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How to Put iTunes Music on PowerPoint Presentations

Now, a large number of people like to add background music to PowerPoint presentation to make the slide show more vivid, while some have problems on adding iTunes bought music to PowerPoint. What's the problem? Well, that's because purchased music from iTunes are protected M4P files and non-protected M4A songs, while PowerPoint supports inserting MP3, WMA, WAC, AIFF and AU music files.

To add protected or non-protected iTunes music to PowerPoint presentation, what you need is an all-in-one DRM converter that can remove DRM from iTunes music and convert iTunes M4A/M4P to PowerPoint friendly audio formats like MP3 first. To do this, you can just get Aimersoft Remove DRM and let the software quickly help you put put purchased music or download songs from iTunes store into Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. This DRM Media Converter performs excellent DRM removal in Windows (Windows 8). Besides iTunes, it can also unlock DRM from music and video bought from Zune, Nokia, Amazon, Napster, etc. and convert all popular video/audio formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, AIFF, AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, etc. Get it now and free your iTunes music files!

Download iTunes music to PowerPoint converter:

Download Digital Media Converter

Part 1. How to convert iTunes purchased music to MP3

After downloading, install the software and then run it. The main interface is as below. As you can see, you can finish converting iTunes purchased M4P music to PowerPoint MP3 in three simple clicks. Just click"Add" to import iTunes m4p/m4a music, choose "MP3" as output format, then press the "Start" button, very easy to use!

put itunes music on powerpoint

Part 2. How to import iTunes M4P to PowerPoint

Then just follow below steps to add the converted iTunes unprotected MP3 music to PowerPoint with ease.

1. Display the slide to which you want to add music or sound effects.

2. Click insert -> sound -> sound from file. locate the folder that contains the iTunes music file, select the mp3 music you want to insert;

3. In the succeeding dialog box which says "How do you want the sound to start in the slide show", do one of the following:

Click "Automatically" if you want to play the sound automatically when you go to the slide and click "When Clicked" if you want to play the sound when you click the sound icon Presentation.

If you want the music you desired can be played all over the slides. just select "Loop Until Stopped" at the "Sound Option" above the slide, at the same time, in the "Play Sound" item, select "play across slide". If you want the music to play during multiple slides. select "Custom Animation" under the "Slide Show" tab. Under the "Multimedia Settings" option, choose "While Playing" and "Continue Slide Show." You will then be asked to choose how many slides you want linked with that music track.

Done! That's how to insert your iTunes music files to your PowerPoint presentations. Get the iTunes to PowerPoint converter and everything becomes so easy!

Below is a video tutorial on how to put iTunes music on PowerPoint presentations:

Download iTunes music to PowerPoint converter:

Download Digital Media Converter

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I've downloaded this software and it seems to be doing the job very well and easily. The only problem I have is that I can't listen to the MP3 once converted - I've tried windows media player but no sound. PC sound is working. Would love some advice on how to hear it :-) Also can't hear it once I add to the Powerpoint. Thanks in advance.
Shelby Pendleton
Converting the iTunes songs to a format usable in Powerpoint presentations in 3 simple clicks was a huge selling point for me when first downloading this software and made the choice very easy to upgrade. At first, I was afraid it would be really hard to do, but not so.
Finn Escott
It's so cool how you can now add music to Powerpoint presentations with the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter. Well for all intents, it doesn't actually add the file to the power point but removes DRM protection and lets you convert to mp3 which can then be added. But, still a really awesome software to have in your business arsenal. Great for an office worker who makes Powerpoint presentations to staffs on a regular basis.
 Well as a student i will have to put itunes music files on my PPTs (presentation) so i was looking for such a software since a long time.. recently i came through this tool Aimersoft Remove DRM tool which is just awesome..
I never thought you could put iTunes music and convert it to Powerpoint! Excellent stuff to know. 
Aimersoft Employee
It costs $35.95. But you can test to see whether it can meets you needs before you buy.
What is the price for this software?
What's the problem with this converter? works fine for me
It's such a shame that Microsoft doesn't make it easier to add other formats of music into Powerpoint.. this'll have to do
Aimersoft Employee
Thank you for your interest in our product. But I am sorry that don't provide free Mac version at present.
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