Record Spotify: Top 11 Spotify Recorder for Mac and Windows 2019

Here are the best 11 Spotify recorder for Mac and Windows allowing you to record music from Spotify for free, as well as a tutorial guide on how to record music audio from Spotify.

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Why do you need Spotify recorder ? Have you ever thought about this problem ?

Spotify is the most popular music service that provides us with millions of songs. You can stream any music you like on Spotify with your computer, phones or tablets. But how can you download and save Spotify music for free to enjoy the music anywhere anytime? Luckily, there are many Spotify recorder applications available in the internet, which let you download your favorite Spotify music so that you can enjoy the music on the go without network connection.

However, it is really hard for you to choose from so many Spotify recorder options. You might be scratching your head and can not decide which one fits your needs well. So here we help you to pick up the top 11 best Spotify recorder. You can take any one to record music from Spotify.

Part 1. The Best Spotify Recorder to Record Music from Spotify for Mac/Windows

iMusic (available for Mac and Windows PC)

iMusic is the highly recommend to record music from almost any music site and radio station. If you can play the music on your computer, then you can record the music track from Spotify or other music sites with iMusic. What's better is that this Spotify recorder will get you the information of the recorded songs automatically, including genres, albums, covers and artists. And it is able to download music from over 3,000 music sites, making it even easier for you to save music. And what's more, it enables you to transfer music between iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phone, computer and iTunes Library. Why not download this Spotify recorder to have a try?

iMusic -Best Spotify Recorder to Record Music from Spotify for Mac/Windows

  • Download Music: browse and download music tracks from 3000+ sites including Spotify, Vimeo, YouTube, Pandora,, Dailymotion, VEVO and Facebook.
  • Record Music: record online radio or any playing audio in your Mac/Windows PC with a well-balanced and well-managed music recorder.
  • Transfer Music: transfer music across multiple devices, or sync music in the form of individual files and the entire playlists between phones and iTunes library.
  • Backup, Repair and Rebuild Library: fix any duplicate files, missing album covers, mislabelled songs and broken or dead tracks in iTunes Library.
  • Play Music: follow hot music tracks or playlist in iMusic discovery channel, or enrich your own playlist by adding from local disk or online sharing sites.
  • Manage Music: Fix ID3 automatically , rebuild iTunes library with one click.

How to Record Music from Spotify using iMusic

In some cases, the songS cannot be downloaded normally, iMusic provides RECORD feature. Whenever you play a song and you feel like to keep it, just click the RECORD button to get it. When record from Spotify, the ID3 tags, like artist name, song title, year and genre, will be added to the song automatically. You could fix ID3 tags or clear up your iTunes Library Easily by using iMusic.

Step 1. After installing and launching iMusic on your PC/Mac, please click "GET MUSIC". There are 3 options for you: Discover music with the built-in music library, Download music by copy-n-paste the song URL, and Record music. For recording Spotify music, here you need to click "Record".

Record Music from Spotify- click get music

Step 2. Click on the red record button. Play the audio you wish to record on Spotify. Note that the recording doesn't begin unless you start playing the audio track.

Record Music from Spotify- click record button

Step 3. Go to library, right click the track and select identify track info. Your audio track has been saved.

Record Music from Spotify- click track and select track info

With these simple steps, you can record Spotify music as you want. By the way, please don't use it for any commercial purpose.

Why Choose iMusic Spotify Recorder

download any music

Support All Audio Websites

Record unlimited free music from Spotify, Grooveshark, BBC Radio, BBC Radio Audio, Napster, iTunes Radio, etc. with 100% original quality.

Get high quality music
Split tracks and filter Ads

Continuously record playing music and split tracks to separate music files automatically. Automatically filter out ads between tracks.

Identify music information
Identify and Get Music Info

Automatically get music information like Title, Artist, Album and Genre thanks to the industry-leading ID3 tag identification technology.

Multiple export ways
Transfer Music to iTunes

Directly add the recorded music to your iTunes library or playlist with the "Add to iTunes" button. Play recorded music with built-in player.

Part 1. Other 10 Spotify Recorder to Record Music from Spotify for Mac/Windows

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Wondershare AllMyMusic

Wondershare AllMyMusic is an essential Spotify recorder Mac for recording music from Spotify as well as other online music streaming services. With an interface similar to iTunes, this easy to use tool integrates seamlessly with your OS and allows you to burn your playlists to CD and save tracks to your hard drive in just a few clicks – and what’s more, using this software ensures no audio quality loss whatsoever as it works on a 1:1 quality ratio, meaning that the songs you record will have the same quality you hear from Spotify with no skipping, crackling or quietness.

  • Preserves Spotify’s original audio quality.
  • Easy to use – just press record.
  • Drag and drop CD burning tool.

how to record from spotify-Wondershare AllMyMusic

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Ondesoft is a feature-packed Spotify recorder Mac which integrates with your system to allow you to record music from Spotify in just one click. There are built in editing tools which will enable you to perfectly cut off adverts and other unwanted sections of audio too, ensuring a perfect record every time. However, there are downsides to Ondesoft – there is no automatic tag recognition as many of its competitors feature and it does not split audio into separate files.

  • Easily record audio from any Mac application.
  • Save recordings as a variety of file types.
  • Edit audio with built in tools.

how to record from spotify-Ondesoft

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Audio Hijack Pro

Audio Hijack Pro is a must have tool for those wanting to create their own podcasts, making it easy to record music from Spotify. With this Spotify music recorder, you can send files to iTunes, rename tracks, preview your recordings and burn them to disc. And using this Spotify recorder Mac, you can turn any application into an alarm clock, use over 50 plugins to add audio effects and you can easily keep track of your hard drive’s remaining available disc space.

  • Tags all recordings with information.
  • Can create podcasts.
  • Records radio.

how to record from spotify-Audio Hijack Pro

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Soundflower is a free audio recorder application that allows applications to access your sound card to record audio. After you set up Soundflower on your computer, it can route the audio from any application to your computer with original quality. This Spotify allows different applications to access your sound card at the same time. And it supports 2 and 16 channel audio. However, at first the sound might have interference. And the configuration might be difficult.

  • Free spotify recorder.
  • Keep the music file as original quality.
  • Allow multiple device to access the sound when recrod from Spotify.

how to record from spotify-Soundflower

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Audacity is famous for being a great beginner’s tool for budding singers, producers and DJs with the ability to record audio from a microphone and to edit audio with a comprehensive range of tools. However it can also be used to record music from Spotify if you set it up correctly. It doesn’t take long and extremely simple to record music from spotify, all you have to do is change the audio input to being from the monitor and then it’s straightforward enough to record direct from Spotify with no loss of quality.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Easily save and rename tracks and choose where to save them to.
  • Also doubles as a powerful music editor.

how to record from spotify-Audacity

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Replay Music

Replay Music is an easy to use program to record music from Spotify and other streaming services. Unlike other tools, Replay Music also makes it easy to record music from videos meaning it is fully compatible with YouTube, VEVO and Vimeo. When used with Spotify, Replay Music detects the silence between tracks so you can save tracks individually instead of as a mix. Automatic tagging information detects the song titles too, so your library can be easily organised.

  • Ability to record sound from any web app.
  • Can detect silence between tracks , recording a spotify ad.
  • Automatically adds information about tracks to downloads.

how to record from spotify- Replay Music

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Aimersoft Music Recorder

Aimersoft Music Recorder records music from Spotify with a single click, making it a fool proof way to record music straight from Spotify. Tracks are automatically split using the most accurate splitting algorithms according to criteria you set manually, and with the help of its auto-filter tracks are recorded without adverts, perfect for Spotify. The software also supports a myriad of other sources such as Pandora, Last.FM, YouTube and VEVO. One of the most exciting things about Aimersoft’s Music Recorder is the powerful iPhone ringtone creator, which allows you to create ringtones from Spotify easily, saving them as M4R iPhone files of up to 40 seconds each.

  • Unlimited recording of music from a variety of sources.
  • Built in iPhone ringtone maker.
  • Extremely accurate track splitting algorithms.

how to record from spotify-Aimersoft Music Recorder

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Codeplex Spotify Recorder

Codeplex Spotify Recorder is a lightweight and simple Windows application that records audio directly from your computer’s soundcard. Recording is started with a press of a button and can be stopped at any time, though it does not eliminate adverts or automatically split recordings into tracks in different files. As it records directly from the sound card, it can be a little tricky to set up especially in Windows 7 and 8, though the creator has included an easy to follow guide on the website. This software is not as feature packed as some of its rivals, but its simplicity is refreshing, as is its price.

  • Simple interface.
  • Records directly from soundcard.
  • Adds track information.

how to record from spotify-Aimersoft Music Recorder

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Dojotech Spotify Recorder

Dojotech takes the work out of using other Spotify recorders as it automatically determines when Spotify is running and saves the songs as MP3s. It does not automatically tag files with song, artist and album information as other software does but it does feature a tag editor so that you can add in this information yourself. It also features a conversion tool so that you can save songs in the right format when finish recording Spotify.

  • Automatically determines when Spotify is running.
  • Converts WAV files to MP3.
  • Inbuilt MP3 tag editor.

how to record from spotify-Aimersoft Music Recorder

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Max Recorder

Max Recorder is a powerful Spotify recorder for Windows which records audio from your sound card, ensuring no loss in quality of songs recorded from Spotify. The intelligent recorder automatically splits songs into separate tracks and records straight to MP3 meaning you can start enjoying your music as soon as possible on your MP3 player, or files are easily burned to CD. In addition to recording from Spotify, Max Recorder also features the ability to record from Pandora and YouTube.

  • Unlimited file saves.
  • High sound quality.
  • Automatically splits tracks.

how to record from spotify-Max Recorder

iMusic - Simplest Spotify Recorder to Record Spotify Music with Original Quality

  • Record Music from Spotify and other most popular streaming music sites.
  • 1-click to backup iPad music to iTunes Library/Mac.
  • Transfer music from Mac/PC/iTunes to iPhoneXR/XS/8/8plus/Android phone easily.
  • Download music from over 3000 music sites, including download YouTube to MP3.
  • Record music from any radio stations with music tag, covers, album name attached.
  • Built-in library collected thousands of songs for free download.

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