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Great Tips for Converting iTunes Files to MP3 Format

Perhaps you have a large number of either downloaded or purchased songs in your iTunes library. They may be in M4P, AAC, AIFF, WAV, etc. formats. Now you want to convert the songs to MP3 format so that you can play them on any non-Apple MP3 player. Well, it's not that big of a deal since there are many ways to convert iTunes to MP3.

The songs you purchased from iTunes in the old days are encoded using a Protected AAC format, which prevents those songs from being converted. And what if you wish to extract only the audio from videos so as to listen to the videos on MP3 players on the go, use the audio as the background of another video, etc. No matter what the reason is, you are lucky to be here. Now we will tell you an easy way to convert iTunes videos to MP3. First, you need to make it clear that iTunes videos bought from iTunes store are usually protected by the DRM protection. An ordinary audio extractor cannot deal with the DRM protected videos. So in order to successfully extract MP3 from iTunes movies if you have some DRM-ed videos, you need a DRM converter which can help you remove DRM from iTunes movie and convert video to MP3.

Why You Need to Convert iTunes Files to MP3?

To Remove DRM Protection

iTunes files are normally protected by the DRM protection, for you to be able to get rid of the protection you have to convert the files to MP3.

To Transfer to MP3 Supported Audio Devices

If you intend to listen to your audio on devices that support the MP3 format you have to convert your audio to this format. Most devices, as well as media players, support this format.

To Release More Space

When you convert your iTunes files to the MP3 format, the files will be compressed. This means that the format allows you to save the memory space and still have files that are of good quality.


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Best Solution - Aimersoft iTunes to MP3 Converter

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter which fully supports Windows (Windows 8) is just the one designed for you to remove iTunes DRM and convert iTunes songs to MP3 and even extract MP3 from iTunes videos with ease. In addition, it can convert iTunes protected M4V videos. Supported video and audio formats include M4V, MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV, M4P, MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF, etc. Besides iTunes, it can also remove DRM from Amazon, Zune, Nokia, Napster, etc. In just a few clicks, you can copy iTunes music to MP3 preserving the original audio quality. Now just download it and check out the steps below.


Step 1. Add Files

Install and open Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, then click Add... to import iTunes songs you want to convert. You can also add files by simple drag and drop. This DRM converter supported batch conversion so you can add multiple files at one time to save time.

Step 2. Select MP3 as Output Format

For audio file, click Audio Files to; for video file, click Video Files to and then choose MP3 from Common Audio as the output format. You can also click Settings to adjust audio parameters like sample rate, bit rate, etc.

Step 3. Start the Conversion

When all settings are done, click Start to begin converting iTunes music and videos to MP3. When the conversion finishes, you can click Find Target to locate the converted DRM-free songs.

Video Tutorial on How to Use DRM Media Converter

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Alternative Solution - iTunes (Only Audio)

Step One

Launch iTunes and open the iTunes Preferences window. For windows users, please click Edit > Preferences; for Mac users, please click iTunes > Preferences.

Step Two

After activating the iTunes Preferences window, you then need to click on the General tab and when this is done, click on the Import Settings button.

Step Three

From the Import Settings window, you need to click the Import Using button to choose the encoding format that you want to use and after this click the OK option to confirm the change.

Step Four

Select the music you want to convert in the playlist and right-click on it. Then you can choose to Create MP3 Version from the menu.

After the conversion is complete, you can navigate to the Preferences folder on your computer to find the MP3 copy of your song.


MP3 Format Overview

MP3 is such a common media format and we can see it everywhere. It is so popular because it is free and supported by most media players and portable devices. The main aim of the MP3 format is to help you create a file that is very compressed, in the event that it is played back the file is perceived as almost the original. When an audio piece played, many sounds are masked by other sounds. For instance, when you are having a large orchestra live recording, at the start and between movements, you can hear the noise from the audience such as people whispering and people shifting from their seats. However, when the movement builds up to full strength, you will find out that most of these sounds are masked by the sounds of the orchestra completely.

MP3 is not an editable format because the data of the audio is encoded into a MPEG frame. What happens is that the decoder uses this frame in order to be able to track the length of that file. Some mp3 formats are made of standalone frames, these frames contain all the information that is needed for you to start decoding them. The best thing about this is that it allows you to be able to cut the file at any frame that you see best and do some simple editing.


Advantages of MP3 Format

Create Compressed Files

The best thing about this capability is that when you play the compressed audio, the playback is perceived as close to the original as possible. In fact, you will think that the audio is the original because it sounds just like the original and it is very difficult for people to tell the difference.

Acceptable Audio Quality

After compression of your file that is in the MP3 format, you will still be able to maintain the quality of the audio. This means that you are still going to enjoy your audio. It is for this reason that it is recommendable to save your audios in the MP3 format.

Not Editable

It is close to impossible to edit audio that is in this format directly. Most programs simply decode the file into a temporary audio file that is uncompressed and afterward as you save, encode the audio again.

Other Tools for Converting iTunes Files

1. MacX iTunes Converter

This converter features the conversion of several videos such as MP4, M4V, MOV, MP3, AIFF, AAC, and WAV. After the conversion, a person is able to transfer the video to various devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad as well as Apple TV with so much ease. In addition, this converter makes it possible for you to combine a huge selection of photos. The converter allows users to make a stylish movie effortlessly and in no time. It also supports multi-track videos like BDAV, M2TS, HDTV, KKV, MPEG-TS, and AVCHD among others.

2. Audio Book Converter

This converter is simple to use and makes it possible for you to convert iTunes to MP3 Format. This allows you to play the audiobooks on mobile devices such as BlackBerry's, PSPs, mobiles, or any mp3 player. Audio Book Converter can perform batch conversion; this means that it is able to several files at once. The converter is actually very simple to use and has the ability to convert DRM protected audiobooks to mp3 formats.

What Format Does iTunes Music Use?

iTunes offers its users the simplest way to add and organize music in their music library in their digital devices. Currently, iTunes version 11 can read, write, and convert various digital formats which include MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, MPEG-4, and Apple Lossless or .m4a. iTunes can also read all the audio files that a QuickTime player can read as well as a number of other formats, such as read and write protected AAC files from audiobooks and iTunes Store.

itunes mp3 format

iTunes offers limited support to some file formats such as FLAC and Vorbis which are enclosed in an Ogg container (iTunes does not support files that have Ogg container format) or files with Xiph QuickTime Components such as Speex codecs. iTunes cannot read these QuickTime components because both the album art and tag editing in the iTunes devices is done by the iTunes company and not by the QuickTime company. The most recent version of iTunes both for Mac and Windows has a feature that allows users to import audio CDs to the iTunes devices using the normal or default iTunes file format of AAC at a bit rate of 256 kbit/s. Users do not necessarily have to use this bit rate; this iTunes device allows users to select the transfer bit rate speed raging from 16 kbit/s to 320 kbit/s in either MP3 or AAC formats. Users can also use a variable bit rate to import audio CDs into iTunes devices using the MP3 or AAC formats.

Free Download iTunes to MP3 Converter:

suppeerrrbbbbbbbbb software. from where can i download it. ???
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, this version is fully compatible with Vista.
hello is there a vista version of this software? thanks!!
The batch convert feature is one of my favorite things about this software as I have over 1000 songs purchased from iTunes on my computer now. I don't want to repurchase the songs just to be able to play on various non Apple devices. So this helps a lot.
Being able to use the DRM media converter to convert itunes to mp3 on a Windows 8 based computer has been really great. So many converter software are only supported on XP/Vista OS computers.
Aimersoft Employee
Hello, Tabitha. We are sorry that Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is not compatible with Google Chrome OS. 
Really amazing software!  Can't wait to try it out.  So many file types supported. Just what I was looking for. 
I love the batch conversion feature of this software.  So worth trying, for anyone who hasn't downloaded yet.  The batch conversion makes it so easy to use. 
I got a cheap ipod clone for Christmas.  And, until now I couldn't figure out how to get my iTunes song onto the muslc player. Now that I have downloaded the DRM Media Converter, I can easily convert my itunes songs to mp3 and take my music with me.  I'm very happy with this software.  So easy to use.  
Will this work with Chromebook?  I'm a big fan of Chrome OS products.  I plan to switch exclusively to using Chromebook in the near future rather than Windows based systems. 
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