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How to Convert Downloaded BBC iPlayer Programs to MP4/AVI

Many BBC iPlayer programmes stream in DRM-ed WMV format. Due to the DRM protection, you can only keep the downloaded programmes for 30 days and once watched, you need to finish watching it up to 7 days. Furthermore, you can't play the videos on unsupported devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Because of this, you may need to convert BBC iPlayer WMV to MP4/AVI for playing on your portable devices without time limitation.

To convert protected BBC iPlayer to DRM-free MP4/AVI,a DRM converter is needed. Here we strongly recommend Aimersoft DRM converter, an all-in-one DRM remover and video converter. With it, you can fast strip DRM protection from downloaded BBC iPlayer WMV files and convert them to MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, MKV, ASF, etc. as you like. Besides BBC iPlayer programmes, it can also crack DRM from protected video and audio files bought from iTunes, Amazon, Zune Marketplace, Windows Media Center, etc. Now download this program and follow the guide below to complete converting BBC iPlayer to AVI/MP4.

Download BBC iPlayer to MP4/AVI Converter:

Download Windows Version

How to convert BBC iPlayer WMV to AVI/MP4

After downloading, install the DRM converter and run it. You can accomplish converting protected BBC iPlayer WMV to the format you prefer in just three simple steps.

1Add BBC iPlayer video files

Click "Add..." or drag & drop to import the BBC iPlayer videos you have downloaded to the program (please make sure your files play well in Windows Media Player).. Loaded video files can be previewed in the right viewing window as the below picture shows.

convert bbc iplayer to mp4

2Select output video format

Now choose the video format you prefer: go to "Video files to" > "Common Video" and select MP4 or AVI as the output format. As you can see, almost all popular video formats are supported. If you'd like to play the files on a certain device, you can just select the device as output video format to get videos with optimized settings. For example, if you want to play BBC iPlayer programmes on your iPad, simply choose "Apple" > "iPad".

convert bbc iplayer to avi

3Start converting BBC iPlayer WMV files

Finally, tap "Start" on the lower right to start removing DRM from BBC iPlayer downloaded programs and convert them to the format you've selected. When the conversion is done, you can click "Find Target" to quickly get the converted video files.

Below is a video tutorial on how to convert BBC iPlayer WMV to AVI/MP4:

Download Windows Version

Tips about BBC iPlayer programs

BBC iPlayer is an online media player created and maintained by BBC, designed to play the company's radio and TV shows over a browser. BBC is a popular broadcasting station in the UK and they have a full line of programs to boot. And thanks to the BBC iPlayer, they can now be enjoyed online. If you want to make the full use of BBC iPlayer, here are some of the things that you should know:

1. The BBC iPlayer has a full collection of TV and Radio shows that can be accessed anytime. However, you have to be in the UK to view the TV shows. The Radio station, on the other hand, is free for all.

2. This is an all-in-one software that can download videos from similar sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. The software works well with the BBC iPlayer as well.

3. It is possible to view the downloaded video files from BBC by simply converting them in a format that is compatible with your system or device. Simply choose the correct conversion parameters if you intend to download, save, and play the video file obtained from the BBC online channel on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows device.

4. BBC iPlayer is made compatible with different systems such as computers, home media hubs, portable media players, tablets, game consoles, mobile phones, and TV's. However, all of these devices can only view the shows, not download them. So if you want to have a copy of the show on your computer, you need the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate to help you with it.

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