Several Ways to Watch iTunes Movies on TV

Since it's convenient to get videos from iTunes, maybe you have lots of movies in your iTunes library, either downloaded or purchased ones. Have you ever thought of watching iTunes movies on TV with family and friends for better video watching experience? This article is going to show you 3 main methos to view iTunes videos and movies on TV with ease.

Part 1. Watch iTunes Movies on TV by Burning iTunes Movies to DVD

watch itunes movies on tv

Burning videos to DVD is the most popular way to watch videos on TV. You should first know that most iTunes videos are in M4V format and are usually protected by Apple's DRM. Generally, M4V DRM files can't be burned to DVD unless the DRM is removed. So to play iTunes movies on TV, you have to first crack the digital copy protection from iTunes movies and then burn then DRM-free video clips to DVD. To accomplish your task, you can just turn to Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, an all-in-one DRM removal and DVD maker. And if you're using a Mac, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate for Mac will be a great help (Note that the Mac version can't help you strip DRM protection from iTunes).

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how to watch itunes movies on TV

Step 1. Import iTunes Videos

Install and run the program, go to "Burn" tab and then click "Add Files" to add iTunes videos you want to burn to DVD for playing on TV.

Step 2. Ready to Burn iTunes Video to DVD

Then select the DVD menu template and click "Burn" to begin burning DVD from iTunes video files. Note that for protected iTunes M4V files, you need to first select a video format as the output format to remove DRM from the videos and then burn them to DVD.

Video tutorial on how to watch iTunes movies on TV with the help of Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate:

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Part 2. Watch iTunes Movies on TV with the Help of Computer

view itunes movies on tv

Another way to watch iTunes movies on TV is to connect the computer and TV while you are playing the videos using iTunes on your computer. You can achieve that by an HDMI cable. In this way, what display on your computer will also display on your TV screen. And then you can use the TV remote control to switch the TV's input to the proper port, set the graphics adapter and choose TV screen as the primary monitor. In this way, when you are playing iTunes movies, the videos will show on the large screen TV.

Part 3. Watch iTunes movies on TV with Apple TV

how to watch itunes movies on Apple tv

Another way to view iTunes videos on TV is through Apple TV. Apple TV can connect your iTunes library to TV. You just need to sync the movies from your iTunes library to Apple TV box. If you already own an Apple TV, then this solution is the best one. If you don't have one, you can turn to the other two ways and choose the one you prefer.

By the way, if you want to play your iTunes movies on other portable devices like Creative Zen, Archos, Blackberry, Android phone, etc. you can use Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert them to any portable device supported video formats!

Anyone find non-apple devices that can run an app into your iTunes account and play movies to a TV? I have an Apple network (vault, ipads, iphones, MacBook airs, etc). I also have one apple tv box connected to each of four TVs... I am scrapping my cable for Tivo Roamio/mini or something similar with OTA antenna inputs (Roku, etc) and want to scrap the AppleTV boxes, but have easy access to my huge movie collection on iTunes with ease at each TV.
Hmmm, wondered the same as mentioned below. Looks like iTunes will be loosing market share! If they don''t change the system, and retro past customers, there are many BETTER services !!
Still ridiculous that Apple goes to such lengths to prevent legitimate customers from enjoying the content that they have paid for. The only real solution to Apple's horrible setup is to rent and buy elsewhere.
#2 doesn't address the error message that one gets when simply plugging computer or iPad into the TV: "you are not authorised to watch this movie on this display," the DRM issue, needing an HCDP tv or Apple TV, etc. Does #2 work for anyone, when iTunes-purchased movies are the movies in question?
How come I can watch and control YouTube videos between my iPad and my smart tv/blue-ray player by using a activation code but Apple can not do the same for the iTunes Store? It would be great to pick a song/movie from my iPad and watch it on my tv!! Either that or send me a blue ray disk/cd when I purchase a movie/album from iTunes so that I am able watch/listen to it everywhere! You can purchase a disk at from a store that has a DVD/blue-ray/digital copy, so why not sell those directly from iTunes before Amazon realizes it and takes all of iTunes customers.
Yeah, um, that is why they sell the cables
If you want to connect your Desktop or Laptop to your Plasma TV or LCD TV or HDTV?You have to purchased from any local store that sells consumer electronics. 
if you have iphone4s you just connect the apple ipad hdmi cable in to your iphone4s to hdtv and it works well no cydia apps no jail break it just works!!
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