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How to Transfer iTunes Music and Movies to Zune/Creative Zen

Zune is an entertainment platform and portable media player made by Microsoft. But all we know that if you want to put iTunes music on a Zune player is not only time consuming, but also very tricky.

How to play iTunes M4A, M4P, M4V on Zune/Creative Zen?

It's well known that Apple's iTunes store provides music and video files in DRM-protected M4A, M4P and M4V formats. The trouble is, however, not many Digital Audio Players accept M4A or M4P, especially in DRM-protected.

For example, we all know that the music formats that Zune or Creative Zen supports are MP3, WMV, and MP4. So if you want to play iTunes music on Zune/Creative Zen or some other mobile devices, first you should remove the iTunes DRM protection, and then convert iTunes music into MP3, WMV or MP4, a format that compatible with your Zune or Creative Zen. That is to say, in order to play iTunes music on Zune or other players, a good Media Converter is required.

How to transfer iTunes music/movie to Zune/Creative Zen?

As to put iTunes music on a Zune player is not an easy job. This guide takes Aimersoft DRM Converter as an example to instruct you to transfer iTunes music to your Zune player.

Simple Introduction of Aimersoft DRM Media Converter:

How to convert iTunes music/video to Zune?

Download DRM Media Converter at first, and then install it on yout computer.

iTunes music to Creative Zen

1 Load iTunes M4A, M4P music into Media Converter

Launch DRM Media Converter on your computer. As the default settings work well with your PC, you don't need to make anymore configuration but just need to load the DRM protected iTunes M4A or M4P music into the program directly after you have launched it.

iTunes movie to Creative Zen

2 Convert iTunes music/movie to MP3, WMV and MP4 for Zune

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter offers many format conversion choices. You can just choose a proper format that compatible with your player. For example, you can convert audio files to MP3; Convert video files to WMV, AVI, MP4 and so on.

Transfer iTunes Music to Zune

3 Transfer iTunes Music to Zune

After choosing a right output format, just tap the "Start" button at lower-right on the main interface.

Now the transferring is totally finished. Then the only thing you need to do is to enjoy your iTunes music/video on your Zune player.

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