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Top 4 iTunes to WAV Converters

It is true that you can actually make a copy of your iTunes files to different formats. However, this will only apply when these files are DRM-free which as you can guess, is not always the case. Still, there are several tools that you can use in order to make a copy of your iTunes files into other formats such as WAV, even when having DRM protection. Here are some of those tools that can help you convert iTunes files to WAV, from the most basic to the very best.

1. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

The most complete solution on the list available. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is capable of batch conversion of your audio files into DRM-free versions right into your computer like other solutions, but it goes a step forward. Not only it has an easy to use interface, it is also much more appealing than other solutions. Along with WAV conversion, audio can be converted to other formats, like MP3, for example, and also has the capability of DRM-protected video conversion.

2. Tune Clone M4P Converter

The typical solution you will find around to get rid of DRM is to burn a disc with your music and then rip it in your computer, however this is not very practical. This application will allow you to burn a “virtual CD” so you do not have to burn an actual disc. After that, the software will make DRM-free copies of the files in the virtual CD or disc. It is an odd solution considering you still have to burn a disc from a different program, but it is a solution.

3. Tunebite

This application will allow you to generate DRM-free copies of your music files among others right on your computer, and with no need to burn anything to other media. However, the program itself is not very good looking or the most user-friendly solution.

4. DRM Converter

Capable of converting several types of DRM-protected audio files, this software will help you getting digital copies of your music right on your computer, which you can play on nearly any supporting device. Despite being a very easy to use tool, it is still not the prettiest.

Why You Choose Aimersoft DRM Media Converter?

Fast Solution

There are other options you can use in order to get rid of the DRM protection on your files, like creating a music playlist and then burning it on a CD with your media player (if it supports burning) to finally transfer the songs again into your computer. With Aimersoft DRM Media Converter you can just take the highway and use one single software to make a DRM-free copy of your files that you will be able to play on any other devices or media as many times as you want.

Easy Solution

When it comes to music, 10, 20 or 30 songs do not make the cut anymore. You probably have hundreds of songs that you love, thousands, or even millions if you are an audiophile, and you will want to have them always available to enjoy. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter allows you to convert all of the media that you want in the easiest way. Just select all the files you want to convert at a time, hit start, and let it do all the work by itself.

All-in-one Solution

One of the most special things about Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is the fact that it has all the features that other solutions have and it ties them together in a great-looking package, perfectly integrated for you to use as you need them. See all the details on your files, the overall conversion progress, set the options for the files that you will create, control right where you need your files to be located.

Best Solution

Not every tool will handle both audio and video as fast and easy as Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, but it does not stop there. Raising the bet on the game versus its competition, it has a built-in media player that will allow you to have a preview of your files to be converted just to make sure you have selected the right one. Also, it has options in order for you to have control over duplicate files located on your computer as you continue to use it over time. These are features that no other converter has on it.

Steps for Converting iTunes Songs to WAV Using the Best Solution

Burning music playlists to CD and then ripping the CD to WAV may be a little complex and time-consuming. With Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, you can easily and quickly convert iTunes to WAV (both protected and unprotected songs).What you need to do is to load the files you want to convert and choose the output format and destination folder, then hit the Start button to start converting iTunes to WAV, easy and fast!

itunes to wav converter


Load Songs

After you have launched the iTunes to WAV converter, you then need to click the Add button to import the songs you want to convert.


Select Output Format

Next, you need to click the Audio Files to button at the bottom of the interface. From the output formats list, select WAV as the output format.


Start Conversion

Lastly, hit the Start button on the bottom right corner to activate the conversion. After a short while, you can enjoy your WAV songs.

Convert Unprotected iTunes Songs to WAV Using iTunes - Alternative Solution

For unprotected iTunes songs, you can convert the songs to WAV with iTunes in a simple way. Open your iTunes and click Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings. Under Import Using, select WAV Encoder. Then go back to iTunes music library and select the songs you want to convert to WAV, right click the track and choose Create WAV Version to make a copy of the selected song in WAV format.

Note: For DRM-protected iTunes purchases, you can't convert them to WAV directly using iTunes. If you want to convert them to WAV for free with iTunes, you can burn the protected songs to CD using iTunes, remove the DRM protection and then use iTunes to rip them back to digital audio in WAV format. You can refer to burn CD with iTunes and Rip CD with iTunes.

Why You Need to Convert iTunes Files to WAV?

When using iTunes in order to manage you music library, you can import music from a CD, import it from your previous music library, or purchase your music through the iTunes music store, but should always keep in mind that most of the music on iTunes will have DRM protection. What does it mean to have DRM protected music on your music files? Basically it will make restrictions on how many times you make a copy of the song or even if you can move it between devices (laptops, MP3 players, cellphones…). So even if you legally purchased a song from iTunes you cannot do as you want with it. As any user wishes, you should be able to enjoy the things you like on your devices, no matter if it is an iPod, iPad or any other. This is why it is important to have a way to convert your iTunes files into different formats.

WAV files are commonly known for being the first digital copy of an audio file, that means that this file has never been through any digital alteration and therefore its quality is the best it can ever be. That makes it the preferred audio format for many Users. This article will show you how to convert iTunes songs to WAV, stress free.

Learn More about WAV Format

According to Wiki, WAV (short for Wave Audio Format) is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing an audio bitstream on PCs. The reason why WAV files have such a high quality is because they are uncompressed. This means that they can contain more data and more detailed sounds than any other file. Basically, they can be used when the major requirement is a high fidelity sound. A downside that WAV files have is that their size is usually very large, but this does not necessarily have to be an issue. For example, if you are trying to make a hard copy of your favorite playlist then WAV will give you just about the highest quality possible and honestly, no one wants to save their ultimate favorite songs ever in a poor quality.

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