YouTube Search Not Working Problems and Solutions

Find YouTube search not working problems? Here are solution to fix YouTube search bar not working and tips for YouTube search without problems.

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Sometimes, the YouTube search may be faced with some problems which may in turn hinder its general performance. The problem may actually affect different browsers which may include Mozilla Firefox, Safari and even Google Chrome. These browsers may abruptly encounter crash on them making the YouTube tool bar not to respond as expected. YouTube search not working is a common problem when YouTube fans are using Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. There are many situations like sudden crashes, YouTube search bar not working, buttons not working properly, videos not loading for an infinite period of time, and not playing.

In some instances, the video loading may encounter different buffering activities which may affect the quality of the video. At extreme situations, the video may fail to load at all in the YouTube platform. What is the way out when you encounter such problems? One critical thing to do is to identify the source of the problem and try to come up with the best way to fix the issue. Read on to fix YouTube search not working problems.

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Part 1. YouTube Search Not Working - Common Problems and Solutions

#1. YouTube Search Not Working on Playlist

One of the problems that users are facing with YouTube search is that the playlists can suddenly stop playing videos automatically. You might have a selected playlist on YouTube. The moment you notice that the playlist has stopped playing songs that you added in queue to it, you know there is a problem. Even if you click the auto-play button, nothing will happen.

#2. YouTube Search Not Working on Load More

When you are on a playlist of YouTube using any of the browsers – Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, users find that the "load more" button sometimes does not work. Whenever you click on any video on the playlist, it either goes up all the way to the top of the list and you need to press the next button or scroll down all the way to go to the next video.

Some of the users are listening to the audio part, but there is no video or image on the player. Clearing the cache and resetting the browsers do not work. If you've not yet found such a weird problem with the website, it's not that you'll never face this problem with YouTube player. So, it is good to know the things that can be done in order to play the YouTube videos.

#3. YouTube Share and Comment Search Options Not Working

There are users who are facing problems with the share and comment options of the YouTube player. You may be able to watch your favorite videos, but will not be able to share those with others or will be able to comment on them. The video thumbnails are sometimes not there at all.

youtube search not working

Part 2. YouTube Search Function Not Working on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox

According to MacRumors, not all videos, but certain types of videos are not playing on browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Users have tried different means to deal with the problem like resetting of the PRAM, cleaning caches, and cookies from the browser and uninstalling and installing the YouTube application from the device. However, nothing seems to work. There is, however, a temporary fix that you can try to get rid of the YouTube search not working problem. However, as this is a temporary fix, you need to do it often to be able to avoid the problem. Here's how you should fix YouTube search:

  1. Go to Develop. Click on User Agent.
  2. Check Google Chrome from all the options and then choose Mac.

By doing this, you will be able to avoid having trouble with YouTube videos playing on Safari. However, this fix is temporary and will only fix issues occurring in a Safari browser.

YouTube is definitely having problems with the browser agent of Safari 8. Google must have added Safari 8 among the browsers, which will not be able to play YouTube properly. People who have iOS 8 and 10 are facing the problem. However, people who have updated to 10.1 are not facing anything as such. Firefox 5 also cannot play YouTube videos. Even updating YouTube on Safari and the Adobe flash player might not work. You can try setting the device player to solve YouTube not searching problems. For doing that you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the tools section or choose the Firefox option.
  2. Navigate to the Add-ons. These add-ons will help to download interesting and popular videos from the Internet.
  3. Check whether the hardware acceleration of your phone will work properly.
  4. If you are noticing green skin instead of a video, you should be sure that there is issue with the hardware acceleration.
  5. Right click on the YouTube video that you are watching and choose settings.
  6. Uncheck the Enable hardware acceleration check box.

Now, play the videos. The YouTube search problems have already been solved in your Safari browser.

Part 3. YouTube Search Bar Not Working on iPad, iPhone, Android

Are you using the earlier versions of iPad? If you are using the YouTube app on iPad, you may face problems of the app crashing frequently or not working at all. It is the same issue with Android and iPhone. You might think that Google and Apple might have stopped supporting the YouTube application.

If you are facing YouTube search not working problem, you must remember that it is not a network issue that you are facing. The YouTube application is not working properly on iPad 1 OS 5.1.1. Given below is a step-by-step solution to deal with an issue like this:

  • Before you do anything to the iPad 1, keep a backup of the contents.
  • Download the latest OS from Apple. Save it in the iTunes folder. Many people save the downloaded file in the computer. However, keeping it in iTunes is a safer option.
  • Plug in your device where you need to reinstall the YouTube application and open iTunes in the device.
  • When both your device and the computer are paired right, click on the device and then choose "restore". Once you restore the device, it will show the latest OS that you just downloaded to your computer.
  • Once the reinstall is completed, you will be asked to restore or configure the new install. Restore the backups that you saved.

youtube search doesn't work

Now you have a native YouTube application. Your favorites will also be restored.

These steps should help you to restore the functioning of the application in your iPad. Google is necessarily shutting down the older apps for giving space to the upgraded new applications that it is working on. That is probably the reason why in most Android devices the old applications are not working anymore and are in need for upgrading. There are more than 1 billion YouTube users in the world. Most of them are upgrading their devices to get a feel of the new upgraded versions of the YouTube application.

Part 4. YouTube Playlist Search Problems and Solutions

YouTube search not working properly? This is a case scenario that can face you when you want to access YouTube search playlist. Here are some of the problems that could be contributing to such kind of situation:

#1: YouTube playlist search not working due to Firewalls from third party

You will discover that some firewalls may inhibit you from accessing a particular webpage (including YouTube playlist page) if they are enabled. One such firewall is the McAfee that creates “firewalls” in your browser.

Solution:It is always critical to ensure that you have disabled any firewalls emanating from the third party. Once you have disabled, you can perform a rerun on your browser. This will highly facilitate you to access the YouTube search playlist.

#2: Poor connection to the internet

Apparently, if you are not connected to a strong and fast internet connection, this may affect the way you can conduct your YouTube search playlists. This is because the video content and the music files available in YouTube require efficient internet due to their large capacity in terms of size.

Solution: Ensure that you have a stable and reliable internet connectivity as this is bound to enhance the performance of the entire search that you actually undertake.

#3: The cache and cookies in your browser

In most cases, the browser cache which provides temporary storage for the downloadable files may be the source of the problem. This is especially if the entire storage space is already occupied. This in return may hinder you from undertaking an efficient YouTube search playlist.

Solution: The above problem can be perfectly solved by clearing caches and cookies. This will in turn make the YouTube to stream efficiently as required.

#4: YouTube playlist search doesn't work because of app crash

This is a common situation that happens if you are accessing YouTube on your iPad, iPhone or even Android devices. The frequent crushing might result to the YouTube app not responding well as expected.

Solution: You will discover that Google is trying to get rid of the outdated apps. Thus to boost the efficiency of your application, it would be crucial to constantly upgrade the YouTube app in your device. This will indeed boost the performance displayed on the screen as you search playlist YouTube.

#5: YouTube playlist search problem caused by JavaScript

In some instances, it may be hard for you to run your YouTube playlist search if the JavaScript is not enabled. Apparently, you will come to understand that JavaScript is a component that must be incorporated within your browser for you to seamlessly access the YouTube playlist. It is actually an essential feature that boosts operation of YouTube.

Solution: Ensure that the JavaScript is enabled so that it can perfectly support the YouTube content.

More Tips on YouTube Search:

So, you must have upgraded the YouTube application on your device by following instructions properly. Now that it’s done, you should know how to use the YouTube application. There are certain ways to make your search on YouTube easy and convenient. Given below are a few tips to help you search correctly on YouTube:

#1. Search for movies:

Not just videos and trailers, you can also watch movies on the website. There are free movies and paid ones on the site. You can use the search box to search for the available movies on the YouTube. Type your query and separate each element of the search box with commas.

youtube search broken

#2. Search for HD and UHD videos on YouTube:

There are HD videos on YouTube and there are low resolution ones too. If you need to search for HD videos in particular, mention that in the search box in the website. You need to mention HD videos in the search result.

youtube search bar not working

#3. YouTube search videos by date:

Are you looking for a video that has recently gone viral? It could be helpful to search for a video by date. This will bring to you all the recent clips that match with your search criteria. You can also choose by "this week", "this month", or "today". So, if you want to watch the trailers of movies releasing this week, you can search with a phrase like "movie trailer, this week". This should bring you the trailers of the movies releasing in the current week.

youtube app search not working

#4. Search for partners:

People search for professional content on YouTube. You too can do that using "YouTube Partners" to search for professional and important content on the website. For searching contents from channels like TMZ and The Associated Press, you can use "YouTube Partners".

youtube search problem

#5. YouTube channel search:

If you are looking for a specific channel of videos inside YouTube, you can do channel search. For example, if you want to search for the videos by Ted, you need to write the name of the channel and mention the word "channel" after a comma.

youtube search bug

#6. Combination search on YouTube:

You can see that you can do an advanced search with so many options on YouTube. You can narrow your search further by adding different combinations of search words. If you are looking for professional football videos from the official partners, you can combine the two advance search tricks. This would bring you the exact search results that you are waiting for.

youtube channel search broken

In addition to these types of advanced searches on YouTube, there are different searches that you can do using YouTube. It is a huge content sharing site from where you can get a lot of information in video format about many different things. There are actually many modifiers to search for the right videos on YouTube. If you know these modifiers you can make it a point to search fast and effectively on the website.

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