix, backup and rebuild your iTunes Library professionally.
    • Toolbox: The Toolbox embedded into this powerful application has the solution to all of your music related problems.
    • Edit ID3 tags automatically or manually.

    After Getting Youtube music by iMusic, the following guide will show you how to transfer mp3 downloaded from website to iPhone/iPad/iPod Easily.

    Step 1. Download And Run iMusic to Device page.

    Visit the official website of iMusic and download iMusic on your system(support both Win & Mac). Install the software carefully and launch it. Now, connect your iPhone with the system using a digital cable and allow device access to the software.

    Transfer iTunes Music from Youtube to iPhone-go to device page

    Step 2. Choose Transfer From iTunes To Devices Option

    Click on the “Transfer iTunes Music to Device” option and select the MP3 files downloader from website. Then click on the Transfer button to initiate the transfer process. Within a while, the songs from the iTunes library will be transferred to your iPhone.

    Transfer iTunes Music from Youtube to iPhone-choose transfer from itunes to device option

    Step 3. Export Files

    If you want to perform a selective transfer, then you can use the export option. For this, you have to open the iTunes library and choose the songs that you want to transfer. Click on the checkboxes in front of the files and select as many as you want.

    Transfer iTunes Music from Youtube to iPhone-export files

    Then right click on the files and choose the Add to option. Further, click on your iPhone name and transfer the files to the device directly.

    Transfer iTunes Music from Youtube to iPhone-choose add to option

    Note: You can also click on the share icon on the right side of the menu bar to export the songs to your iPhone. The library tab allows the users to transfer a playlist, audiobooks, podcasts, and other music files separately too.

    So easy right ? That's it . iMusic Video to MP3 downloader could help you to get and transfer Youtube music to iphone/ipad/ipod easily. Click here to unlock more about how to tranfer youtube music to ipod.

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