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How to Convert AA to MP3 with Ease

Audible, the most famous digital audiobook download market, offers tons of audiobooks for download and purchase. Maybe you've purchased some AA audiobooks from Audile and saved them to your computer's hard drive via Audible Manager. Well, these downloaded AA files are protected by DRM and can only be transferred to DRM-enabled devices like iPod, Zen, Sansa, etc. If you want to play Audible AA audiobooks on any device including Windows (Including Windows 8) Phone 7, PSP, Droid, etc., you'll need to convert AA to MP3 (DRM-free) so that they can play well on any MP3 player.

To convert the DRM AA audiobooks to MP3, you need a DRM tool to help you remove the DRM protection from AA files and convert them to MP3. Aimersoft DRM converter here is highly recommended to help you convert protected AA to MP3 bypassing the DRM copy protection with ease. In addition to DRM-protected AA, it can also convert DRM video and audio files from iTunes, Zune, Amazon, etc. Simply get it and check out the steps to convert Audible AA files to DRM-free MP3 for playing on MP3 players!

Download AA to MP3 Converter:

Download Windows Version

How to convert Audible AA audiobook to MP3

1Add files

Run Aimersoft DRM Media Converter and click "Add..." to load AA files from your computer's hard drive. Batch conversion is supported so you can add multiple files to convert.

convert aa to mp3

2Select MP3 as the output format

Now choose MP3 as the export audio format from the format list. As you can see, besides MP3, Aimersoft DRM Media Converter can also convert AA to WMA, WAV, OGG, AIFF, FLAC, etc. Meanwhile, you can click Browser and select an output folder to store the converted MP3 audio files.

aa to mp3 converter

3Start to convert and transfer Napster to iTunes

Finally, click "Start" to begin removing AA DRM protection and convert AA files to MP3. When the conversion complete, click "Find Target" to get the DRM-free MP3 files. After that, you can play them on any MP3 players with no limit!

Below is a video tutorial on how to convert AA to MP3:

Download Windows Version

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It takes 8 or 9 hours to convert my 7.5 hour AA file to MP3. But iTunes won''t save the last position when playing MP3 and there are no chapter points in MP3 to make navigation easier. That means you have to write down where you are all the time, or just never play another song until you''re done with the book. Another option is to slice the MP3 up into one file per chapter. iTunes remembers where you were in an AA file.
This is a great program for many things, but unfortunately it's a realtime converter. For audiobooks you're talking about many many MANY hours for a single book.
The free version is only for 1 min ... so 
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