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How to Remove WMA DRM and Convert WMA to MP3 Easily

Have some protected WMA audio files and want to remove DRM from WMA and convert WMA to MP3 for playing on any MP3 players? Here is an option to realize that.

Aimersoft DRM Converter - a powerful DRM video/audio converter, can help you both remove DRM protection from WMA music files and convert WMA to MP3 for any portable MP3 players like HTC, Samsung, PSP, Zune, iPod, iPhone, etc. Now just download this DRM WMA audio to MP3 converter and convert WMA files to MP3 for any standard MP3 players with ease.

Download DRM WMA Converter:

Download Windows Version

How to convert protected WMA music to MP3 format

After downloading, install and launch this protected WMA to MP3 converter. You can use it to convert DRM-ed WMA to MP3 and remove DRM with only three clicks.

1 Load DRM WMA music

Click Add to load the DRM WMA files to the program. Besides WMA, you can also import other files for conversion. Support video/audio formats include WMA, AAC, M4P, M4B, MP3, AAX, MKA, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, etc.

convert DRM WMA

2 Set the output format

To convert protected WMA to MP3, click Audio files to select MP3 as the export format. You can then personalize the output parameters like bit rate, frame rate, etc. if necessary. As you see, you can also add video files and convert video to almost all regular formats and even to fit your mobile devices.

drm wma to mp3 converter

3 Convert DRM WMA to MP3

Once all the settings are fine, click the Start button to start converting the added WMA audio files to MP3. It will take some time to finish the conversion. Just wait with a little patience. After the conversion, click Find Target to get all the converted MP3 files.

Below is the video tutorial on how to convert protected WMA to MP3:

Download Windows Version

WMA VS MP3: Which to Choose

With the many music formats available today - and almost all of them providing the same quality - it becomes a little difficult to decide which file format is better than another. Between WMA and MP3, the decision seems to be such a big one to make, especially if you are very particular with the way your favorite song plays.

Technically speaking, WMA and MP3 are on equal footing as far as audio quality is concerned. The main issue really, is on what device or which application you'll be using the files with. Many of the portable music players support MP3 files, as they are regarded as the standard format. You can't say the same for WMA audio files because it is a format that is produced by Microsoft. Therefore, it needs a Windows-based device to run. Furthermore, it also supports Digital Rights Management or DRM. DRM is a feature that could prevent users from copying WMA files from one device to another.

If your device is capable of playing both WMA and MP3 files, the next concern to consider is space. For portable music players that are sized 1GB and below, file size is definitely a big issue. WMA tends to take up a smaller space than MP3 files given the same bitrate. So if you want to squeeze in the maximum number of audio files in your portable player, you might as well choose WMA.

However, when the full potential of the WMA is used, it tends to be much larger file than MP3. WMA can support more than 2 audio channels when playing sounds. It also provides for lossless recording and CD-quality sounds when the bitrate is improved. However, MP3 proves to have better fidelity when streaming. WMA files, on the other hand, require a bigger bandwidth to perform in the same manner.

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It keeps telling me that WMVCore.DLL is missing and to reinstall to correct. When I do that (and reboot) - it still gives me the same error.
It worked fine the first week. Now it stops at 99% on a song and will not respond. Can not even close it out. Have to open control panel on computer to close it out and retry. Still does the same thing
Tried the trial: didn''t work at all.
Why is it SO slow? I have a licensed copy, not trial. It will take almost 24 hours to convert one audiobook (original is 19 wma files averaging about 50MB each). I have a recent core i5 @2.6 GHz and a very fast Samsung SSD. Both CPU and disk are nearly idle. If neither are being stressed, seems like the code is not taking advantages of available resources. It appears the software must be "playing" the audio at standard speed and converting as it goes. This seems silly - if your can rip an audio CD at 20X (or more), a software converting from one format to another should be able to read at a much faster rate, especially since the source is a digital file on a drive (SSD in my case).
I just purchased this after testing it with the trial. I have a few hundred WMA protected songs I want to get to my Amazon cloud player. I just wish I had found this earlier in the year when it was $10 less.
WMA is one of the popular media format, in order to play wma we need to remove DRM WMA and i think the best drm removal software is Aimersoft DRM removal which is awesome and simple.
Sohail Khan
Wma is an oldest format which has awesome clarity videos and most of the videos are WMA format... and to convert and play it as MP3 we need to remove the WMA DRM... So i think Aimersoft has a special tool for removing DRM and it is the best drm removal software available all over the web.
I don't know why anyone would complain. The DRM Media Converter makes it super easy to remove digital rights management protection from iTunes songs. And, for me, that was well worth the price. So what there is only a one minute trial. You should be able to test the capability of the software easily in that time. Nothing to complain about here. I'd buy the software again as it's that good.
Frank, the real benefit of this software is how it helps you remove digital rights management protection. Realistically, you could leave the software to do it's work over night as you sleep and you would not even be directly involved in the process and then the next morning the process would be done. I don't really see how that would be so bad.
I too am experiencing the first second of a file being clipped. Does anybody have a solution?
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