How to Remove DRM from M4P with M4P to MP3 Converter

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If you have purchased some M4P files from iTunes, you may want to convert M4P to MP3 so as to play them on any non-Apple MP3 players like HTC, Samsung, Nokia, PSP, BlackBerry, etc. Here you will find the solution.

Here Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is recommended to help you convert M4P to MP3 with ease. It will automatically remove the DRM protection from iTunes M4P songs during the conversion process and output DRM-free MP3 files that you can play anywhere you like. The latest version even supports Windows 8. Undoubtedly, it's your best choice. Now just download the M4P to MP3 DRM converter and follow the easy steps to finish your conversion.

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

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How to convert DRM M4P music to MP3

Load DRM M4P files
Install and run the program, and then click the Add button to import your DRM iTunes M4P music. In addition to M4P, you can also load other audio formats like MP3, WMA, AAX, M4B, MKA, etc. for conversion.

Convert M4P to MP3 - Load DRM M4P Files

Select output format
Next, you should choose an output audio format. To change M4P files to MP3, here you can just click Audio files to and choose MP3 from the format list. You can also customize the output settings for M4P files like the bit rate, encoder, etc. as you like.
Convert DRM M4P audio files to MP3
When all the settings are OK, you can click the Start button to begin converting your M4P music to MP3. The conversion may take quite a long time if your M4P files last too long. Just be patient and wait for the conversion to be done. After it finishes, click Find Target to get them and that's all.

Tips about M4P files

M4P is an audio file format that is used and created specifically for the iTunes. If you want to use this file format outside the iTunes software, it is important that you learn about the different tips and tricks below for the easy and straightforward handling of this file format.

1. To make M4P playable on other devices, it is best to convert it into an MP3 file first. Note that the MP3 is regarded as the universal audio format.

2. M4P files are DRM-protected files. If you want them transferred into another system, player, or device, it is important for the DRM information to be removed first. There are third-party software that can do for you. The Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is a good example.

3. M4P is not recognized by a Windows computer. If you intend to use it on a Windows machine and other Windows-based mobile devices, what you should do is to convert the file first.

4. If you don't want to convert the M4P file but still want to make it playable on a Windows machine, installing a third-party media player software will most likely solve the problem. Some audio file converters also have built-in players.

5. The M4P audio file format can be processed and played by almost all versions of QuickTime Media Player. So playing them on a Mac computer shouldn't be much of a problem.

6. Don't confuse M4P with MP4, as these are two entirely different file formats. The M4P is an audio file format while the MP4 is a video file format. Furthermore, MP4 is a standard format while M4P is considered as a special audio format.

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