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A Hassle-Free Way to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4

Have some videos either purchased from iTunes store or other places in MOV and M4V and want to convert them to MP4 so that you can transfer them to your Xbox, HTC, PSP, Blackberry, etc.? If you are one of those who want to convert iTunes movies to DRM-free MP4 videos so that you can play the video files on any device and player that supports MP4 format, then here we go!

First, you need know that videos bought from iTunes store are usually DRM protected M4V files that cannot play on non-Apple products. To convert iTunes protected M4V videos to unprotected MP4, you have to remove the DRM protection while converting. (iTunes MOV files are usually DRM-free and can be easily converted to MP4.) So, what you need is an all-in-one DRM remover and video converter. By the use of this program, you will be able to convert the iTunes protected movies to MP4. You are able to do the conversion in just some few clicks and the best thing is that the quality is good and you are able to enjoy your movies without limitations.

Best Solution - Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

For people that like purchasing movies from iTunes and want to play them on Android tablets, it is impossible to do this directly because of the DRM protection. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is very powerful and provides window users with the best as well as full video and audio DRM protection removal solution. It can help you convert both unprotected and protected iTunes videos to MP4 with lossless video quality. Besides iTunes M4V/MOV, it can also convert video and audio between WMV, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV, WMA,MP3, etc. and remove DRM from Amazon, BBC iPlayer, Zune, Nokia, etc. Get the program now and convert iTunes movies to MP4, then you can enjoy your own video freely anywhere!

Download iTunes Movie to MP4 Converter:

Easy Steps for Converting iTunes Movies to MP4 Format

1. Add iTunes movies

Download and install Aimersoft DRM media converter. Then launch the program and click the Add button in order to load the movie or you can opt to drag and drop the movie into the interface.

2. Choose output format

After the movie is imported, you then need to click the Video Files to button and choose MP4 as the output format and select the output folder where you are going to save your converted files.

3. Start the conversion

When all the settings are OK,then go ahead and click on the Start button to start the conversion. After the conversion is complete, click on the Find Target button to locate the converted files.

Video Tutorial on How to Convert iTunes Files to MP4

MP4 vs M4V - The Format Comparison

Overview This is a digital multimedia format and it is commonly used to store audio as well as video. MP4 can also store other form of data such as still images and subtitle. The format is DRM protected, this means that it is restricted from copying. This is a video container format and Apple developed it. Movies that are in this format are optionally protected by DRM copy protection. M4V format is used by Apple to encode movie files. In order to play a protected movie the computer needs to be authorized by iTunes.
  • Permits streaming over the internet
  • Supports large software
  • Provides a faster loading
  • Supports high quality audio
  • Makes video sharing easy
  • Supported by portable devices
  • Supports MPEG-4 video codec
  • MP4 movies can be played with a variety of players
  • Can only play back archived content
  • Before viewing content, you have to wait for pre-buffering
  • It is a lossy format; this means that it sacrifices the quality for file size
  • For MP4 format to be played on a computer, iTunes has to authorize

More Reasons for Converting Purchased iTunes Movies to MP4

To Burn to DVD

To burn your files to DVD, the movie should be in the MP4 or AVI format and other popular formats such as MTS, MOV, WMV, M2TS as well as 3GP can be used.

To Remove Restrictions

Conversion of the movies frees them from the protection and when this is done, you are able to enjoy your movie anywhere and at any time.

To Play DRM Locked Audios

For you to able to play DRM locked videos as well as audio files they have to be converted to MP4 format or any other popular format.

Other iTunes to MP4 Converters

1) M4VGear

This converter is for Mac and it is the fastest iTunes converter in the world. M4VGear adopts an innovative decrypting technique, this gives this converter the capability of removing DRM protection from iTunes movies. In addition, iTunes M4V movies are converted to MP4 and the best thing is that the original movie quality remains. What’s more, the subtitles as well as audio tracks are retained.

2) Any Video Converter

Any video converter is a converter that can convert almost all the video formats such as MOV, DivX, MPEG, DVD, XviD, WMV, VOB, rm, rmvb, and AVI to MP4 format. Any video converter also has the ability to support user defined video file formats and, batch, which makes it possible to convert multiple movies at the same time.

3) MacX Video Converter

This converter has some key features that help users to covert movies to MP4 format. MacX Video Converter has a breeze on its interface; the converter has the ability to convert a diverse range of formats. This converter enables users to enjoy their movies more without having to worry about the restrictions. MacX Video Converter has the batch file processing models and this gives users the satisfaction of fast processing speed as well as high output quality. The converter has adjustable video setting parameter as well as other advanced function that helps users to be able to customize a video and remove subtitles.

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Just curious, if I convert the iTunes movie to MP4, does it negate the ability to watch that movie over iCloud?
I also have the audio sync problem with the DRM converter. Have tried using several permutations of settings and options to no avail. The problem did not show up with the 1-min test. The resulting videos are not watchable. Using Vista 64-bit quad-core.
I see this has received little attention. Same thing here, video/audio out of synch after the first M4V to MP4 conversion. Now it's back to the laptop(w/ ITunes) export to the TV with its lousy graphics card video experience where no amount of fiddling with the contrast & brightness seems to help. Wish I'd known this was such a fool's game before spending the $50. On the up side, Chromecast(ing) the MP4 to the TV dramatically improved the picture quality but with the sound out of synch, still not a very enjoyable experience.
Hi, JP. Sorry for causing inconvenience to you. Please contact our support team. They will solve your problem as soon as possible.
Hi, When I converted ITunes protected movies to MP4 or others formats (with DRM and Ultimate Video Converter) there's a lag beetween the audio and video. How can we fix that ? I bought thoses softwares for that reason.
Hi, I purchased couple of days ago Aimersoft DRM converter and Ultimate video Converter. When I converted ITunes movies (with DRM and Ultimate Video Converter) there's a lag beetween the audio and video. How can we fix that ?
Bemach 5
Your 'How to convert' instructions omits to advise that the free trial version will only convert 1min of a file. If I can't see the app work properly converting a whole itunes movie to MP4 why would I take the risk in paying for the full version???
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, Kanisha.Please contact our support team. We'll try our best to solve your problem.
Unfortunately I haven't. I've tried multiple times, but the same issue with not having sound continues to occur.
Hi Kanisha, Have you figured out this issue? I am thinking of getting this converter but if there are issues it's not worth me time! Thanks.
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