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How to Remove BBC iPlayer MP4 DRM Protection

You can get numerous free TV shows from BBC iPlayer. However, downloaded BBC iPlayer with common ways are protected WMV and MP4 videos. And it’s troublesome to remove BBC iPlayer MP4 DRM because this kind of file is special and can only play with BBC iPlayer. Fortunately, there are still many ways to strip DRM protection from BBC iPlayer MP4 files. And in this article, we will show you how to download videos from BBC iPlayer and get rid of BBC iPlayer MP4 DRM.

To accomplish your task, you need a video downloader that can successfully download BBC iPlayer MP4 videos. Here Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, which is built with a fabulous online video downloading tool, is strongly recommended to help your strip DRM protection from MP4 BBC iPlayer programmes and convert them to any popular video/audio format, including MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MKV, ASF, VOB, XviD, WebM, etc. In addition, it can convert DRM-protected video/audio files from iTunes, Amazon Unbox, Zune MarketPlace, etc. Now download this program and follow the steps below to bypass DRM protection from your BBC iPlayer MP4 videos by downloading the videos.

Download BBC iPlayer MP4 DRM Removal:

Download Windows Version

How to download BBC iPlayer MP4 and remove MP4 DRM

1 Launch BBC iPlayer MP4 video downloader

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is easy-to-use and safe to install in your computer. Just Download it from the links above and install it to download BBC videos without any DRM protection. When the software is activate, switch to the Downloaded tab.

download BBC iPlayer MP4

2 Download BBC iPlayer MP4

After that, play your BBC iPlayer MP4 and click the Download button appear beside the video playing window. Another way to begin downloading is copy and pasted the BBC video URL. When the downloading process is done, the downloaded files will be added to the source pane automatically.

remove drm from bbc iplayer mp4

3Convert BBC iPlayer MP4 to iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.(Optional)

The downloaded videos are in WMV format and you are free to convert them to any other popular video format and even burn them to DVD disc. To do this, click "Profile" and select an output format, then click "Convert" to convert your BBC iPlayer MP4 video. Video presets for smartphones, tablets, portable devices, etc. like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Archos, PSP, Xbox 360, etc. are provided for you to get videos with optimized settings for a certain device.

remove bbc iplayer mp4 drm

See, in this way, you have successfully remove DRM protection from MP4 BBC iPlayer video files and converted them to your preferred video format.

Below is a video tutorial on how to remove BBC iPlayer MP4 DRM protection:

Download Windows Version

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I''ve installed media converter and also video converter ultimate and neither work. The website claims both will convert iplayer, but media converter just says finished and creates no output file, ultimate converter waits for a while then gives an error. Where am I going wrong?
I''ve noticed that the built-in online video downloader doesn''t work anymore, since about a week. Did something change? Will Video Converter Ultimate need an update? I have version 6.1.2.
Andrew Lockhart
In the last week the BBC Iplayer downloading has stopped working. Previously it worked great, but now it always gets stuck on the Analysing section. I thought perhaps it was the newer version (6.1.2) that was broken, but I downgraded 6.1.1 and its still broken. Has the BBC changed something?
jeremy kile
I am getting message "itunes not installed" and ?i have Never has itunes installed before. the q is why do we need to install itunes to convert an embedded bbc mp4 file?
Hi, popy. It is probably because your computer is in heavy task or iTunes is not installed correctly. You can uninstall this program and iTunes. And then re-install them respectively. When you convert the files, you'd better close all the unnecessary processes.
Is itunes required to use this program? I don't use and couldn't care less about itunes and your program is giving an "itunes not installed" warning. Do i really need it to convert/download videos from a source that's NOT itunes?
Actually, you can directly download BBC videos with the built-in online video downlaoder. Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate do support downloading videos from BBC.
What, so the recommended method for this is "use a screencapture utility"? Like, Camstudio or similar? IE there's no way to actually convert the files directly without having the BBC player application decode and display them first? That's going to require a pretty hefty PC if you want to have decent results, especially in HD.
Hi, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is upgraded to a new version recently. You can check it out.
Are there any updates planned to your software to allow this process to work since the September 2013 update to iplayer which means no more wmv files??
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