Secret Movie: Best 11 Secret Movie Downloader App for Android and iPhone

If you are caught between the rock and a hard place looking for the best secret movie download apps, here is your perfect solution. This article outlines 10 best secret movie download apps.

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With the tremendous advancement in the software industry, a lot has been developed to cater for the needs of diverse users. There are many applications that allow users to download secret movies with ease. In fact, it could prove difficult trying to sort them one by one. However, we have made it easy by outlining some of the best secret video downloader apps.

Part 1. Best Secret Movie and Video Downloader

#1. Download Movieclips with the Best 1-Click Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader is no doubt the best secret video downloader with plenty of useful features. This secret movie downloader is reliable, fast and simple making it a top choice for users. Indeed being an all-in-one tool, iTube HD Video Downloader will definitely solve your video download problems. Try this tool and discover the amazing experience offered.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Download Secret Videos from Any Video Page

  • Support multiple popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, VEVO, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram and 10,000+ others.
  • With this secret movie downloader software, you can make use of Private Mode to protect downloaded information by using a password.
  • Enable users to create and manage playlist by creating a video library using either the desktop or downloaded videos.
  • Batch download videos and thus saving time with an incredible super-fast speed 3X quicker than other video downloaders.
  • Support all type of resolutions, including 4K, Ultra HD, 2160p, 1080p, 720p, etc. You can choose whatever quality you like.
  • Record live sessions from any video site including those unable to download private sites.

How to download secret movies

Step 1. Turn on the Private Mode of this private video downloader

Run the iTube secret movie downloader on your computer. At the top bar of the program, click on the ‘Lock’ icon to activate private mode. A password for your Private Mode shall be prompted. Choose a password for your private mode.

secret movie

Step 2. Start to Download secret movies

Go to ‘Online’ tab, open the video site and click the ‘Download’ arrow beside the video. Or open your video page in any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. you could also use the Download button to start the downloading process for the secret movie or videos.

secret video

Or locate the ‘Paste URL’ button at the top of the primary interface. Copy the URL code of the video you want to downloaded and then paste it within this Paste URL box. The download process automatically begins and you can monitor from the status bar.

secret love song download

Step 3. Find downloaded secret videos in Private List

To access the private list, go to the ‘Downloaded’ tab and check the Private List folder. Supply the right password to open the folder. Remember the Private List will not be available in the local folder when the Private Mode is turned on.

Notes: iTube HD Video Downloader would automatically download most of the private site videos into the Private List. For very few ignored videos, just add the videos manually by the Add to Playlist icon shown in the picture, so that you can keep your private video protected by the password.

secret videos

Part 2. Recommend Other 10 Secret Movie Downloader and Filming App

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Videoder (Android)

Videorder is a new outstanding secret video downloader app with many users across the globe. This is an all-in-one downloader that allows direct downloads of videos from popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram among others. Videorder has the best video-streaming tools, which also allow live video streaming.

User Reviews:

  • This app can download any video from any app at a faster speed

secret video downloader

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Downloader and Private Browser (Android)

This is another secret app that privately browse sites and download videos, apps, and photos from your favorite apps. It provides you with an option of saving the videos/music downloaded in a private folder. This folder would require a password in order to access.

User Reviews:

  • You can create private and password protected folder
  • This is an easy to use app
  • All new cookies get deleted after you exit the windows

secret film

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Tube Video Mate Downloader (Android)

Tube Video Mate Downloader is an amazing secret video downloader app. It allows users to download YouTube videos without necessarily having a Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

User Reviews:

  • This is an easy to use application
  • This program can save videos in many formats
  • Users can experience certain difficulties in video downloads at a times

video lock apps

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Vidmate (Android)

This is arguably one of the best and popular secret video downloader app. It is equipped with numerous useful features that would steal your interest. This app is not in Google Play Store and you will have to download it from another play store. Being connected to over 20 portals, you can easily download any video in qualities ranging from 240P to 4K. There are also some secret video entertainment features available.

User Reviews:

  • Vidmate is a fast, reliable and an easy to use program
  • This software gives a number of functional links from different video sharing sites

secret video com

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Free Video Downloader (Android)

This is a quick secret video downloader program that offers more than many apps. With a few clicks, you can download videos from different websites. This free app features a more traditional interface, which is easy for users to navigate through.

User Reviews:

  • The program offers high quality downloads
  • This program is quite fast
  • The interface is not quite advanced

secrete video

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iMotion HD (iPhone)

iMotion HD is a top free secret film app that create time-lapse and stop-motion videos. It lets you take pictures, edit your movie as well as exporting your HD 720P videos to your device. You can also export them directly to YouTube. This software is free to download. However, the export option is $1.99.

User Reviews:

  • Videos can be directly exported to YouTube
  • The Export option is not free

download film secret

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ReelDirector (iPhone)

This is another good film app that allows users to easily edit movies. You can create videos having titles, effects and output to HD. This program is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. You can get this program at $1.99.

User Reviews:

  • This is an easy to use program
  • Does not have advanced features

secret film download

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Sun Seeker (iPhone)

Sun Seeker is a popular film making app which provides users with an amazing shooting experience irrespective of the weather. When paired with weather forecasting app Dark Sky, you will do your filming from sunshine to rain without any problem.

User Reviews:

  • This app is good for any weather
  • Relatively expensive

secret movies

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ShotPro (iPhone)

ShotPro is a powerful filming app for directors, DPs and storyboard artists. It allows creation of 3D sets and scenes including animatable characters. By building your virtual set, you can bring your characters into life. Among other things that can be added include facial features, lighting control, add props as well as multiple cameras for each scenes.

User Reviews:

  • ShotPro has powerful advanced features
  • This software is expensive

keeping you a secret download

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CinemaFX For Video (iPhone)

This filming app developed by ReelDirector features comprehensive video effects. These film effects includes 8mm, 8mm Vanilla, 8mm Magenta, Pop, 70s, Dust & Scratch, Quick Blur, and Smooth Blur among others.

User Reviews:

  • Provides comprehensive video effects
  • Limited features

youtube secret movie

Top Download Products

iTube HD Video Downloader
iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader can download videos in HD from more than 10,000 sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and so on.


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