How to Share YouTube Playlist to Facebook, iPhone, Android, etc.

Here are tips on how to share a playlist on computer, Facebook, iPhone and Android, and a detailed guide on how to download YouTube Playlist for sharing.

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Accessing videos and music on YouTube has never been easier, thanks to the unrelenting innovativeness of the website. Now, it is easier to access millions of videos offered by YouTube and make your own unique playlist. Another great is that you can share YouTube playlist. In the age of technology where efficiency and speed are valued, sharing YouTube playlist has become one of the fastest means of dispersing playlist information to the intended audience. Given thus, there are many different ways and options which a playlist maker has when it comes to YouTube share playlist. Here we will look at how to share a playlist on the computer, onto Facebook, on the iPhone and Android phones, and a step by step guide on how to download YouTube Playlist for sharing for various devices. Let’s get to it then.

Part 1. How to Share YouTube Playlist

Share YouTube Private Playlist on Mac or Windows PC

#1: Send a link to e-mails and social media

This first options is the simplest. It only requires the individual who wants to share a playlist to copy and paste the link of the YouTube playlist to an e-mail body or social media post and send it. A more advanced alternative is to directly post the video collection of the playlist onto social media or as an attachment of an e-mail. This method works when sharing videos by other authors and ones made by you. The downside of using the e-mail method is the amount of manual work you will have to do. You will have to type all e-mail addresses of the recipients which can take a while. If you do send a link, recipients will be able to be directed to your playlist once they paste it onto their browser and navigate to it.

Alternatively, as a creator of a playlist, you have an option of creating a private or public playlist. Making your playlist public means you are allowing other users of the service to have access to it if they search the title of the playlist. This method is also simple. For the creator, it mostly requires you to let your audience know of the specific search term they will need to use when looking for your playlist.

how to share youtube playlist

#2: Share YouTube Playlist to Facebook

To share a YouTube playlist to Facebook directly from a computer or cellular device is possible. When share a playlist on YouTube, you have an option to use the “share” icon on the playlist video file. This allows the user to choose his or her Facebook account as the sharing platform.

On the video, clicking the “share” icon located on the bottom of the video profile brings up a number of options for sharing platforms. To share the playlist on Facebook, sign in to your Facebook account and the system will upload the video as an attachment of a new post. You can personalize the message sent with the shared playlist. On the other hand, if you have created a YouTube playlist with a playlist maker, you can save your playlist as a video file. You can then upload this video file onto Facebook as an attachment.

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#3: Share YouTube Playlist on iPhone

With the iPhone, you can share your playlist by using the “share” icon from the playlist on YouTube. This requires that the video is directly from YouTube. The share option gives you various means of sharing your playlist. You can send the link as a text message or email, or you can post the video as an attachment directly to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

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#4: Share YouTube Playlist on Android

With an Android system, the procedure is the same as the one with iPhone when sharing directly from YouTube. The creator can share the link of his or her playlist with others through text message, email, or social media by using the share icon.

how to share a playlist on youtube

Part 2. Download YouTube Playlist for Sharing

Having a video file of your YouTube playlist directly on your mobile device or computer is convenient when thinking about sharing the video. It allows you to have the video on demand. One of the most efficient and useful tools for downloading YouTube playlists and videos is iTube YouTube Playlist Downloader. It enables you to free download any YouTube videos, including 4K HD and YouTube VEVO. And you are allowed to download the whole YouTube playlist, category or channel in 1 click.

iTube HD Video Downloader - 1 Click Download YouTube Playlist to Share with Friends

  • Directly download YouTube playlist into MP3 format or extract audio files from YouTube.
  • Support to download the entire playlist from YouTube with browser extension or URL in 1 click.
  • Convert downloaded YouTube playlist to other media formats even to presets for mobile devices.
  • Transfer downloaded YouTube playlists to mobile devices or export to iTunes library automatically.
  • Record any online video from any online video sharing sites or those unable to download sites.
  • Private Mode to download videos in secret with a password protected.

Guide on How to Download YouTube Playlists

Step 1. Open the YouTube playlist

Once you have downloaded and installed the iTube HD Video Downloader on your computer. Launch the program in background and go to YouTube to find your favorite playlist. When open the playlist, you will see a "Playlist" button beside the playlist name.

how to share playlist on youtube

Step 2. Start to download playlist from YouTube

Now click the "Playlist" button. And a new window with playlist videos list will pop-up. Choose the videos you want and set the output video quality. And then click "Download" to start downloading YouTube playlist. When finished, you can share the YouTube playlist with your friends.

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