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How to Convert iTunes M4V to MP4 MPEG Files

Question 1: I got a new mp3 player that is not an iPod. And I have videos and songs I downloaded off of iTunes from when I previously had an iPod and now they won't go onto my new mp3 player. So is there anywhere that I can convert M4V to MP4 so I'm able to listen to them regardless of what mp3 player I have.

Question 2: I downloaded a season of my favorite show from iTunes, and I want to convert it from the stupid iTunes M4V format to MP4 MPEG without having to pay a bunch of money to do so. I cannot figure out how to disable the DRM! Can anyone help me?

Answer: You need an application to convert M4V video to MP4 MPEG so you can have your already paid iTunes video and songs played on your PSP, PS3, Zune, Blackberry, LG Chocolate Touch, Motorola Cliq. And DRM Media Converter is such an application that can help your achieve your task.

Step-by-step guide to know how to convert M4V to MP4

1 Free Download M4V to MP4 Converter

Download Windows Version

2 Load M4V files

Click "Add Files" to load M4V files, or drag the .m4v files directly to the program.

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3 Select MP4 or MPEG as the output format

Select "MP4 or MPEG" format and choose a proper destination folder for saving output files.

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4 Custom Settings

Click the Settings button to make more settings.

5 Start converting

After all is set, click the big blue "Start" button to convert M4V video to MP4, MPEG.

Download Windows Version

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