YouTube App Not Working on Android Phone and Tablet Problems and Solutions

Don't be depressed if you find YouTube not working on Android phone and tablet. Look here and you will get handy solutions on how to fix YouTube App not working problem on Android.

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YouTube provides educational, inspirational, music and funny videos for its users and it become the most famous video sharing site to all of us. More and more people like to watch YouTube videos on their Android phone and tablet device on the go because of its convenience. However, some issues may appear during the process like YouTube not working on Android phone and tablet. Also you can find some other problems that often can be seen on many forums about YouTube on Android, such as failing to load the YouTube videos in YouTube App for Android, cannot open YouTube in fullscreen, only get YouTube app black screen on Android. Now take it easy, read the troubleshooting below to solve your problems of YouTube not working on Android.

Part 1. YouTube Not Working on Android Solution - Free Download YouTube to Android

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Method 1: Download YouTube Videos with Download Extension

Open your favorite YouTube video, click the Download button by side of the player window, the YouTube downloader will automatically start the downloading process.

youtube not working on android

Method 2: Download YouTube Videos with URL

Or, simply drag the music URL unto the program from the address bar on your browser and the music will automatically download. You also can copy the music URL of the music page and click on the “Paste URL” option in the primary window of the program to download the music immediately.

youtube app not working android

Part 2. YouTube App Not Working on Android - Common Issues and Solutions

Now that we were able to discuss and address some issues with regard to YouTube not working on your Android phone or tablet, I hope that these following problems and corresponding solutions will help troubleshoot what you are facing with YouTube App on your Android devices.

Problem 1: Low Memory on Android Phone or Tablet

Low memory means slower device and slow device means inability to run heavy applications like YouTube. So, it is important that you check your phone memory and make sure it's maintained and managed. There are a lot of ways to manage your memory and here are some ways to do it. You can also download memory management applications to help boost your device's performance and free up some memory. To solve the Android YouTube problem caused by memory, you can take the following measures:

1)- Download memory management software for Android:

Visit App store on your device and search for Memory management software applications.
Install the app and run to free up memory from your device.
You can also use your device task manager and end those applications running.

youtube not working android

2)- End or kill Android running application in 2 ways:

Long press the Home button on your device to open your task manager screen and then press "Clear All".

youtube app not working on android

Go to your phone's setting and Apps Category. Scroll down to the application you want to stop. Press "Force Stop" Button.

youtube not working on android tablet

Problem 2: Outdated System for Your Android Phone

Not all Android devices get timely system updates. Having outdated system may cause some software applications not to run properly, especially YouTube App. In order to make sure that your device is updated, check your devices' system updates to fix Android YouTube app not working.

1)- Navigate to your phone/tablet settings. Scroll down to system, then click About Phone Category

youtube home not loading android

2)- Click Update Center Category. For some android devices, you will be redirected to System Updates.

why is youtube not working on my phone

3)- Choose Software Update and click "Check now for update". Note: If you want to make sure that your device gets software updates timely, check the checkbox for "Check and download update automatically".

youtube not working on samsung tablet

Problem 3: YouTube Not Loading on Android Caused by WiFi Related Problem

Wi-Fi connection is the most common reason you're having YouTube problems on Android. You have to make sure that you have a stable connection first in order to run YouTube.

1)- To fix Android YouTube not working, go to the Setting of your device.
2)- Select WI-FI category; make sure it is turned on.
3)- Click the network you're connecting with, try to click "forget network", then connect again.
4)- Check again if it is now working, If not Go to advance Wi-Fi and uncheck the "Wi-Fi optimization". Since this device helps optimize your device battery usage, having this turned on will sometimes result to unstable data connection.

youtube app not loading

Problem 4: Android YouTube Not Working by Browser Issue with Adobe Flash Player

Adobe flash player is required to play videos. And if the browser you're using has outdated flash player, it will not play YouTube videos correctly. In order to discuss YouTube app not working on android, you have to completely uninstall the current flash player you're using and install the latest one. I recommend downloading the flash player in their site: Adobe Flash Player. Just simply click the install button and it will automatically install the latest version of adobe flash player to your device.

android youtube app not working

Problem 5: Cache and Cookies not Cleared

Cache refers to a hidden storage that contains the data that enables your web browser to work faster. Cookies are small files stored on your devices storage. Both cache and cookies can affect your devices performance if these are not regularly cleared. This will also slow your device and affect the running of your applications, like YouTube.

How to clear cache and cookies on your Android browser:

1)- Open your browser, in the right side; click the icon with 3 horizontal lines.

youtube android app not working

2)- Click settings, and scroll down to "Show advance settings"

youtube doesn't work on android

3)- Click the "Clear Browsing Data" button. And it will now start clearing cache and cookies stored on your device.

youtube app not opening on android

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