Top 6 Downloader Apps to Download Music from SoundCloud to Android

For those who use SoundCloud music service, here are top 6 SoundCloud downloader APPs for you to download free music from SoundCloud.

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Do you want to download music from Soundcloud to android ?

SoundCloud has one of the biggest music libraries available today on any website or application. Many of us want to share music with other people or just listen to the tracks offline. Downloading SoundCloud tracks is a rather tricky process. In addition to this, the tracks need to be converted into formats which can be played on your Android, if you want to transfer the tracks to your Android. Well, then you are quite lucky because this article will make the whole process easier and you can choose which app suits your need. Following are the top 6 apps that facilitate the download of songs from SoundCloud and convert them.

Part 1. Top 6 SoundCloud Downloader Apps for Android Phones

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This is one the hottest apps of the season. The app quickly downloads and converts music to formats which can be easily playable on Android and Apple devices. The application does not even require you to find the URL and then use that to download the music file; you can just use its inbuilt browser and download the music file with just one click. However, you you want to download music from a specific online site, no worries, just copy the music URL from the site and then paste the URL into the blank to finish the downloading process. Besides downloading music from SoundCloud, iMusic also supports 3000+ popular online music site, you can download any music as you like. Now let's look at some other outstanding features of iMusic.

iMusic - 1 Stop Music Downloader, Recorder and Manager

  • Directly download music video or MP3 music from SoundCloud, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, etc.
  • Equipped with a well-balanced music recorder which allows to capture any playing audio.
  • Transfer music between Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android devices as you like.
  • Help backup iTunes music library, repair or rebuild iTunes library when you lose it by accident.
  • Built-in music library to display all the hot music tracks, music video or Playlist automatically.
  • Burn music to cds in simple clicks.
  • Remove music DRM protection and convert downloaded M4P music files to MP3 format.

Easy steps to Download Music from Soundcloud by iMusic

Step 1: Open the app, hit the GET MUSIC button on the top of the app. When that window opens, click download. This will showcase a window which will consist of a URL box, beneath that box will be icons of websites such as Youtube, Soundcloud, and Vevo, etc.

 soundcloud downloader android-go to get music tab

Step 2: Click the Soundcloud icon, and the SoundCloud page will appear. Browse the song you need and then click the download button on the topic. The app will ask the format in which you want to download the track. Select MP3 and hit download.

 soundcloud downloader android-click soundcloud icon

Step 3: Then connect your Android device to your computer. As soon as the device is plugged in, it will appear in the device window. In that window, there will be a small icon on the top left corner of the app. Click that icon and it will showcase your entire music library. Select the songs you wish to transfer and then click the + button.

 soundcloud downloader android-select songs to transfer

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This is the state of the art app that was developed by Gruebel Tech. It helps you download songs from SoundCloud; all you have to do is copy the link of the song from the official Soundcloud website and paste it into the URL box of the app.

 soundcloud downloader android-Soundloader for SoundCloud

The following are the key features the app:

  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Works at high speeds.
  • Consists of Mp3 tag editor.
  • Has an integrated simple player.

This is another app that just does not download songs but also recognizes any music playing around you or any tune you hum. It is a very promising app and convenient to use.

 soundcloud downloader android-Sound Hound Music Search & Play

The following are the key features the app:

  • Has an inbuilt voice recognition feature.
  • Can be used to purchase songs.
  • It can be used to listen to music from several streaming websites.
  • Has a vast knowledge of music.
  • It also showcases live lyrics, which move as the song plays on.
  • Helps access artist photos and biographies.
  • Can be used to download songs from Soundcloud.

This app is very popular among the users. First, it may seem like only a SoundCloud track player, but it also has an option that allows the downloading of tracks from Soundcloud. This application has been considered as one of the best apps in the market today.

 soundcloud downloader android-My Cloud Player for Soundcloud

The following are the key features the app:

  • It helps manage playlists.
  • Consists of automatic play and pause on receiving incoming calls.
  • It also gets updates from your Dashboard, stream activities.
  • It has a low battery consumption.
  • It has an automatic play and pause features when headphones are plugged in or out.
  • It supports and

This app also assists in the downloading of music files from SoundCloud to your Android device. This app lets you search music with your voice. This app has become very popular among the users.

 soundcloud downloader android-Hound Beta Voice Search

The following are the key features the app:

  • It is easy and convenient to use.
  • It helps download music from SoundCloud.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Also, helps look for different information.

The app has a modern, sleek, fast and intuitive interface. It helps download and plays high-quality videos. The app also offers free plugins to enhance it.

 soundcloud downloader android-Player pro music

The following are the key features the app:

  • It has an integrated video and audio player.
  • It works at a very high speed.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It facilitates the export and import of music.
  • Gives a choice of 5 different home screen widgets.
  • Also, has the shake it feature.

Part 2. Comparison of the top 6 SoundCloud Downloader App

It can be concluded that all the apps listed above have their unique features. It clearly depends on the specific need of the user, to determine which app he or she prefers. The table is given below further summaries the features of the apps listed above.

Application Response Speed Navigation Ease to Use Fix ID 3 tags editing Download Music from other websites Backup Music
iMusic Quick high Easy Very Easy Yes Yes from 3000 website yes
Sound Loader for Soundcloud Slow High Hard Easy Yes No No
My Cloud Player Slow Low Hard Hard No No No
Sound Hound Music Search Moderate High Easy Easy Yes No No
Hound Sound Beta Search Moderate Low Hard Easy Yes No No
Player Pro Music Moderate High Easy Hard Yes No Yes

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