Movieclips Download: How to Download Videos from Movieclips in 3 Ways

Do not want to miss any Movieclips video? Here is the best solution to download Movieclips video for playback anytime you want.

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When back in 2009, was launched, the online video streaming business was already saturated, especially with players such as YouTube and Hulu commanding a bigger and loyal fan base. Many at that time couldn't understand the company's decision to step into the ring with these fearsome competition. But they did and it paid off, is one of the most frequented online video sharing sites of today. Let's see how to download videos from in order to enjoy them offiline. We prepare 3 easy ways for you to select the one that suits you most to download movieclps videos.

Part 1. How to Download Videos from Movieclips in 3 Ways

#1. Download Movieclips with the Best 1-Click Video Downloader

More than 12,000 clips available on Movieclips attract a lot of visitors. Moreover, as time passes, some movie clips may be removed from the site. Keen movie lovers need the professional iTube HD Video Downloader to ensure they can download and watch Movieclips videos anywhere anytime. Only a single click is needed to download any videos from Movieclips in high quality.

iTube HD Video Downloader - The Most Effective Movieclips Video Downloader

  • Apart from Movieclips video site, you can also download videos from other 10,000+ video sites.
  • Download video in batch, for example, YouTube channels and playlists at super high speed.
  • Download HD videos (3D/4K) and also high bit rate MP3s from sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Record your screen or any other video being played on other websites.
  • Private Mode to download videos to a password protected Private List and a private folder in your PC or Mac.
  • Directly download videos from a sharing link of cloud storage like Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, etc.

Tutorial for Downloading Movieclips Videos with iTube HD Video Downloader

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to download Movieclips video.

Step 1. Run Movieclips Video Downloader

Download Movieclips downloader and install it according to the prompts in the built-in installation wizard. As soon as this is done, the program will load automatically.

Movieclips downloader

Step 2. Download Movieclips Videos with a Single Click

Visit the Movieclips website and find your favorite video. Once you open the video, you will see a "Download" button on video window. Click on this button and the file will be automatically downloaded.

download Movieclips Video

Another way of download a Movieclips video is to copy and paste it to the program interface. You may also choose to drag and drop the video link to the program interface. This Movieclips downloader will start downloading the video.

Movieclips download

Step 3. Convert Movieclips Video

If you have devices that cannot play the downloaded Movieclips video, iTube HD Video Downloader has an in-built convertor allows you to convert the file to any format. Every downloaded file is placed under the "Downloaded" tab. Beside the video is a "Add to Convert List" button to import the video file to "Convert" menu.

movieclips downloader

Then open the "Convert" menu, you can see a "Convert" icon next to your video thumbnail. Click the button and select the preferred format to start the conversion.

how to download Movieclips

Tips: Now that you have the file, click it twice and, use the custom iTube HD Video Downloader HD media player to watch it.

#2. Download Videos from with Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is one of the second best alternatives to KeepVid Pro. It can rip online videos from many popular websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and about 50 more such online video sharing websites.


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Comes with a strong conversion tool
  • Works with major formats, both input and output


  • Not compatible with any other operating system other than Windows

movieclips download

Reviews: Staff- Freemake Video Converter combines video editing and conversion into one well-built application.

movieclips download

Dierkdk - Was wonderful but flagged as containing malware.

movieclips download

#3. Online Way to Download Videos from

The third way to download videos from is to use an online service, a website that lets you download online videos by just entering the url of the video and nothing more. One of the best such websites is Online Convert. Pretty simple to use, you just have to copy the link to the video and paste it on to the designated section on Online Convert to download the same.


  • Easy to use
  • No need for additional software


  • Is comparatively slow to other options
  • Less attractive interface

Top 3 easy ways to download videos from (including free way)

Part 2. More Tips About

More Tips About

Movieclips have become one of the most common things for people to see in television shows, the internet among others. From movie trailers to educational clips, movieclips are becoming more famous by the day. A movieclip can be described as an extract that is gotten from a longer movie or film. It can also be a short recording that has been created to serve a purpose such as a presentation. They are sometimes in form of a link in websites which directs you to view the video contained in the file.

There are several types of movieclips that can serve different purposes. Educational clips aid in the teaching and learning experiences. This is a very effective way of educating people since it relays visual information which can easily be remembered. Entertaining clips such as trailers for movies and animations which allow viewers to preview a long movie before they can watch it. These also go a long way in helping to advertise upcoming TV shows and movies. There are motivation clips which are used to uplift and encourage people going through various issues in life. Movieclips can also be used during office presentations in order to engage people's minds by creating a clearer picture. Here are some tips to remember while using and creating movieclips:

  1. It would be important to make high quality movieclips in order to attract people to your work.
  2. Link your movieclip to a website with a lot of traffic as it ensures a high chance that many people will watch it.
  3. Ensure that the movieclip relays the information you wish to deliver and avoid having unnecessary information.
  4. Ensure you make a movieclip with an appropriate length to avoid it being too long that it would bore people from watching it.
  5. Make the title to your movieclip short and simple so that people are able to remember and understand it.

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