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How to Remove DRM and Convert AAC Music to MP3

AAC is a popular audio format, which is widely used for media players like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Zune, Archos and an array of other devices. Some AAC files are locked by DRM protection and can only be played on specified players. If you want to play AAC on any MP3 player, you will need to convert AAC to MP3 and at the same time remove DRM from AAC.

DRM Converter - Not only a powerful AAC to MP3 converter, but also a multifunctional DRM protected audio and video converter which can help you remove DRM and convert DRM protect video and audio files like AAC, WMA, M4P, M4B, M4V, WMV, ASF and more to MP3 music format. With it, you can listen the protected music in Windows-based computer (Windows 8 included) and other media player like iTunes 11, Zune, tablets like Surface, iPad, Google Nexus, mobile phones, etc. whenever you like.

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How to remove DRM from AAC files and convert AAC music to MP3

Firstly, install the AAC to MP3 Converter and run it. Then following the steps to know how to remove DRM for AAC file and convert DRM AAC to MP3.

1 Import DRM AAC files

To load DRM AAC files, you can click Add or just drag and drop them into the main display window of this program. This all-in-one DRM removal and converter supports converting multiple files at a time, so you can add all the music you want to convert into this program.

aac to mp3 converter

2 Select MP3 as the output format

Click Audio Files to at the bottom and specify MP3 as the output format. To enhance the quality of the music, you can adjust the audio parameters like bit rate, channel, and more by clicking Settings.

aac to mp3 converter

3 Start to convert the DRM music

After all settings are ready, click the Start button to begin the conversion. You can get the converted music from the output folder in a few minutes.

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It''s not a scam. I''ve used it to convert hundreds of my old Apple files to MP3 to use on Google Play. The free version has a time limit. If you want to be able to do more than that pay. Try learning to read.
i bought Aimersoft DRM and convert songs into m4a. it worked but when I play the song no sound come out. I realize also that no sound come from the original M4P when I play it.
Hi, I don''t seem to be able to make this work - I get a notice saying conversion is complete, but actually it just has an error message in the Progress column saying that iTunes is not installed (which is true - I''ve never used it in my life). What gives?
ya, that's a nice way to get in MP3...http://www.toppictures.org
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, in your case, first please make sure the files can be played well on iTunes, then try to change the save directories and rename the file with English and Arabic. More details can be found on this page:http://support.aimersoft.com/how-tos/cant-load-files.html. If this problem still exist, feel free to contact our support team.
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, Henley. This DRM removal will also convert AAC files to fit for different devices like PSP, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Android smart phone, Xbox and more.
Hi , i am trying to convert .aac files into Mp3 files using a trial version of Aimersoft DRM converter. The converter fails to load any of the files i wish to convert . These files last a maximum of ten minutes . Please help me out.
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, Carson. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter can also convert an MP3 file to AAC format. Just download to try for free.
But, can the converted file actually be converted into an entirely new format or back to the original with this software? Just wondering as one of my files got deleted from the original AAC format but is still in the mp3 format on my drive.
So when you purchase a file from iTunes for your Apple device (ipod or iPad) it comes in the AAC format? Just wondering as I don't currently have an ipod but was considering it. I think it would really help to have some way to convert aac music to mp3 for times when not using the ipod but maybe another device that I wanted to run the files on too.
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