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How to Remove FairPlay DRM Protection

FairPlay DRM is a digital rights management (DRM) technology created by Apple Inc. that is built-into media files bought from iTunes Store. The FairPlay restrictions had been removed from music files on iTunes Store since March 2009. However, this DRM protection for iTunes movies, TV shows, music videos and audiobooks are still not abandoned. M4V video files purchased from iTunes Store are usually protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM copyright protection and can only play on specified Apple products when they are authorized. However, there are many occasions when you want to play your iTunes video, TV shows or music bought before March 2009 on a non-Apple media player. In this case, you need to remove FairPlay DRM from iTunes purchases first.

Here Aimersoft DRM Remove is strongly recommended as the best FairPlay DRM removal to help you legally crack FairPlay DRM protection from iTunes video, movie, TV shows, audiobooks and music. In addition, it can convert your iTunes files to unprotected MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MP3, OGG, WMA, etc. Now just download this program and follow the instructions to strip FairPlay DRM from iTunes purchases and free your iTunes library!

Download FairPlay DRM Removal:

Download Windows Version

How to remove Apple's FairPlay DRM

1Add iTunes media files

Install and run this DRM converter and click "Add..." to import the target iTunes video/audio files. Note that besides removing iTunes DRM protection, it can also crack DRM protection from downloaded or purchased video/audio files from Zune, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, etc.

fairplay removal

Tips: Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer.

2Choose output format

Now select an output video/audio format. As you can see, almost all popular output formats are supported. For iTunes video files, you can click "Video files to" and choose a video format. For iTunes music, you can click "Audio files to" and specify an audio format.

remove fairplay

3Start removing FairPlay and converting iTunes files

Finally, click "Start" to begin removing DRM protection and converting iTunes FairPlay protected M4V/M4P/M4B to your specified file format. When the conversion completes, you can locate the converted DRM-free files by clicking "Find Target".

Below is the video tutorial on how to remove FairPlay DRM:

Download Windows Version

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