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Best TV Shows on Hulu - Top Anime, TV Series, Reality and Talk Show

Hulu started in 2007 and since then it keeps getting better. It has now become one of the best sources for amine, TV series, reality and talk shows. Hulu offers all the multimedia content that you can ever want and the quality is high. So many people use the Hulu service to keep up with their favorite shows. Hulu makes sure that you do not miss and also get to enjoy what you love watching.

Hulu is legal and a free internet service that enables you watch television shows online. It is just similar like watching normal television programming. Hulu is a great place where you can watch shows that are on TV.It is interesting that Hulu has a huge selection of anime and the best thing about this is that most of them are not dubbed. The few that are dubbed are properly done, Anime on Hulu comes in Japanese and subtitles are provided. Hulu is a web enterprising that people use to catch up on missed episodes; you can never get tired of watching anime on Hulu. It is now possible to watch a huge selection of anime on Hulu.

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Without doubt, Hulu is a place that you can find full length and high quality TV series for free. Hulu features both classic and current TV shows, it is possible to find clips of everything you think about. The most amazing thing about TV series on Hulu is that they are easy to track especially if you have favorites. There are many ways that you can use to filter the TV series that you want, these ways include searching by name of actor, clicking on the most popular links or what’s new and browsing for specific channels. With Hulu, it is very easy to truck your favorite TV series.

Reality & Talk Show on Hulu keeps getting better with time, in fact new shows have been introduced that actually gives you some excitement and suspense. It is true that reality TV has come a long way and thanks to Hulu because it has made it a cheaper alternative to scripted Reality&Talk Shows. Hulu is going to announce the acquisition of reality TV satire, which is full of excitement from paramount digital entertainment. Life is busy, but it does not mean that you have to miss your favorite talk shows because you still have a chance to catch them on Hulu for free. Learn how to download TV shows from Hulu and Hulu Plus >>

3.1 Top 5 Anime on Hulu

family guy

1. Family Guy

Family Guy is a subversive animated comedy that has more to do with the everyday trials as well tribulations of family life. You can now watch full-length episodes and video clips on Hulu. Family guy is an America adult animation and is created by Seth MacFarlane it involves the adventure of an ignorant dad and his odd family that is of a middle class. The show exhibits much of humor and the most amazing thing is that you get to watch it for free on Hulu.

2. The Simpsons

the simpsons

Simpsons is a long running animated comedy that involves a lovable family, which includes a trouble-making son, baby Maggie, overachieving daughter and a loving matriarch Marge. Even though Simpson is an animation, it is very popular and even watched by adults. If you were wondering, where you can watch full episodes of Simpsons you can now relax because Hulu offers them.

3. Naruto Shippuden

naruto shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is all about a village, which is hidden in the leaves and is home to a ninja. Twelve years ago a village was terrorized by a fearsome fox, after it was subdued its spirit sealed within the body of a baby. The baby is Naruto and has grown to become a ninja in training, catch the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden on Hulu.

4. One Piece

one piece

One Piece is a Japanese animation that is also shown on Hulu; the animation is about Monkey D. Luffy. He refuses to let anything or anyone stand in the way of his quest, he wants to become the king of all pirates. One piece is very popular and entertaining to watch, each Wednesday Hulu will be adding a new subtitle of one piece.

5. Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers is an American animation and is created by Loren Bouchard. On Hulu you get to catch the ups and downs of Bob as he runs a burger joint with the help of his wonderful family, which includes a wife and three kids. Hulu offers you full-length episodes and video clips of this exciting animation, Bob's Burgers is new and interesting it is something that you will definitely not want to miss.

3.2 Top 10 TV Series on Hulu

1. Modern Family

modern family

This series explores different types of modern families through the stories of a straight couple, a gay couple and a multicultural couple. It used to be on Hulu, but due to some challenges it went away, the good news is that it’s now back but not all the way. You only get to watch shows from the current seasons.

2. Glee


If you have missed any episode of Glee this season, they are all currently available on Hulu for viewing. Glee is a musical comedy; it is about a group of ambitious as well as talented kids with great voices. The new episodes are available on Hulu and you can watch them 8 days after air. You no longer have to miss any of the episodes thanks to Hulu services.

3. The Office

the office

This series depicts the lives of office employees; it is an American television comedy and has been filmed with a single camera setup in a style that stimulated the look of a documentary. The Office is a series that is full of humor and includes things that go on in offices. It is available on Hulu and you get to watch its full-length episodes for free.

4. All My Children

all my children

All My Children is a series that has consistently earned top rankings on Hulu. The show deals with many social irrelevant issues, including drug use, abortion, homosexuality as well as rape. It is for this reason that the show has lasted for so long and still manages to be popular. The show is amazing and has always stuck through. Watch full-length episodes of this series on Hulu.

5. Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars

Pretty Little Liars is all about a four friend’s band that is against an anonymous foe who is a threat to them, because the foe threatens to reveal their darkest secrets and unravel the mysterious death of their best friend. The series is an American teen drama and is very popular; its full-length episodes are available on Hulu for your viewing.

6. Bones


Bones is a darkly amusing drama based on real-life forensic anthropologist. It is an American crime comedy, drama and is available on Hulu. Bones focuses on FBI case file; the FBI agents investigate death cases. In most cases, the only thing that is left to examine is mere bones or rotten flesh. Bones is entering its ninth season; get to watch this amazing series on Hulu for free.

7. 30 Rock

30 rock

30 Rock is a comedy series that has won multiple awards; it is an American satirical television. Tracy Jordan with the head writer of the sketch show have to deal with a crazy new star and an arrogant new boss. They have to do this while still trying to run a successful TV show. Hulu streams all the 30 Rock episodes for free.

8. Parks and Recreation

parks and recreation

It is an American comedy series that is aired on Hulu, the show is all about the absurd antics of Indiana public officials. What these officials do is to pursue sundry projects so as to make the city a better place. Hulu streams the current episodes of Parks and Recreation; they are amazing and still surprise the audience.

9. Castle


ABC studios and Pictures produced Castle jointly and was premiered on 9, 2009; it is an American crime drama, television and focuses on the romantic tension between the two lead characters. The series also has some unresolved homicides, Watch full-length episodes and video clips on Hulu, there is no longer any excuse to miss episodes of Castle.

10. General Hospital

general hospital

This series has celebrated its golden anniversary on April 2013. The storyline is interesting and focuses on the tribulations and trials of the hospital staff as well as other residents of the fictional town. The show has mind-blowing twists, danger and love that continue to abound. Watch General Hospital highlights, video clips, full-length video and much more on Hulu. The series has unforgettable characters and a contemporary story line.

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3.3 Top 5 Reality & Talk Show on Hulu

saturday night live

1. Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is a classic late night live comedy show. The comedy involves politics and contemporary culture and is performed by a varying cast of repertory that is large as well as newer cast members. The show is performed in sketches and a guest who is a celebrity hosts each episode. Stream clips and episodes of Saturday Night live on Hulu and get to enjoy this amazing storyline.

2. The Daily Show

daily show with jon stewart

Daily Show with Jon Stewar takes a reality look at trends, news, culture, pop, politics, current events, entertainment, sports and the media. The show is an America late-night satirical television program; watch Daily Show with Jon Stewar online on Hulu for free. This series is a comedy nightly parody and is currently the longest running comedy. Daily Show with Jon Stewar is satire recent stories and each episode begins with an announcer announcing the date as well as the introduction.

3. Colbert Report

colbert report

Watch Colbert Report on Hulu for free on the comedy network. The show is an American satirical television program. The host Stephen Colbert treats the daily news as well as the important topics of our time with no seriousness. Episodes are posted on Hulu the day after air and the best thing is that they are available for 30 days. The host is so amazing and provides humor big issues that are going on in the world.

4. Project Runway

project runaway

This is an American series on lifetime; Hedi Kium hosts it and focuses on fashion design. The contestants compete to create the best clothes and they have to do this in restricted material, time as well as theme. One or more designer is eliminated each week after their designs are judged. The show uses a progressive elimination to reduce the designers before the final challenge. Hulu steams episodes of Project Runway instantly.

5. Kitchen Nightmares

kitchen nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares is unscripted series, Gordon Ramsy visits restaurant around America that are struggling and spends a week trying to help them revive the business and become successful. Hulu has 65 episodes of this reality show that you can watch. The clips are exclusive and you are definitely going to love them.

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