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How to Transfer iTunes Music to Facebook Using Facebook Integration

When it comes to modern times, every day we stay more connected. We can share every moment that we want with our family, our friends, anyone we love, colleagues, or just the whole wide world! Sites like Facebook have accomplished making this an easier task. When it all started, you were able to share your thoughts first, then it was your pictures, then your videos and the list has grown ever since to almost anything: movies, restaurants, sports, books… anything you want. It is all available for you to show up to anyone you wish. iTunes has become one of the most complete sources to get media: basically music and video among others. So would not be great that you could go ahead and take all the collection of things that you love on your library on iTunes and share it with your Facebook friends? Find interests in common, recommend great new movies, or the hottest songs of the moment, this is what you can do when you move iTunes to Facebook. If you want to transfer iTunes music to mobile devices like iPhone/iPod/iPad to enjoy offline, then you could try Aimersoft another product iMusic.

However, there are a lot of things that prevent you from sharing iTunes music on Facebook: First, unlike what is done with pictures and videos, Facebook does not supply room to upload music. Second, it is a known fact that a majority of iTunes music is secured by digital rights management with M4P or M4A extension. Here we will offer you 3 effective solutions. Have a look!


Best Solution to Share iTunes Music on Facebook

One of the downsides of using iTunes is that many of the music files you will have maybe DRM-protected, which means you will have limitations when it comes to sharing them. You can't directly eliminate iTunes DRM. A digital rights management elimination device is needed if you want your iTunes songs to play in any location and it is suggested that MP3 formats are used. Personally, I like to utilize Aimersoft DRM Media Converter. You can always try it for no charge at all. This device is so user friendly. All you have to do is put in your iTunes music file, choose MP3, and put it into the iTunes digital rights management removal. The following is a sure-fire way to move iTunes to Facebook so that you can share your music. I recommend Dropbox as your file hosting service, a digital rights management removal device, and a few tips to pass around the files that have been uploaded on Facebook.

Free Download iTunes to Facebook Converter:

Below is the easy steps for sharing your iTunes music on Facebook. You can follow the guide step by step to accomplish the task.

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Step 1. Add iTunes Files to the Program

Once you have installed the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, go ahead and open it. You will see at the top-left corner of the application an Add button. Click on it and browse your computer for your folder. From there, select all the files that you want to convert, and then hit Open they will all show up in the video library.

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Step 2. Eliminate the iTunes DRM from M4P/M4A Files

After loading your iTunes files, you need to click on the Audio Files to or Video Files to button and select an output format for your files from the dropdown list. After this, you will only need to press the Start button to the bottom-right corner on the screen and you will be good to go.

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Step 3. Making Your Files Available to Anyone

Because Facebook lacks the ability to upload music, now you need to have an online storage service so that your friends can access your media from anywhere. For this, you will need an account on Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or any other service. Simply upload your file to the service from the location you selected as output in Aimersoft DRM Media Converter. After that, copy the link for your uploaded file or use the share feature on it.

For example, if you already have a Dropbox login, it is simple to store your iTunes music on the Internet. The only thing you have to do is jump to the Dropbox folder, specify Music and Dropbox will immediately put your iTunes music files on the Internet. There are a lot of cloud storage services available for you to choose from. If you think that you can find a better one for the purpose of sharing iTunes music on Facebook, then tell us about down below in the comments.

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Step 4. Sharing Your File to Facebook

In order to share your iTunes on Facebook, you have to obtain the URL from Dropbox. You have to access your account and locate the file that you wish to put on Facebook. You can click Choose File to use the Dropbox integration feature of Facebook. Alternatively, you can also push on the arrow leading down on the right and then push on the download link to choose the link address. Now change to Facebook and put a fresh post with the iTunes URL that you just copied.

Based upon your personal privacy settings, if people can see your post, then they probably have the ability to listen to your uploaded music with ease.


Alternative Solution 1 - Use iTunes Facebook Integration Feature

Since its 9th version, iTunes has been capable of sharing its content with social networks. And even though Ping is no longer available, you can still share albums or tracks to Facebook, for example. Doing this is very easy, all you need to do is following these four next steps:

  • Open the iTunes Store

As soon as you open iTunes you will see the iTunes Store button at the top-right corner of the screen. Go ahead and click on it, this will allow you to browse the entire iTunes catalog for music, movies, books, apps anything you want.

  • Search Your Title

Once you are on the iTunes Store, you can browse through the best or newest content. Remember, at the top-right corner of the screen on iTunes you have a search box that you can use to jump right to that song, artist, or album you are looking for.

  • Share Your Media

When you find the content you want to share you will notice a small arrow pointing down next to it or below, simply click on it and several options will appear. All you need is to click on Share on Facebook, this will open your web browser from which you will be able to see where and how you are going to share it.


Alternative Solution 2 - Use Other Third Party Services

Still, if you wanted to upload iTunes files on Facebook for more sharing, you can also use third party services such as and IFTTT:

Step 1> Allow iTunes to share the information on your Apple ID with your account using the Scrobbler.

Step 2> Use the recipe to link your activity into Facebook, you will have, again, to link your account with your Facebook account.

You will only be able to show your recently loved tracks on on Facebook automatically.


Limitations of Using Third-Party Services

Other services, for instance, Spotify or Deezer do still have Facebook integration, but even if Facebook integration was available again for iTunes, these are the two biggest problems of doing so:

1> Lack of control: you can go ahead and share new playlists, particular songs or songs that you liked recently. However, if you went ahead and linked all your activity to Facebook, your friends would be able to see every single action that you do with your library, which can be very annoying at times for them, or that you simply do not want to show.

2> Your friends can see, but not really listen: when you link your library, whatever the service is, means your friends can see what you do with your music, video, TV shows or others. However, this does not mean you can really share that with them. For example, let’s say that you have shared a song you loved on iTunes or a movie you watched on Netflix with a friend. If your friend does not have an iTunes account, will not be able to listen to the song you have shared, and the same goes for the Netflix example, and this is a big reality on nearly all media services available today.


Video Tutorial on How to Move iTunes to Facebook


About iTunes Ping

As time goes by, companies try harder every day to give you the best solutions so you can make the most out of their tools. Apple and Facebook are two of these companies and they both have tried their best to make their services the best for users, even when working together. Back in the good old days, you were able to link your iTunes to your Facebook account. This way, your Facebook profile held a "My music" section, where you could find all of the information about your favorite tracks or other media. Also, other users were able to see when you loved a song, purchased a new album or most activity that you did on iTunes.

Well, they say nothing lasts forever… On their race to always offer better experiences, Apple created some years ago a service called Ping, which was integrated into their iTunes. Long story short: Ping was Apple's social network for music and videos, and this did not look so very well from the point of view Facebook had. "Why sharing things you love on Facebook when you can do it right on Ping as they use iTunes?" Apple thought. However, the fact that only Apple users were able to use Ping instead of, well, everyone on the world using Facebook was a barrier the service never seemed to overcome. And even within Apple users, it never really caught on (remember there were other social networks on the music map already, such as or even MySpace). This finally led to Apple taking down Ping to never come back.

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