VLC 4K: How to Play 4K on VLC

When you want to play 4K videos on your VLC player, it is advisable to enable GPU acceleration on your VLC player. This article outlines how to play 4K videos with VLC.

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Does VLC support 4K ultra HD videos?

When on default, VLC cannot play 4K videos, but this can be made possible by changing the settings of a VLC player through the graphics chip and processor of the computer. At other times, even when your computer has the required features, you may find out that 4K videos playback in a choppy manner. It is because of the immense processing power demanded to play 4K videos on VLC. This issue can be fixed by enabling the GPU accelerated decoding feature in VLC, GPU accelerated decoding feature uses the processing power of the graphics card to make the load lighter on the processor of the system. In this article, you will learn how to adjust the VLC settings and also get to find out about the best 4K downloader.

Part 1. Best Alternative to VLC for 4K Download and Play

Before we take you through on how you can play 4K videos on VLC, let us have a look how you can download 4K videos to your computer. To be able to download videos you will need a good speedy downloader like iTube HD Video Downloader. With this 4K downloader, you will be able to download videos in batches making it an ideal tool to use. If you want to watch the downloaded 4K files on your iOS device or Android phone, this software will help you transfer the 4K videos. Moreover, iTube HD Video Downloader will help you convert the downloaded 4K video files to device-supported format. It supports over 150 file formats for both audio and video.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Easily Download 4K for Playback

  • Download videos through a quick process where you can copy paste the URL of the 4K videos to download or through a browser plugin of the 4K downloader.
  • Support to download HD video qualities like 1080p, 480p, 360p and other qualities from 10,000+ online video sites at 3X faster speed.
  • Integrated into a web browser making it easy to download videos because you do not have to open numerous tabs looking for videos to download.
  • Equipped with a media player with which you can easily play 4K videos and media manager that you can organize your media library.
  • Allow to choose the resolution of the video they would like to download because the video services store may different qualities of the versions uploaded.

How To Download And Play 4K Videos With iTube HD Video Downloader

With iTube 4K downloader you will be able to download 4K videos from different sharing sites quickly. The process is fast and straightforward. To make it easier we have created an easy to follow guide below.

Step 1. Launch this 4K downloader on your Mac or Windows PC

Begin by launching iTube 4K downloader software on your computer that you have installed. iTube HD Video Downloader works with both Windows and Mac thus you can download the appropriate version for your computer.

vlc 4k

Step 2. Download 4K videos in 2 ways

From there, you can now download your 4K videos. Go to “Online” option and then click on the website that you want to download 4K video from it, or any other website in your own browser. Next search for the video and once you have located it click on “Download” button appeared by side of the playing window.

4k vlc

You can also copy the URL of the 4K video from the address bar and then go to “Download” tab and paste the URL that you have copied from your browser. The program will be able to detect the link immediately.

vlc 4k support

Step 3. Play the downloaded 4K video

As the 4K file is being downloaded, you can check the progress on the “Download” menu on your screen. Once the files are downloaded, right click to hit the Play option or click the thumbnail icon in the video display bar. The inbuilt video player of this 4K downloader will pop up and you can enjoy your downloaded 4K video there.

vlc 4k video

Part 2. How to Play 4K Video on VLC

The VLC player supports 4K videos only after adjusting its settings before importing the video to the program. I know you are wondering how to play 4K in VLC but just relax and follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Launch VLC media player and click on “Tools” on the main menu.

Step 2. Scroll down and click on “Preferences” button which is the last item on the menu. Window settings will be displayed on the program.

play 4k vlc

Step 3. Next click on “Inputs & Codes” option. Now go to the top left side bar and check the “Use GPU accelerated Decoding” under “Codecs”.

play 4k video vlc

Step 4. After that click the “Save” button and then restart the VLC media player to work with the new settings and this will enable it play the 4K videos.

You can now open your 4K video on your local drive and play it with VLC player.

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