YouTube AutoPlay Not Working on Mobile, Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox Fixed

You might encounter problems with YouTube autoplay not working on mobile phones or Chrome, Safari, Firefox browsers. Here is the solution for you.

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While playing YouTube playlist videos, you might want to set autoplay to play the next YouTube video one after another. However, YouTube AutoPlay not working issues occur with regard to YouTube's autoplay accessed through either browsers or mobile phones. Don'y worry! Below are tips to solve YouTube autoplay not working problems.

Part 1. Best Solution to YouTube AutoPlay Not Working Problem

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youtube autoplay not working

Part 2. Play YouTube HTML5 Videos Without YouTube HTML5 Errors

First, in this part, we are going to specifically solve YouTube not autoplay issues on Chrome, Firefox or Safari and site possible solutions that the user can do to get rid of the problem.

#1: Make sure that your YouTube auto-play button is turned on.

The auto-play button is the button that is under the spot light here. Even with so many tweaks and turns that you do, if the auto-play is turned off, the auto-play feature will not work. Checking if the auto-play button is turned on or off is pretty easy since the button's general color will turn into gray if it is turned off. When the user turns the auto-play button on, he or she can see that it will turn blue with a checkmark on it. You can turn it back off by clicking it once more.

youtube app autoplay not working

#2: Browser Profile Corruption Issues in Firefox

1)- You need to have your profile cleaned before uninstalling your Firefox and downloading a newer version. To do this, go to Start then select Run.
2)- Now, Run %appdata%\mozilla\firefox\profiles. When it is already opened, copy and paste the entire folder found to your desktop.
3)- Uninstall your Firefox then Download and install a new version. After that, you can now restore your previous data.
4)- Click Start again and select Run. From the folder found in your desktop, copy the following in the folder found in %appdata%\mozilla\firefox\profiles:

  • Places.sqlite (Bookmarks and Browsing History)
  • Key3.db (Passwords)
  • Permissions.sqlite& content-prefs.sqlite (Site-specific preferences)
  • Formhistory.sqlite (Autocomplete history)
  • Downloads.sqlite (Download history)
  • Cookies.sqlite (Cookies)
  • Webappstore.sqlite&chromeappstore.sqlite (DOM storage. It's like cookies, but better)
  • Cert8.db (Security certificate settings)
  • Secmod.db (Security device settings)

#3: Add "?autoplay=1" in the URL

You can see in the screenshot that the ?autoplay=1 is added at the end of the URL of the video. This sets the value of autoplay into 1 which can be translated as true by the browser. The user can try doing this if the stated solutions above still does not work.

youtube not autoplaying

#4: Disable AdBlock

Users using different browsers who have experienced problems with YouTube's autoplay have found another solution and that is to disable the AdBlock. If you have AdBlock, it can be found in your browser's extensions and disabling it may solve the Auto-play problem.

To disable AdBlock in Google Chrome:

1)- Click on that three horizontal line to reveal list of options.

autoplay not working youtube

2)- In the list of options, navigate to tools then to extensions.

youtube playlist autoplay not working

3)- Uncheck the enabled and you now have your adblock disabled in Chrome.

youtube autoplay not working on mobile

To Disable AdBlock in Firefox:

1)- Find the three horizontal line the same with Chrome and click it to reveal the list of options.

youtube playlist not autoplaying

2)- Click on add-ons and you can see the add-ons manager page.

autoplay youtube not working

3)- After you reach the add-ons page, find adblock and then disable it.

To Disable AdBlock in Safari:

1)- Go to your preferences in safari.

why is autoplay not working on youtube

2)- Go to your extensions and find the ad block extension.

youtube autoplay mobile

3)- After you have found the extension, turn the extension off to disable it.

youtube autoplay not working android

If the above methods still does not work, the general thing to do is to clear any cache or cookies that may be affecting the running of the codes of the site. However, just like stated before, nothing is perfect and what you are experiencing may be a bug that is yet to be fixed by the YouTube team in due time.

Part 3. YouTube App AutoPlay Not Working on iPhone and Android

Due to developing technology, YouTube can now be accessed using mobile phones like Android devices and iPhone. In line to this, auto-play can also be used and enjoyed by the user. But like using the different browsers to access YouTube, it cannot be certain that no user will encounter a problem with regard to the auto-play feature. In this part, several possible solutions will be presented to solve the problem in devices like Android and iPhone.

#1: Go for a smoother YouTube mobile experience is one of the most popular ways to access YouTube. However, the YouTube team has already released an application specifically to play the videos in the most convenient way possible. However, lags and other network mishaps can affect the playing of your video. So to solve this do the following steps:

1)- Go to the wifi settings of your device.

youtube autoplay on mobile

2)- Hold down to your wifi connection and then you can see two options presented then click on the modify network.

android youtube autoplay not working

3)- Then tap show advanced options and then change DHCP to Static.

autoplay on youtube not working

4)- Scroll down until you find the DNS then change DNS 1 with and then change DNS 2 with

youtube app playlist autoplay not working

5)- Lastly, save your changes and see if it results to better browsing and viewing of videos.

#2: Check if you are in a YouTube playlist

Auto-play in YouTube mobile app does not work the same with the browser. In mobile devices, you have to create or view a playlist and play all the videos in order to auto-play. Bear in mind that this only works in the YouTube app for mobile devices like Android and iPhone and does not work with the conventional You can click the play button to play all the videos in a play list.

youtube app not autoplaying

YouTube has come a long way indeed from a simple video sharing site to a hub for people who want to showcase their talents. It can also be a platform for information to quickly travel and can also be a source for entertainment and relaxation. But there will always be a room for improvement and right now, the YouTube team still is developing new features to add while also fixing bugs of the innovating the existing features. We should all stay in tune for the next developments that may be released in the near future.

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