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How to Convert iTunes Movies to AVI Effortlessly

"I have some .m4v and .mov videos in my iTunes library. Now I want to edit them in Windows Movie Maker so I need to convert iTunes videos to AVI format. What should I do?" Ever heard this before? You may be just one of those who want to convert iTunes MP4, M4V and MOV videos to AVI.

To convert iTunes movies to AVI, first, you need to make it clear that iTunes MOV movies can be easily converted with a video converter while the conversion of M4V to MOV may be a little tricky. Why? That's because DRM (Digital Rights Management) is widely used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, as well as copyright holders aiming at controlling the digital content after they have sold them. Therefore,the videos rented or purchased from iTunes also come with DRM with the same intention of controlling them. In order to convert the videos to other formats, you need to remove the DRM protection first.

Best Solution - Aimersoft iTunes to AVI Converter

itunes avi converter

It seems a little difficult to convert your iTunes M4V/MP4/MOV video files to AVI with only one software. Fortunately, there comes Aimersoft DRM removal software, a complete solution to remove iTunes DRM and convert iTunes videos to AVI with ease. Besides, it can also remove DRM from Windows (Windows 8 compatible) Media center, Zune Marketplace, BBC iPlayer, Amazon, etc. and convert between all popular video and audio formats. (Not only convert protected videos, but also unprotected videos.) Click the below button to download the program and enjoy, edit or share your iTunes movies anywhere you like.

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is the best tool that will enable you to remove DRM. It can legally remove it from all the iTunes files that you have downloaded using these three simple steps. Follow the guide below to finish converting iTunes files to AVI formats.

itunes converter avi

Step 1. Import iTunes videos you want to convert

After you download and install Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, open it and the Add button and choose the iTunes movies you want to convert and load them to the program. Batch conversion is supported to save time, so you can add multiple files at once.

itunes avi conversion

Step 2. Select AVI as output format

Choose AVI as the output format via Video files to and set a destination folder to save the converted video formats. You can also click Settings to change the video parameters such as bit rate, frame rate, etc.

itunes avi convert

Step 3. Start converting iTunes movies to AVI

When all the settings are OK, you can click the Start button to start the conversion. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter will convert DRM-free MOV/MP4 files and DRM-protected M4V files to unprotected AVI files. When the conversion finishes, you can click Find Target to find the converted AVI video files.

By the way, if you want to add some AVI files to iTunes, please refer to Play AVI in iTunes.

Tips: To convert iTunes files to AVI you will always need an excellent video converter. While converting iTunes files to AVI it is the speed and the quality that matters most. Then again, while converting this file format to that format that you wish it is advisable to select the correct format that you wish to since there is plenty of formats that you can choose from. The inability to choose the correct file format may result to failure in the conversation process therefore, it is important to provide the right format.

Video Tutorial on How to Convert iTunes Movies to AVI

Top 3 Uses of AVI

AVI is a popular file format created by Microsoft. This video file format is still being used today. Its top three uses are listed below.

  • File format of choice for home-made movies

AVI is one of the simplest video file formats available, yet it boasts of a fairly high quality video resolution. It is one of the default file formats of the Windows Movie Player. As such, home movie makers can always opt to save their home videos in it. AVI is not a fully compressed format. As a matter of fact, it eats up a rather big file size, which is why it is easier to edit files in this format without losing the quality.

  • For storing full-length movies

For a while back there, AVI is the format of choice for storing full-length movies on a computer system, more particularly the ones ripped from a DVD. Again, the quality of AVI files is the main reason for this. Many viewers would rather use this format, especially if they're using a Windows computer, since it is a native file format and won't require any special codec download.

  • For videos that have to be professionally edited

AVI files may not be the best format for use when it comes to professional videos, but it will work just fine. Many pros are using AVI it for their video broadcast requirements. This file works fairly well with the most popular video editing software today, including the ones created by Apple and other similarly popular software like the Sony Vegas.

While these are the top 3 uses of AVI, it is also the format that is mostly converted into another. Users tend to convert AVI to MP4 so it can be used across all media players regardless of what platform or operating system it runs on.

Matt Hill
Hello I''ve been trying to contact Aimersoft by email for days about getting a refund or exchange, but no reply?
It's so frustrating sometimes, having to only play iTunes videos on an approved Apple product such as iPod or iPad. Sometimes, I just want flexibility with my entertainment options as to how I play my iTunes video. And, this software gives me the ability to do just that.
What amazes me is how this is legal to remove the DRM protection from a media file. It's really awesome. I was so worried. But, after finding this software, I feel very much assured that what I'm doing is right and now I'm free to enjoy my files however/where ever I want.
Being able to strip the DRM protection off my media has been a real life saver.  Before, I was limited on how I could enjoy my files.  But now, I feel confident to make a purchase off any site.  I'm not facing limitations anyway.  
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