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With smartphones, you now can not only text and talk, but also can enjoy music and videos, play games and photos. For Android, iPhone and iPad users, you can get a reliable YouTube movie downloader app from Google Play Store or App Store to download and stream online movies. So if you go around the two stores in search of a YouTube downloader, you are going to find a number of apps; however it is may be difficult for you to decide and judge which one is best. Here’s a list of the top 10 free YouTube movie downloader app.

Top 10 YouTube Movie Downloader App

If you want to edit YouTube videos on iMovie, you can use iTube HD Video Downloader to convert and export YouTube videos to iMovie. This YouTube downloader and converter can easily save YouTube videos to iMovie supported format and directly import video to iMovie for editing. No extra tools are required. The original quality of YouTube video will be kept.

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iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader is an easy-to-use YouTube movie downloader which allows you not only to download YouTube movies, but also to convert these downloaded movies into various video and audio formats, even to your device models. The inbuilt tranfer feature of iTube HD Video Downloader also facillitates the one click transition of the downloaded YouTube movie to your iPhone or Android phones. If you are a great fun of YouTube videos, you wouldn't miss this amazing YouTube video downloader.

Key Features of This YouTube Downloader App

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  • One click download or record video from 10,000+ sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix, etc.
  • Support batch download in a go and features like sleep mode to manage your downloading process automatically.
  • Download and convert between 150+ video and audio format even mobile devices like iPhone and Android phones.
  • Inbuilt video player to watch and manage your downloaded YouTube video or videos from local disks directly in this video downloader.

How to Download YouTube Movies by iTube HD Video Downloader

Method 1: Download YouTube Videos by Download Button

Once downloaded and installed this YouTube downloader, open YouTube video in any browser, click the Download button beside the player window and the download will be processed automatically.

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Method 2: Download YouTube Movies with URL

Alternatively, you can download YouTube movies by using the "Paste URL" button. Copy the URL of the video and then click "Paste URL" button to start downloading YouTube simply with URL.

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Method 3: Record as You Watch the YouTube Movie

Before you watch the YouTube movie, open iTube HD Video Downloader YouTube downloader, click Record button and set the record screen. Click Record to start recording YouTube movie when you think fit.

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Also, you can directly record the YouTube video. Turn to the Record option on the left panel, click Record button, a capture screen will pop up. Adjust the capture area by dragging the frame, then hit the REC icon when you get the screen ready.

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For more useful information about YouTube movie downloads, here you can get a quick shift to YouTube Downloader Online, etc.

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Multi Clip Android

Multi Clip Android enables you to download YouTube movies as well as from millions of other different sites on the web. It is a completely free YouTube downloader app that offers you the power to download and stream your favorite movies. Apart from the amazing downloading feature, the app also enables you to browse the web.

1-click downloads movies from YouTube, and other sites such as Vimeo, Facebook, VEVO and many other sites.
Batch-download movies and manage them download with scheduler.

Tends to hang at times.

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Tube Video Downloader

This is one of the best Android YouTube Downloader apps for downloading movies into your Android device. The app allows you to simply download and stream YouTube movies in a variety of formats such as MOV, FLV, MP3, WMV, and MKV as well others. Due to the T&Cs of YouTube, this app won’t let you download movies from YouTube server. The app automatically detects YouTube movie links, so that you don’t have to copy and paste a link from different randomsites.

Your movie file will be ready for download on your device within a very short period of time.
Easy to use.

Requires regular updates that may be annoying to some people.

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This free YouTube Downloader download for Android is really awesome. Once you have downloaded it on your device, you only need to tap on the movie file on YouTube and accept download. EasyTube will show some subcategories for YouTube movies by default, but you may as well browse your own movies. Once you have gotten what you are searching for, you tap on the app’s Download button.

Movie download is automatic and fast.
Very simple to use.

Has too many bugs at times.

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After installing the app and opened it for the first time, you’ll see a more polished interface, that’s very similar to the real TubeMate app. From that point then on, you can use it just like about the same way. The difference however is that once you search the video that you wish to download, you’ll see a green arrow on the top of the app, to your right hand. Just by holding on to it, you’ll be able to download any movie versions that are available.

A video player and download library are also available on the app.
Super-fast download.

Requires regular updates.

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iBolt Downloader

iBolt Downloader app offers some very amazing free options that have made it one of the best iPhone free downloader apps in existence. The app also connects you with other extra websites where you can stream and download the movies of your choice. It is an amazing app that promises not to let you down when using it.

Super-fast download.
Easy to use dashboard.

Has too many bugs.

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Despite not having its own video player or being able to extract audio from YouTube movies, Videoder always does an amazing job in in its very clean interface that is also easy to use. It relies on the default video player of your Android device to download the YouTube videos. Like the other YouTube downloaders it will allow you select from the various versions of the movies available for download and provide you quick access to the movies that you have already downloaded.

Well organized interface.
Super-fast download.

Requires regular updates.
Contains annoying bugs.

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BaDoink Video Downloader

With BaDoink Video Downloader app on your android device, you can now instantly download whatever YouTube movies you wish. The app, enables you to download many movies at a go. This means there is no limit on how many movies you can download using this app. The app saves you lots of time and doesn’t cost you that much. That way you can download your favorite movies as much as you wish, and more importantly for a free cost. Additionally, this downloader app comes with awesome password lock that you can use to protect your kids from accessing inappropriate movies and contents on YouTube.

Quite fast when downloading movies.

The app may not be available for download in some countries.

bset youtube download app

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MyVid Video Downloader

MyVid Video Downloader app with cool features to let iPad and iPhone users download YouTube movies to their devices when they so desire. The app has also has the included the option to socially share the movies that you like most and some an amazing password protection making it a very desirable app.

Password protection feature.

Requires regular updates.

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Titan Downloader

Another bigwig as far as iPhone and iPad app fans are concerned, the application is jam packed with awesome features that greatly facilitate easy YouTube movie download. Queuing up multiple movies as well as very secure passcode access option, make Titan Downloader one of the best apps today.

Password protection feature.
Super-fast movie download.
Very simple to use.

App may not be available for download in some countries.

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Top Download Products

iTube HD Video Downloader
iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader can download videos in HD from more than 10,000 sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and so on.


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