How to Solve YouTube Embed Code Not Working Problem

You may encounter YouTube embed not working problems sometimes. No worry! Here are solutions to help you successfully embed YouTube videos.

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If you have a website or blog, one of the best ways that you can use to reach your audience is by embedding YouTube videos on that website or blog. The process of embedding the videos is very simple. You simply need to go to YouTube, play the video that you would like to embed, click the share button, and then click on the Embed button in order to copy the YouTube embed code. After that, you can paste the code in the editable code of your blog or website. While the process of embedding the YouTube videos might seem easy, you may encounter YouTube embed code not working problems sometimes. The following is the best solution to this problem and troubleshooting on 5 common issues on YouTube Embed Not working that you are likely to experience.

Part 1. Common Issues and Solutions to YouTube Embed Code Not Working Problem

1. "The file or directory could not be found."

You are most likely to get this problem when the website or blog that you are trying to embed the YouTube video into has been developed using Dreamweaver. It occurs when you try to paste the YouTube embed code where you would like it to appear on your website. After saving the video and going to the localhost or server to test the video, that is when you will get this error.

To solve this error, you need to make sure that the URL to the YouTube video that you are trying to embed has https:// in front it. If you just put the link without including this part, you are going to get the error. You also need to make sure that no other omissions are made in the URL of the video that you are trying to embed in your website. For instance, make sure that there is no missing W in, or there is no missing forward slash in https://.

2. "Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame."

You can be able to embed your YouTube video in your website or blog very well without experiencing any issues. The video could play fine, but at some point, your browser may bring up the "Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame" error message. This problem affects just about any browser. Whether you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and so on, you may end up experiencing it when you try to access embedded YouTube videos.

To solve this problem, one of the things you should try to do is using YouTube’s old embed code. You are given that option on every YouTube video once you click on the embed button. The old embed code will not bring up this error because it does not use iFrames. You can also resolve this problem by manually building iFrame tags in the embed code accordingly.

3. "Embedding disabled by request. Watch on You Tube."

You can get this YouTube embed not working problem when you try to embed a YouTube video in a slider. If you did not request the video not to be embedded, you do not have to worry because you can solve it.

This error is usually something to do with your YouTube account. In order to solve it, you will need to go to Video Manager, and then choose the option that allows you to edit the video. After that, you will need to go to Advanced Settings and then look for Distribution Options, and then check the Allow Embedding option if it is disabled.

4. "Math is not defined"

You are likely to get this problem when you are trying to use Internet Explorer to run a website that has an embedded YouTube video. It is a problem caused by the interaction of internet explorer with JQuery. It can also be caused by differing frames.

To solve it, you can switch to another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. Another possible fix will be to make sure that multiple videos are properly included on your website. If the code for different YouTube videos clashes, you will get this error.

5. "An error occured, please try again later"

This is another type of problem that you can get when you are trying to embed your YouTube videos on your website or blog. You are most likely to get it when you are using Firefox.

To solve this issue, one of the things that can do is to switch to a different browser such as Google Chrome. You can also solve it by switching the default player in Firefox from the Flash Player to HTML5.

Part 2. One Click Download YouTube Videos to Upload YouTube Videos Anywhere

Instead of embedding YouTube videos, your optional choice is to download your YouTube videos with one click to your computer and then transfer or upload to anywhere you want. iTube HD Video Downloader can do you a great favor. It is a powerful software that functions as a video converter and downloader. It offers a no-sweat and hassle free way of downloading your favorite videos from YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Facebook and 10,000+ online video sites.

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How to Embed YouTube Videos with iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 1. Download YouTube HD Videos

After the installation of iTube HD Video Downloader, run the program and get ready to download your video. You can download in either of the following ways as you like:

Option 1: Download Button. Once you hang your mouse over the video player as you are playing a video, the Download button will appear at the top right of the video. Just click it and the video will be downloaded automatically.

embed youtube video

Option 2: Paste URL. Have your HD videos ready in your browser. If you have different videos, you can open them in different tabs so that you can access them easily.

youtube embed not working

Option 3: Record Video. You can use “Record video” button to open the recording screen that you can set to the video or full-screen and begin recording.

youtube embed code problem

Step 2. Upload downloaded YouTube video to your site

Now the YouTube embed code not working problem will never bother you again, since you could just find your YouTube video downloaded in your computer and easily upload them to any of the sharing sites you want. Enjoy it!

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