How to Use Spotify Search and How to Search Playlists

Here are some of the tips and tricks for how to use Spotify Playlist Search and how to Search Music on Spotify.

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One of the core features of the Spotify is the search option available. With the search option available the users are blessed with the easier options of refining searches and listen to any music within seconds. Search options based on the genre, year and many others are available to make it easier and more refined.

Part 1. How to Search Music on Spotify

In order to find music on Spotify, the real need is the searching of the music file on it. With the Search results split into track, album, or artist based categories, you can easily make the search of songs based on your likings. The following steps explain the entire process of the searching of music on Spotify.

Start typing something in the search box.

use Spotify search and how to search playlist-typing music in the search box

You will get a Top Hit result, followed by top matches for the search term. From that drop-down list, select the option "Show all results" in order to see a complete list of search results along with the results split into Playlists, Artists, and Albums. In case you move mouse over the artist's name in the Artist column, the concerned name turns into a clickable link.

use Spotify search and how to search playlist-show all results

How to Search Music on Spotify-play tracks

Clicking this link takes you to the artist’s profile page. There you can see all the information on the overview page. From this view, you can click on any album's name and can go to its individual page. Thus, you can start playing the entire album from its main Spotify page by double-clicking the first song, and then the Spotify plays the tracks in order.

use Spotify search and how to search playlist-show all results

Part 2. Tips for Spotify Playlist Search

With the Spotify playlist search, you can quite easily refine your searches in a much better way. With the Search option available, Spotify can quite easily refine the music files based on the query terms and can quite easily present the files your desire. Here are some of the tips and tricks for how to use Spotify Playlist Search.

Take the case, where you entered the term "Madonna" but you don’t want to search for madonna, because you are not looking for the artist Madonna who is a world famous icon in music world, but instead looking for songs where titles include the word "madonna". Then, in that case, you can search for "title:madonna", which will give you the desired search query.

Similarly, you can search for "album:madonna" and "artist:madonna" in order to find only matching albums and artists, respectively.

In order to further refine your searches based on more aspects, you can find the files likewise. You can search for a year, a range of years or a genre: "year:1969", "year:1998-2003" or "genre:soul".

Even you can logically use combinations to search for techno from the early 90s or Grateful Dead songs from the late 60s: "genre:techno year:1990-1995" or "artist: grateful dead' year:1965-1970’.

Genre: Displays music in the genre matching keyword. See the list of all genres, for example, genre:blues, genre:"rock and roll".

Label: Displays music released by the label matching keyword.

isrc: Displays tracks matching ID number according to the International Standard Recording Code.

upc: Displays albums matching ID number according to the Universal Product Code.

Tag: New lists the most recently added albums. "Tag“ won’t return results for any other keywords.

You can even search in the following way:

Kyuss AND Green– lists results with keywords "Kyus" and "Green".

Zeppelin OR Floyd-;lists results with keywords "Zeppelin" or "Floyd".

Metallica NOT Anger – lists all Metallica tracks except with the word "Anger".

The search option available with the Spotify is too powerful in such a way that it allows the people to filter anything, based on their queries. Any results can be filtered in any way and with the help of the Search option of Spotify, the results can be much effectively and quickly be produced based on the desire and requirements.

Just like with a Google search, you can use search modifiers in order to use Spotify effectively and to help you find exactly what you are looking for in Spotify. Just go to the search bar and simply type any search query and that will bring up all the result related to the search query. You can quite easily see artists, albums, playlists, profiles, and almost never ending list of songs and tracks.

To make you understand the search options, here are some of the snapshots in line for the complete understanding. Take a look at them.

use Spotify search and how to search playlist

use Spotify search and how to search playlist

use Spotify search and how to search playlist

Spotify Search is one of the most advanced search option present in any Music Streaming applications. The one of the most powerful streaming service allows the search options in all the possible ways depending on the users' demands and the song can be filtered based on the genre, year, artists and many more. Thus, with the help of search option, users all over the world can avail one of the best services in the form of Spotify.

Part 3. Download Spotify Music Free with iMusic Hot

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Steps to Download Spotify Music and Transfer to iOS/Android Phone

Step 1. Launch iMusic

First download this Spotify offline software and install it on your computer, then run the iMusic program to open the primary window.

how to go offline on spotify

Step 2. Copy the Music Track’s URL

Navigate to the “Download” option within the “Get Music” window. in this very window, some popular sites as well as the URL paste box would be displayed. Select spotify and search the song you would like to download from this site. Copy its URL code and go back to the program.

Step 3. Step 3. Dowload the Spotify Music Track

Paste the URL you copied from Spotify within the URL paste box, select the desired target format and hit “Download”.

how to use spotify offline

Step 3. Transfer Downloaded Spotify Songs to iPhone or Android

When you got the Spotify music tracks downloaded, turn to the DEVICE tab on the top. Then choose the third one to transfer Spotify offline music to your mobile devices by selecting and transfering. Quite easy, right?

available offline spotify

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