Tips You Should Know about Spotify History

In this article we will provide some tips you shoud know about spotify history which let you enjoy the music which you played before.

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It is a different feeling to listen the tracks when you scroll to the history. And it is fun to listen those favourites tracks. Suppose you were listening to a track and you like it very much but don’t remember the name of the track, or won’t be able to remember it for long. What to do, how can you keep record of those tracks?

Now the solution to this is the history function. It is quite a useful concept for any service. Just like you can keep record of your browsing history on your browser, you can trace your music records as well.

But, how can you access the history on Spotify, there is a simple way to do that. Just follow the steps and you can easy follow up the history and add the tracks to your playlist.

Part 1. Where is the History Option?

The history feature is directly available for the desktop users and can be accessed easily. While it’s a bad news for Android and iOS users, because its not available directly. Thus, to access your playback history, you are required to go to the account section. Then you can find the history option. Though the history was directly available on the handsets few months ago. But with the recent updates, that has been removed and is being considered a flaw for the update. Now to see the history on your desktops below:

Step 1. Hover your mouse pointer to the right side of your screen, you would find queue menu. Click on the icon. You can see the history option in the list.

Tips you should know about Spotify history-find queue menu

Step 2. Click on the option and the history will load. Now you can listen to the songs and you can also add them to your playlist.

Tips you should know about Spotify history-the history load and listen to songs


You can search and browse through the history only for the active session. All the tracks played in that only can be seen in the records. Once you exit the Spotify application, the cache data on the record refreshes and so there is no history for the previous sessions available for your access. If the phone users wish to access their music records, they can do it by accessing their account on the PC. This would make use of queue and history menu available for use and you may proceed with the above mentioned procedure.

Part 2. How to Play Tracks from Spotify History?

Simply access the Spotify history section and select the track you wish to play.

The track will start playing. If the track is your favourite, or you wish to save or add it to your playlist, select the "add to playlist" icon and add the track to your selective playlist.

You can also select multiple tracks and form a new playlist for these favourites. This new playlist can be saved and you can enjoy all those tracks that you would have missed if the history function would have been absent.

Please note that the play history can be accessed for the active session only. You cannot trace the earlier track records.

Part 3. How Can You Clean the History?

At times it would have happened that you play a track, but don’t like it, so you change the music. But Spotify history records all the played music, thus even though you changed the track because you don’t like it. It will still be present in the history. Now when you will scroll the history to go through the played tracks, this will also be available. Would you like to remove the track from the history??

There is no available feature or option available in Spotify to remove the tracks from the history, but the only known way to clear the history to end the active session and restart the application. This would clear all the previous records, but you may also loss the record of the songs that have liked of that history.

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Alternative for stream spotify

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Alternative for stream spotify

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Alternative for stream spotify

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Alternative for stream spotify

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