How to Fix YouTube HD Not Working Problem

YouTube HD Not Working problem is a common inconvenience. Don't worry! Here are complete tips to solve YouTube HD not working.

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Eye candy: Those two words perfectly describe what HD or High Definition videos are for us. We want to watch videos that are crisp, crystal clear and vivid. Watching HD videos in YouTube is really a great treat. However, that is not always the case as some of us encounter some problems in playing the HD versions of the videos that we want to watch. Here's the list of some of the common YouTube HD not working problems that we may experience that prevent us from enjoying those eye-candy videos.

Part 1. Free Download YouTube HD Videos to Fix YouTube HD Not Working Problems

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How to Download YouTube HD Videos for Free

Step 1. Download and Install the Application

Once downloaded, install the software on your PC. The installation is simple. You just need to follow the introduction to finish the installation.

youtube hd not working

Step 2. Download YouTube HD Videos

After the installation, run the program and get ready to download your video. There are two ways for you to download free videos.

Option 1: Download Button. Once you hang your mouse over the video player as you are playing a video, the Download button will appear at the top right of the video. Just click it and the video will be downloaded automatically.

youtube hd video not working

Option 2: Paste URL. Have your HD videos ready in your browser. If you have different videos, you can open them in different tabs so that you can access them easily.

youtube hd not playing

Option 3: Record Video. You can use “Record video” button to open the recording screen that you can set to the video or full-screen and begin recording.

youtube hd video not playing

Part 2. Troubleshooting on YouTube HD Video Not Working Problems

Problem 1: Can't play YouTube HD? - All green, green, and green (just a green screen in your video player all the way): Is it Earth day for YouTube?

Nope, it's not Earth day, pal. This problem is usually caused by possessing the old version of Flash player.


You should have the most recent version of Flash correctly installed for you to play most HD videos that you'll be encountering. Go to the Adobe Website and download the latest Flash player for your PC. As for Chrome users, you need to update your Chrome app for it has its own built in flash player. If, by chance, you encounter the same kind of YouTube HD not working problem, you probably have an old Chrome installed.

youtube hd video not playing

Problem 2: It plays then it stops playing. It's annoying to have your browser relaunched whenever you encounter that error message "An error has occurred".


This means that some plugins are playing tug of war behind your browser, that your extensions and plugin are conflicting with each other. Try to stick to one plugin for a specific function at a time. Also, try to avoid using a video enhancing extension for they might confuse your browser.

youtube error has occurred

Problem 3: Stuttering YouTube HD video. Have you encountered watching a video and it still stutters despite the fact that it was already buffered?


This YouTube HD not working problem is caused by using the hardware acceleration on your Flash player. To disable it, just right click over the player, select settings and then disable hardware acceleration. Restart your browser and viola! You should be now able to watch your HD video.

If the previous step didn't do the "magic", maybe you just have a few good RAM eating programs that use too much of your memory thus, making your PC lag. Just close some of the unnecessary applications and you will definitely see the difference.

If this trick doesn't have the "magic" either, check if your laptop or PC has a fever or in other words, overheating. Overheated PCs mean overheated GPUs or graphic process unit, a unit responsible for the imaging graphics and what not. So, if your PC feels like an open land Texas, it's time to cool it down.

Another thing is, ask your PC/laptop how old he/she is. It's not that I have something against the oldies but PCs/laptops that are 5 -7 years old are old enough to feel the pressure of High Definition videos. New PCs today are built to run smoother and faster. They are powerful enough to cover the demands of high quality media unlike those of the previous generation.

youtube hd video not playing

Problem 4: It is labeled HD but it's grainy and blurry.

Have you experienced playing a certain video in different quality range and you can't seem to find any difference?


This time, it isn't your fault or your PC's fault. It's the uploader's fault. They actually uploaded a poor quality video and there is nothing that you can do about it. Just search for a similar video with a better quality. (You can hit the dislike button too, for sweet little revenge).

youtube hd video not playing

Problem 5: The buffer forever problem.


This YouTube HD not working problem is usually because of your slow data connection. USB 3G modem, LTE Modem, 3G tethering is sometimes not enough. HD videos require a lot of data flow in order to play smoothly. If you are using below 1Mbps connection then I think you'll have to stick for lower quality videos in order for you to enjoy watching. 3Mbps will be good enough to buff a HD Video.

If you have fast connection and still have some trouble then, check your cables if there are loose cords and check your WIFI client list to see if there is anyone SHARING your DSL stealthily.

Also, check if you have any ongoing downloads and updates for they will potentially slow down your connection. Just pause the updates and downloads before buffering your YouTube vid.

youtube hd video not playing

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