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LiveLeak Video Downloader: Download Videos from Liveleak

LiveLeak is without a doubt one of the best websites online for more 'unique videos'. Unlike YouTube, many of the videos on here are 'no holds barred', which means you get a lot of content which would otherwise not be allowed on YouTube due to the plethora of rules they have. The intention of LiveLeak isn't to shock you though, oh no, instead it is to offer brilliant videos which tell a story and to share important news articles which would otherwise have been missed by you or countless other people. One visit to the website will cough up a huge array of entertaining videos. The problem is, it is almost impossible to download LiveLeak videos. They don't have a download button after all. This means that you can't keep a copy on your hard drive. In this article however, I am going to offer you a solution to download videos from LiveLeak so you can store them for offline viewing.

Whilst there are many pieces of software out there capable of downloading these videos, or at least claim that they can, there is in fact no better LiveLeak video downloader than Aimersoft YouTube Downloader for Mac. This piece of software packs a real punch, and you can use it on a lot more websites than LiveLeak. The tool to download Liveleak videos in Windows (Windows 8) is Aimersoft YouTube Downloader. Now download the right version and let's take a little look at the stages you can go through to make it work.

Download Liveleak Video Downloader:

Download Mac VersionDownload Windows Version

How to capture LiveLeak videos to your computer's hard drive

Here we use video downloader for Mac screenshots to show you how to grab online LiveLeak videos on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion included). The way to save LiveLeak movies in Windows is almost the same. You just need to make sure you've downloaded the right version.

The first thing that you are going to need to do of course is to download the software. The downloading and installation should be fairly self-explanatory. Once you are done with this, boot it up and you are ready to go. The software interface is as below:

download liveleak videos

Next, open up your favorite browser, the ones that have been proven to work with this video downloader for LiveLeak are Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Browse to the location of the video you want to watch on LiveLeak and press that play button. Then you can download the video in the following 3 ways: 1> Click the Download button. 2 > Copy and Paste video URL. 3> Drag video URL address to the program. You will be able to select which resolution you wish to download it in (including HD).

liveleak video download

That's all need to be done when you download LiveLeak videos. If you wish to play them on any device apart from your computer then you will be pleased to know that Aimersoft YouTube Downloader for Mac also enables you to convert the videos from within the software. All you need to do is hit that 'convert' button and choose a proper output format and the software will do the rest for you, quickly and easily.

download videos from liveleak

Quite easy way to grab videos from LiveLeak, right? Just take a little look at this LiveLive downloader, follow the instructions above and you will have your hard drive packed to the brim with videos from this fantastic site before you know it.

Download Video Downloader:

Download Mac VersionDownload Windows Version

More info about LiveLeak

LiveLeak is one of the leading video sharing website today. But instead of focusing on trivial, everyday footages, they were more concerned about politics and the current news events, including war footages if available. Users are allowed to upload their news feeds into the website. The company is established by the same group of people who set up Ogrish.com. This website shot to popularity when they were able to leak a video of Saddam Hussein's execution.

LiveLeak works in almost the same way as most video sharing sites, yet their focus is very different. But mainly because of that, the website became controversial and radical at the same time. One of the films uploaded to the site that initiated massive debates from different parts of the world is Fitna, the anti-Qur'an film produced by Geert Wilders.

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